In what movie would you want to be in ??

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stick out tongue big grin hey everyone, if you could choose a movie (any one ) that you would wish that you would have done, which one would it be ??
P.S it can be more than one smile

I would have chosen to be in the entire LOTR trilogy or... the Harry Potter movies...or uhm...blink

bazooka, not character. 1) groundhog day, can do whatever we want because every day is a new day. 2) back to the future, change our past or explore the future.

mr. and mrs. smith

id choose to be in a porno with lindsey lohan !!!

I am gagging
they are both so bad

^^ Me too.

Or Pirates of the Caribbean lol.

alien Star wars or star trek even LOTR .

All of them big grin

yeah, those and the x-men & matrix movies

I'm afraid there is already a thread exactly the same as this in the movie disscussion forum.

mc pee pants
matrix, lotr, equilibrium.

Harry Potter 5... Make out scenes.YES.

Dawn of the Dead (1974), they (the cast and crew) just seemed to have so much fun making that film, plus it is one of my all time favourite films.


Mr Zero
backdoor gangbang #4.

Any Kevin Smith movie.People at the View Askew rock.

Any thing with hot people in it big grin

I wanna be in Elektra

Ladder 49.

Also Clay Pidgeons cause Id get to f*** or pretend to **** Jimmy Immett (Joaquin Phoenix)

an x men movie love

I'd be any movie that involved me Joaquin Phoenix, Ralph Fiennes and a lot of sex scenes.

Mr Parker
I'd love to have been Han solo O rluke skywalker from Star wars or Keven Bacons character in FOOTLOOSE.OR DANNY ZUKO that John travolta Played in GREASE.

any movie that either makes me action super hero or psychic power bastard(ette)

Lord of the rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Moulin Rouge, Ella Enchanted just because Hugh Dancy is in it! I love Joaquin Phoenix so any of his movies, Star wars ummm Sleepy Hollow omg i forgot TROY that would be my second one *drools* Eric Bana *drools*

Jackie Malfoy
Cool question!
I would like to be in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.IN star wars a rebel who is on the darkside.In Lord of the Rings a human who has one of the nine rings and it is used for hearing people's thoughts.
I would be on the good side this time through!JM

I would've wanted to be in Mean Girls or some kind of teen comedy or chick flick. Harry Potter would've been a great film to be in though!

oh ya mean girls ya I'd want to be in Mean girls also such a funny movie!

The only reason worth watching Mean Girls is to see Kevin G. He was hilarious.

But the rest of the movie sucked, I didn't see it out of my own intentions.


yeah..harry potter! i would have made a good hermione cuz i am VERY smart..i have the IQ of a genius

Mystique Lynx
Id love to be a mutant in X-men...and maybe a nazgul in LOTR.

I know you guys would love to play in those movies but think of a movie you think you could actually fit in and do great in

Any war kind of films for me cuz I know a lot about history and war
Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down, I would do great in

Underworld (i am always outside looking for trouble or something to fight)
Harry potter (my family is wiccan and i am a know it all smartass)

Jurassic Park. Being a visitor there would be awesome.

I would say star wars, but I don't think I would want to be around during the days of the empire, so it would have to be earlier or later than movies.

Spider-Man, X-Men, or LOTR

BOPRecruit 16
i voted for ashlee simpson because she has a better voice as a singer, can act, and doesn't come off flaky like her sister. i love her new song called "la la". kind of a bit of a rock edge.

My real name is Andrew so I would like to be the chimp on Dude, where's my car? because his name is Andrew.

^^ laughing .....i'd LUV 2 b in....ANY movies win Johnny Depp yes love
maybe a sex sene aswell wink

SAME!!!^ .......that'd b nice.... love

btw, i'm luvin' ur Ziggie and Avvie yes rock

anything with but real life would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better with him love love love love love

so true...kevin G was so funny

I would like to be in any Colin Farrell or Johnny Depp moviewink


i would be in peter pan or cheaper by the dozen

Either one of these:

Underworld (i wanna kick some ass!)
Resident evil (ooo...whats better than killing zombies?)
Daredevil (i would be electra)
Harry potter (magic,honeydukes...whats better?)

All the movies in my profile

'Scary Movie' Happy Dance

i would say all of the harry potter movies with draco malfoy cool rolling on floor laughing

in all BRAD PITT movies!!! espessialy "fight club"!!!

Amelie and Mathilde :A very long engagement!!!

A old one - but I think it was exciting.

Here are the 10 movies I would love to be in:

1. Star Wars (Luke or Han Solo)
2. Lord of the Rings (Aragorn or Legolas)
3. Don Juan de Marco (Don Juan)
4. Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow)
5. The Good the Bad and the Ugly (Blondie aka Clint Eastwood)
6. Terminator (as Terminator)
7. Indiana Jones (as Indiana Jones)
8. Bruce Lee Movies (as Bruce Lee)
9. James Bond Movies (as Bond - the Sean Connery movies)
10. Grease (the John Travolta roll)

Superman. I want to fly smile

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