a idea i have that you might like.

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before the univese was born....before any univese was born for that matter there existed a race of beings known as the Gua there were only about forty in all they had untold cosmic powers witch were unparralleled to all except themselves when the universe came to be born they took over after seeing and being suprised at how fragil and weak the beings who inhabited it were. An era of great peace and comfort flowed through all realities. How do these guys lose? ...by themselves, for one day the gua so bloted by there power made a contest were the leader of the Gua would play a game with a most low mortal if the mortal was to win he himself could join the ranks of the Gua, the Gua thought this an instant victory they even promised not to use there mind reading powers and the such.....but int he end the man had outsmarted the Gua. When he asked a question to witch there was no answer. The Gua had to forfit and give the man his prize using his new powers to defeat the rest of the Gua, the Gua after all had never had to fight they were unprepared and vunrable to attack by this new and equally powerful being each of the Gua letting there gaurd down was defeated and there powers distroyed till finally the final and last Gua also the leader battled with the motal man distroying entire realities with mear punches and kickes the planets themselves were used as shields and weapons, stars were extingiashed and galaxied whiped out. In the end the Gua leader couldnt beat or be beaten by this man since they were both now at full power. The Gua finally forfitted his own life in order to cancel out the others power resulting in a explosing that nullified everything around it including the other Gua powers witch the mortal kept in small crystals only one survived the distructiuon the mortal had kept this single crystal in a place were the rest of the gua would never think of finding it. for safe keaping in case he was to lose any of his battles.....instead of losing he was totally obliterated he never suspected the final move would be one of such consequance to the leading Gua. over time the crystal was shattered during the distructin of the planet the cyrstal resided on. a planet that was inhabited by beings who worshiped this new mortal as a god over time other armies came for the crystal witch its keepers were told to never even touch. the mortals followers used everything they could even suicide tacticts the opposition finally fired a anti-matter bomb into the sun cousing it to go nova unknown to the opposition.....the power inside the cyrstal could not be distoryed they didnt know that if the power was unleashed uncontrolled it could distroy reality PERIOUD. the powers instead in a way having there own sentiance not being alive but kind of like.....keeping reality safe a self evolving quality of the Gua powers. the powers instead made a new home but not before massive power was unleashed this power caused a "big bang" that was the resulting force that created new and powerful beings that had but a portain of the total gua power such beings as Galactus, eternity, death who are just beings with great power and controllers of there supposid dominsions might have been the product of this even the living tribunal and the celestials were a product of great portians of the Gua power other portans much smaller were thought to creat beings like Odin and zues and even smaller portians created other super beings and black holes, even the seeds of mutation in the first humans. what would happen if someone found out of such a power and went looking for it? the powers were all connceted still when a being possessing this power died like galactus maybe the power would go back into the source a sort of Nesus of powers that existed beyond time and space...soon a mortal was born who had great knowledge riveling that of Thanos was born a being known to be Mider some say he was the leader of the Gua and was reborn after the unleashing of the gua power he began to search for this nexus even getting the help of such beings who could open a tear in reality he could siphon of the power of galactus and eternity and death, with out them knowing till it was to late.....how would this movie end? i dont know....maybe you guys could give a few suggestions.

I'm not reading a chunk of text that size that has no paragraphs and poor grammar.

I assume this is some kind of work of fan fiction. Clean it up and we'll read it.

moving to general fiction area....

No paragraphs means that I don't like it. Moving on...

didn't read it all, but wasn't galactus a member of the gua race?

what is it with you people and grammer? i didnt know i was in english class. if you dont have anything pertaining to my freaking thread then dont write in it id rather the threat had no replys then stupid ones about grammer thanks! and NO Galactus was not a Gua.

Darth Revan
It's more intimidating if there are no paragraphs... It always seems shorter if you break it up into little pieces thumb up

They're just saying they didn't read it because a block of text with nothing breaking it up doesn't appear to be good reading. no

Quality over Quantity? I think that saying comes into order. Plus, appearance matters, I wouldnt read a story if it wasn't in paragraphs. Sorry, but paragraphs is plain english.

how do i close this threat? i went to alot of trouble to think up that story you people cant even just read it for crying out load!

First of all-spell check.

How do I close this thread? I went to a lot of trouble to think of that story, you people can't even just read it for crying out loud!

Wow... I'm sick today and I'm really REALLY bored but there is no way that I'm going to read that blob of text. The spelling and things like that don't bother me, but no paragraphs definetly does...

Not to be offensive or anything, but this may make people more likely to read it... Bit pretentious of me though, I'm just a bit bored.

I have no idea who any of the people or races are, so I'm afraid I can't really give advice.

Captain REX
Thank you, Trickster!

Mider should get a tad more attention now.

I read the new-and-improved version. Is this story something you made up or is it going to use characters made by someone else? Like is Galactus the Galactus in Fantastic Four or is that a new Galactus that you made up?

Okay well I read the thing while it was a big block of text, and it took me all of 2 minutes. Although when things are broken up, they are a bit more enticing to read. The story is good, very choppy and quick, and I've read a few comics in my time, and this must be from those Universe X, Earth X comics, it seems like it anyway.

WOW....love the idea,

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