Deadwood: Mercyful Fate

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Chapter One: Welcome To Deadwood

It was a quiet and peaceful morning in the town of Deadwood. The sound of the crows was the only noise that filled the sleepy town, surprisingly nobody was outside stocking up for market day, on this day they would be selling alot of items such as jewellery and food. Today was an important day because business would pick up and boom faster than a bullet into a mans chest! Al Swearengen, owner of the Gem Saloon would be hoping..or more or less demanding that people buy off him and nobody else.

Outside of Deadwoods gates lurked a man. He had a black cowboy hat on with silver linen patterned around the hat. He wore a black jacket and waist coat, matching his leather trousers and black boots. The man was slouched over his horse looking at a 'Welcome To Deadwood' sign. The man, who's face was hidden by his hat, had been armed with two colt revolvers both strapped to each side of his waist and a shotgun which was clipped onto his horse. This man came ready for anything that stood in his way.

At the gates of Deadwood, there was a shout, and the sound of a small bell rang. A man from the top of the gates looked down holstering his Shotgun at the man. Two other guards came to the other guards aid and the man at the bottom stopped and looked up.

"What be your business in this town? Speak outsider!" shouted the guard to the man. The guards were aimed and ready to fire at the man but then the man raised his arm and he held up a yellow piece of card. The guards looked at each other and the head guard whistled and slowly the gates of Deadwood opened. The man rode his horse into the empty city and his revolver became unattached from his waist..slowly he cocked it and he hid it in his coat as the guards came to greet him.

"You! Give me that piece of paper of I shall shoot you down like the whore that you are!" The Guard said furiously. The man handed over the card and the guard stared at it, the card read 'Boom' then the man quickly brought out his revolver and shot a bullet through the head guards head, then he cocked it back and emptied a bullet into the other guards head. The last guard, who was a young boy stood frozen as the man blew the smoke away from his revolver. The man slowly took out the chamber of his gun and he put one bullet into an empty chamber and he loaded up the revolver.

"Unless you wanna die boy, I suggest you take these bodies and bury 'em out in that desert or else I'll empty this chamber right through 'yer ****in' heart!" The man said with a serious tone. The boy nodded and quickly grabbed the arms of the two guards and he dragged their corpses slowly along the sandy ground but the man laughed and fired a bullet into the boys arm..the man then cocked his gun once more and buried a bullet into the other boys arm.

"I didn't say you could use 'yer damn arms *******!!" The boy began to moan and cry out load as the bullets burned his arms and cause extreme pain. The man laughed and continued to ride his horse down the streets of Deadwood until he came to the Gem Saloon. The man whistled and the saloon doors swung open and out walked Deadwoods boss, Al Swearengen. He walked across to the man who was now off his horse, both men embraced by shaking hands and laughing.


"Welcome to Deadwood is good to see you back" Swearengen looked at Antonios revolver, Swearengen had noticed the smoke evaporating in the air. "Your revolver is smoking..did you kill somebody?" Swearengen said with suspicion.

"Nah, I didn't kill someone..I killed two guards and shot a boy in the arms. B*****ds wouldn't let me past the gates" Antonio said laughing. Swearengen joined in with the laughter aswel and both men walked into the saloon. The Gem Saloon was Swearengens business place, he ran the most successful bar and whorehouse in Deadwood, because if anyone decides to open up a bar or a whorehouse then Swearengen would feed them to the pigs. Both men walked over to a table and they sat down, a barman apprentice came over and set down a bottle of whiskey and two glasses.

"It's been a long time friend" Swearegen poured the whiskey in the two small glasses and toasted with Antonio. "You do realise that I run Deadwood? This is my town and I want people to realise that I'm the law around here!"

"f**k that s**t Al! I don't give a rats ass if your the law or if you run Deadwood, I'm here for one reason and one damn reason only, and thats to but a bullet through the heart of Wild Bill Hickok! But first I want some action around here" Antonio took his glass and necked back the whiskey, he let off a large burp and he set his two revolvers out on the table.

"You want action? I have two whores upstairs ready for some action if you want your wet end up their slutty holes? It's on the house for you!" Swearengen laughed and Antonio took off his cowboy hat.

"F**k me, whores on my first day in, you sure do know how to treat an old friend Al. But I want some other action, I'm here for your services Al..I want the people of this town to realise just who the f**k I am. Wild Bill is going to pay for what he done to my brother back in Memphis!" Antonio had a face full of rage and you could clearly tell that he was pissed off.

"You want got him, but as-long as he doesn't know who you are, we can have some fun with that a**hole. Now, get upstairs and take those whores and show them a good time, while I get back to business" Swearengen finished off his whiskey and both he and Antonio get up from the table. Antonio lifts his revolvers and picks up his hat and walks upstairs to where the whores are, while Swearengen goes behind the counter and begins to plot the death of Wild Bill.

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