No such thing as AVP directors cut.

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Yeah well it appears that all you aliens and predator fans out there who were holding onto a thread of hope that the R rated directors cut would make up for the dissapointment that was AvP,will yet again be dissapointed. It seems that this was nothing more than a rumor. It seems that paul anderson lied when he said that there were subplots and and additional fight scenes cut from the movie. For more info check out the link.

I have lost all repsect for Anderson. Fu*kin ass-hole

I was cool with what was release, but, whatever. We've still got a bonafide Director's Cut of "Chronicles of Riddick" to loo forward too.

Gracias, Mr. Twohy.

To back that information. Amazon is reporting that the release date for AVP on DVD will be on Jan. 25, 2005.

Observe that it is a PG13 rating and it is widescreen. Not only did Anderson lied about a rated R version DVD, but he also took a dump on what could have been a great movie. Skip it AVP is just not worth it.

Major Knight
its gay that he lied, but if you are a fan of Aliens or preds then i dissagree this is a must see. no other movie had told anything about the preds way of life.

No i must disagree. I have been a fanatic of the alien and predator universe since i can remember. This movie is just a travesty of what could have been. Anderson took away everything we loved about the two franchises and teased us with using animatronics. this seemed to be a great idea, but the essence of aliens and predator were butchered in this film that had little to no plot. This would have been okay if there was actually some action in the film, however, there was little to no action. The film is called aliens vs predator. Where was all the aliens fighting the predators? there was one poorly directed fight sequence. What a peice of shit movie. One of the worst let downs to date in sci fi cinema. If your going to do somthing, why not do it right?

why am i not surprised?

I found that out awhile ago. Paul Anderson, the ****ing bastard should be severly punished. He lied to us, gave us a shit movie, and treated us like a bunch of idiots. He sucks, I've lost all respect for him.

All I can say is he is one big fuc*ing deceiving bastard. mad

He did this with Resident Evil too mad

I'm getting my dvd next month then, missed it at the cinema near me because I was waiting for the director's cut! So will go ahead and get the dvd next month, not that long at least.

I see myself as a fan of the movies not the games or the comics. Personally, it shouldn't be about telling the story of the Predators way of life. It should have been a war about Aliens vs. Predators. I said it many times that the humans had no business in the movie.

Now, to be honest I did consider buying the DVD despite my disliking of pg13 version I saw in theathers. Is not happening and I will not bother with it again. If there is a Predator 3 I will be interested again. But after the news that there is no Directors cut....I don't care anymore.

What's the worst that can happen? Fox giving the green light to a Predator 3 and allowing Paul Anderson to directed. That would be the final straw for me.

balls that n00b had my hopes up and everything mad

You dont think there should have been humans in the film? Humans have always been alarge aspect in the wars between aliens and predator. I dont think there would be any reason to not have had humans in the film. Someone should have atleast made the human characters interesting. All we got was yet another clone of ellen ripley, but this time executed with poor dialogue and even worse acting. I dont care that none other of the human characters were not disected, but they all came off as fake and the casting was poor to say the least, or maybe it was just the directer leading the acotrs, which is probably the case.

Anderson seemed to be one of the best choices seeing how he was a fan, and that he also wanted to do authentic creatures on screen rather than cgi crap, but he must have forgotten the title of the film aliens versus predator, not predator meets girl who have a run in with some aliens. you know, 90% of all alien fans love two things about the alien universe. These are the aliens and the marines. Anderson and the writers sadly shit all over this oppertunity of creating a bad ass movie to rival all other sci-fi flicks. I mean shit it isnt even a good bad movie, its just bad.

I would have prefer the whole AVP taking place in their own worlds. Would have given that essence of pure science fiction to have two species waging a war again'st each other. For me humans are a weak species compare to the Aliens and Predators. Having the humans always prevail agaisn't beings from other worlds has been done to death and is boring now. The only way the humans would have fit in this movie is if they were all eradicated.

Yes! I agree, humans were important in the previous films. But this movie is call Aliens Vs. Predator. Now if the movie would had a title like Aliens vs. Predator and human. That would be a different story. I can only give credit to Anderson for trying to put together two franchises into a movie. But that's just about it. The result was bad not even entertaining. I hate to be sucha critic, but I was really looking forward to this movie. It just disappointed me very much.

"I have lost all repsect for Anderson. Fu*kin ass-hole"

You're telling me you USED to have respect for him?

hot damn...I think we can all agree that this movie fell short of even the lowest expectations; personally, I'd've been content with the two races ripping each other apart, but there's not even much of that...we get what, three predators? Whippdy friggin doo...Anderson, got rot and die.

And then he cancels the DC blink what a crock of shit messed

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