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If you could be any Game character EVER, who would it be?

I'm still deciding. maybe Tifa from FFVII I liked her umm.. look. confused

MC Mike

you posted this in the Video Games Section, then it'd be where it was supposed to be.

Phoenix Aska
If I was Albel from Star Ocean Till the End of Time...that would be awesome...but with 2 arms...

orrrrrr maaayybbeee this is an off-topic forum and it shouldn't even matter.

If you can talk about what you ate for breakfast last tuesday on here.. surely I can talk about this.

Phoenix Aska
yes...she should be able to talk about this.....

*hugs* thanks for sticking up for me smile hehe

Phoenix Aska

lara croft no expression

Darth Revan187
ID from Xenogears.
He will own any video game character.

i would like to be HockeyHorror from Sims: Life of KMC

great game.

Raziel thumb up or a hammer brothers guy from super mario yes

or the lightning demons from LoK? messed

or....maybe this shit thing from megaman games

kicks ass no expression


Prolly be Link From Zelda.......Off the top of my head.

I'd be Talim from Soul Calibor.
or perhaps Dante from Devil May Cry, the fact that he is not female can be put aside.

mc pee pants
i'd be grey fox from metal gear. or dante from devil may cry. or sub-zero. or raiden. maybe vega. ryu is cool to.

Jackie Malfoy
Anyway I would be mario!He can jum almost flying and can shot fire out of his small hands!
I ask you how cool is that?Anyway I would not mind being Link either.
He has a sword and has that dash thing!Well can't decide on both of them.Becaues I would not mind being either of them!JM Happy Dance

Darth Revan
Ganondorf all the way. Or maybe Bowser, or one of the boomerang-throwing guys from the Mario games.

mc pee pants
not to mention jumping on people's heads and watching a coin pop out of their @ss.

the hooker from grand theft auto- vice city

ohhhh yeah!!!

mc pee pants

god this thread is clichedno expression

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