who wrote tarantinos movies?

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i was just wondering, i cant be bothered to skip to the credits, but who writes tarantinos movies? does he write them himself or just pick really really really good scripts?

Jackie Brown was based on a book called Rum Punch(something like that title) by Elmore Leonard, Tarantino wrote the script.

Pulp Fiction both Tarantino and Avary wrote, Tarantino wrote the script.

Reservoir Dogs was written by Tarantino.

Kill Bill was written by Tarantino.

True Romance script was written by Tarantino.

From Dusk till Dawn- Tarantino wrote the script based on a story by Robert someone, can't remember surname.

Natural Born Killers- The script was based on one of Tarantino's stories.

Four Rooms - Wrote one part of the script.


Or yes, you could have looked it up lol.

didnt rodriegez write from dusk till dawn ??

No, he directed it.

Mr Zero
Credit where credit is due...

Reservoir Dogs was written by Ringo Lam & Tommy Sham.

Natural Born killers was written by Terrence Malick

True Romance was written by Hal Hartley

Kill Bill V1&2 were written by Kazuo Uemura & Kazuo Koike

thanks guys.

CraSh OveRloaD
It says in the DVD of Kill Bill that Uma Thruman And Tarantino Wrote Kill bill...

They had the idea for it During Pulp Fiction.

^i heard that, dont know how much uma thurman helped with but they definalty had the idea during the filming of pulp fiction

Ooo cheeky cheeky Mr Zero lol.

thats...really wrong lol

kazuo koike made lone wolf and cub, and samurai executioner (both manga and movie versions) he never had to do with the actual kill bill film, but he was some inspiration to tarantino for it

Mr Zero
I was only joking - I think QT is a fine writer in his own way

but thanks for at least getting the gag.

yeah Tarantino and Uma developed the story, i dont think Uma wrote any of it, but she helped develop the story for sure

sorry, my post didnt go as planned lol

nonetheless good gag

Nice one Mr Zero. Tarantino is indeed a plagerist of the worst kind.

Death Incarnate
This is like asking what the colour of the sky is.


The characters were created by Q & U, but QT wrote the script

QT has written all of the movies that are tagged as 'a movie by Quentin Tarantino'

He's also been involved in the writing of movies which you definitely wouldn't label as his norm. Apparantly, he was hired to help tweak the dialogue for 'Crimson Tide'. What the f**k? I kid you not. As he is uncredited and was unknown at the time there's no way of knowing how involved he was with the movie. My gut feeling says 'not very'.

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