Your scary Halloween stories!

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Scare your scary storys or you can just make one upwink...but you have to tell us that their not tru or that they are stick out tongue

Happy Haunting everyone! BoHAHaWaaa! ( my evil laugh) stick out tongue

some man chased us in his car for some reason... i forget what happened

Sun Ce
i got out of bed!! eek!

scary eek!

Sun Ce
kinda eek!, laughing out loud, hmm what can i say, once when i was about 6 years old i think i was possesed for say 3 seconds no expression, when i was living in the flats i lived next to my uncl;es house, and his houses was kinda haunted, so it seemed anyways, everytime he came into our flat the birds would go crazy, like something was following him, and well 1 day while my uncle was in my flat i was lying on my bed resting my eyes, next thing i know i see this thing, looked like a man just standing there looking at me for say 2 seconds, then comes at me super fast, and my body bounced off the bed really hard no expression, like either i fell down the the bed when that man came at me, or i jumped while lying on my bed really hard no expression, now this is true btw, because it happened to me confused, to be honest i might have been floating in mid air no expression, scary thought but could have been no expression

happens to me all the time stick out tongue

Thats strange...are you sure you weren't on drugs beacuse you said you were floating:P

Sun Ce
i was 6 years old!!! no expression

I know...I was just kidding!

Sun Ce
laughing out loud yeah weird stuff no expression

Mr Wiggles
ahh, heres one i tell to my little cousin....

Amy, a friend of mine from conneticut, had a bad experience with a demon... heres the story through her eyes:

"Many things occurred during my fifteen years living in this house. The one particular event that I am going to tell you about was one of the scariest that did occur. It was very frightening.

We lived in a two-bedroom house, my mom and my 5-year-old brother were sleeping in one room and I was asleep in the other. Around 3:00 am I bolted upright in my bed because I heard the loudest, weirdest noise that I have ever heard in my life. It almost sounded like a car crash although it was coming from inside the house. I sat in my bed with my heart pounding in my chest unable to catch my breath. The noise lasted about 1 minute but it seemed to go on forever, to this day I cannot forget the sound. I got out of the bed and looked out my window, I couldn't figure out if I had been dreaming or what. I didn't see anything out the window, I opened my bedroom door and didn't see anything either. I got back into bed and after my heart rate calmed down was able to fall back into a restless sleep.

The next morning my mom said to me "Did you hear that noise last night?" I said "yes" and then she preceded to tell me that right before that noise had happened, my 5-year-old brother had woken up my mom and told her that his feet were burning, that someone was burning his feet and then he changed his voice and said "Mommy, someone told me to GO TELL YOUR MOTHER" and then he clung onto her neck and cried. Then the noise came .She said that it had come from near her door, so we looked at her door and were shocked at what we saw. Three long, deep scratches were in the door but were not there before. We were terrified. We never said anything to my brother until about 5 years ago (he is now 21). My mom hoped that in time he would forget the episode. Other things that happened were minor in comparison. The toilet would flush all the time by itself, the telephone cord would swing round and round, and we would wake up in the morning and all of the doors would be wide open. We finally moved out, but I will never forget what happened."

okay, this has happened before, it is a true story from my own personal experiance...

A few years ago I lost my father, he died of liver problems. Well, I'm sitting in my room one day, doing my homework. I'm home alone so I have my music just blasting.
Out of the blue, my door opens by itself, my stereo turns down and the door closes.
It has happened several times, twice in the last two weeks.
Also, in my house, I can hear what sounds like someone walking around.

Rather interesting if you ask me.

This one time...I was trick or treating and someone handed out some....pennies... It was terrifying.

lil bitchiness

Mr Wiggles
thats a shame.... but, i have one worse!!!!!!

these people.... these, EVIL EVIL PEOPLE..... handed out crayons.... and some paper.... IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!!!!

but, many places later, this frat house was giving out condoms..... i laughed my ass off, and told my girlfriend at the time "you wanna break this baby in?"

i got slapped for that.... telling that joke

mc pee pants
my asian neighbors were handing out soy sauce...

Mr Wiggles
hey! soy sause is good... did they hand out chinese food? if they used duck sauce they coulda handed out eggrolls


Silver Spike
This is a true story...

When I was like 4 or 5 I use to live in this house.With my mum,my aunt and uncle.The place always made you feel like you were unwanted there.I hated the basement(but who really likes their own basement?),no light would ever work down as soon as you put a new bulb in,it would work 1 or 2 minutes,then go out.
My cousins toys would sometimes move around like the house was tilted or a gust of wind came in a pushed them.Even though the windows and doors were closed.
One time,my aunt woke up in bed.And she saw a figure of a man.In a trench coat,with a hat.She couldn't see his face.All was black.
Then she heard him say "Get out." In a horse voice.
She reached over to turn on the light,but when she did,he was gone.
I never felt safe in that house.
I really don't believe there are such things as ghosts.But somewhat I do...

This one happened when i was 12 years old me and my hommie freddy Krueger were catching up on old times on september the 33rd and then suddenly me and freddy boi seen Jason Voorhees and we was like woah and he was like woooah and we was like wooooooah and then he said sup my homedogs and we said hows j dog doin today and he was like i was jus chillin wit my boi moe lester and we was like hey you made that up thats a prank name and he was like you guys notin gets past you and freddy got out his claw hands and wes all shook hands then we's went to da hooters. it was freaky!!!

ghost2 BOO!

ghost don't exist roll eyes (sarcastic)

Silver Spike
no expression Jman..... no2

This is a true story and I don't like even saying it.


about 2 years ago I lived in a house,it was a nice house,pretty, and homely.but it just was sooo weird.Well It would always make weird noises like windows would tap like a hogwarts owl(you nkow like when they are trying to get a letter in yur room) but you'd look out and nothing'd be there,and also My cousin said to never leave the sliding glass door open at night because the goblin would get into it well she moved out and I got that room.I didn't believe her I thought she was being stupid.Well one night I heard this noise but I didn't think anything of it.When I woke up I looked around and right by my sliding glass door were 4 long scratches.I thought,"Just the cats" but then I noticed that I'd left the door open AND they were about 4 inches apart..I started to freak out, I thought "It must be the goblin! nothing else can have claws like that!" and then the next night I left the door unlocked but closed and I heard laughing,evil laughing and when I woke up the door was open...I never slept in that room with the lights off again!

this one is NOT true.

One night,it was cold and dark,my friend and I woke up shivering,all the windows were open.We walked down the hall to my parents' room and they weren't there.I started freaking out.ut they were in the kitchen....all the lights flickered,then we saw this ghost,it looked EXACTLY like a person because it was colorful.

"What are you doing here?" it asked us.It was a man with blue eyes and dark brown hair.

"we-we live here.Who are you?" I say.

"You don't live here,I live here.It's my house!This is me,Michael Davis,and this is MY HOUSE!!" he yelled and threw something at us,it never hit us,though.he laughed at us andwhistled,
"Allison!" he yelled and a blonde woman with silver eyes came out.

"Yes?" she said.He laughed.

"They are in our house!" he said.then I ran at the man and he laughed,

" little girl,you can;t kill me I'm already dead!but do you care?no!" he yells.

i begin to cry,obviously he is a mean ghost.He stops yelling,

"No,no no,lease don't cry!Oh i can't stand to see people cry!" he said.

"great Mikey you made the girl cry!and you called her a little girl,you're one to talk,we died whe you were 15 so shut it!" Allson yelled.

I stopped crying and he looked me over,
"How old are you?" he asks.

I hold up 14 fingers.He smiles.

"If you die in a year,you know where to find me wink." he says and winks.Allison rolls her eyes and walks over to me,

"he's been dead for a LONG time,if you see him looking around in your room he's looking for your diary.Just smile and go back to whatever you were doing." she says and dissapears.Mikey dissapears a second later not before saying,

"You ever want someone to talk to-" he says and does a call me sing.I roll my eyes andb blow a kiss as he dissapears.My father yells,

"You stay away from my daughter!" and then Mikey comes back an does a peeves,blowing a rasberry at my dad and dissapears again.

"No matter if they're dead or not,guys are all the same." my friend says and we both go to bed laughing.


remeber that this story is fictional and not true there are no ghosts named Michael Davis or Allison Davis and the firts does not want me to die so I can date him,if you thought so you are stupid.

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