They are silencing my voice because they are afraid of a few arguments!?

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I have just made a thread in the off-topic forum regarding the upcoming presidential election, and the "leaders" are telling me that they are going to shut it down because "politics and religion are not allowed." So, they are taking away my right to freedom of speech just because some people have argued in the past? It's human nature to argue, and it happens all the time all over every one of these threads. So why not close those? Why close the one thread that probably has meaning to virtually every member of this board? The running of this country is extremely important to we Americans, and now we, as I understand it, are not able to engage in the topic. Why? Tell me why?

go there and make your voice heard!

politics and blabantly spamming in the N&A section is highly annoinying me

For a start, please remember that this board is British in origin and has a very high proportion of non-American members so I feel, important as the subject is, that it is very presumptuous to assume it is quite so important to all of us!

That aside...

I am sorry that you feel that way about our bar on political discussions. Please believe me when I say that this decision was not made as a direct attempt to silence or tread down upon anyone. After all, it is not just your voice that is being silenced, but everyone's- including our own. When such threads were allowed- indeed, when there was a thread for them- posters like Raz and myself contributed a very great deal, and we wanted to keep contributing, but in the end Raz had to make the decision to close the area, and political/religious threads down, because they were too much trouble to regulate and, overall, reduced people's enjoymnet of the forums. Really- they were just far too unpleasant and caused large amounts of bad blood. Ideally we could have these topics- but practically, it has just never worked out as a good thing. So as I say, it is not about trying to suppress or oppress. We just genuinely believe, based on experience, that the boards are a better place without such threads.

Talking about current events should not be a problem but your threrad is heavily politically opinonated. Now, we may agree with your views or disagree with them, but that makes little difference- we have made this commitment to not allowing such threads, for the good of the boards, and I am afraid we must stick by that.

I'm with Ush on this one, the fueds that were caused by allowing politics and religion to be discussed were not good.

And after all, this is a movie forum ya know...

Barf Heaven
I agree with Ush. I wasn't around when there was a politics forum, but I've had arguments in the OTF and GDF about politics where people just started getting nasty. Any threads about either politics or religion are closed, not just yours.

Lord Soth
Hear Hear! I get into too many debates like this on other forums, and a lot of people end up hating me (b/c I can be quite vocal stick out tongue ) I applaud your decision to ban it

i dont agree with ush and the others, but we dont need arguements so i stay neutral on this.

If we decide to change this place into a movies/politics/religion site, the topics will be left open: -

Killer Movies-Radical Politics-Gnarly

laughing out loud If people want to talk or mainly argue about politics, go to another site and do it, theres nothing stopping you, but make sure ye come back here after wink

Xena fan
So since is annoying to a certain person in this thread therefore is not allowed. I can now see why he is so annoying.

who is annoying who?

I agree with Ush on everything., I've been in many political forums,it's a blood sport.

"I love the smell of blood in the morning" wink

I spent five years in Poland during the 1980s and that very same statement was issued by the Soviet authorities in order to justify their clamp-down on what can only be described as...freedom.

I never thought I would see that kind of dictatorial ignorance ever again.

Shame on you Ushgarak.

hey, RobBo, cut that out man
you are here for one month so you have no idea about the history of this place. We did had a Politics forum and it ended in a huge massacre with bashing and flaming and twas an apocalyps with a revolutionary color.
Raz and the mod-squad have a PERFECTLY good reason to prevent such horror again by simply not allowing such delicate subjects cause there are always retards who go on a bashingrampage

What about it?

So you have a problem with flaming...? Police it!

Rules are fine.
Laws are fine.
Regulation is fine.

A blanket ban, a totalitarian control regime, a silencing of thought and you really subscribe to this?

please reread what I wrote: the ban is to prevent members getting emotionally hurt
heck, if you want to get bashed go ahead, go to another board, post in a politics thread and get bashed till your nothing but a trampled little flower

but just not here

I read what you wrote perfectly well the first time! I rather think that you are letting your emotion get in the way of reason! I have no desire to emotionally hurt or be hurt...but democracy is all about debate, I don't know where you are from yerssot but I should imagine that your government involves some form of debating chamber and this is the heart of your legislative process......what if this where to be silenced to prevent "emotional hurt"?

I dont like some rules of KMC and the way some threads are closed and free spech censored.

Everything should be permit under some limits, even political and religion threads but,

I am here because I want to and I know there some rules for all so I respect the rules and I am glad to be a KMC member.

So RobBo, with all respect for you and for your political and social opinions - the same as mine I could bet - accept Ush opinion and in the same context you shall give him yours apologizes.

well, than I can be clear: this isn't a democracy :lol

take it from someone who saw the Politic Forum Discussion and heard later more about it, YOU are perhaps perfectly capable of talking in a civilised way to others about politics, that doesn't mean the others are

Sadly, I have seen where the "control" mind set leads society in too many places in this world. I have to say what I think is right and I have to stand by my opinions without compromise or apology.

than don't, but just remember that you can't brake the rules (well, you can, but you'll be banne)d

Yes but we have proved my point. We have approached this subject from opposite poles and argued our sides as gentlemen.

Had we not, we should have been banned.

I myself find this admirable, yet by your own argument yerssot, you should not be dabating this subject at all as you are opposed to such discussion!!

here's a funny one for ya:

Very good; perhaps that IS the point of politics, there is no point, only opinion.

As for myself, I have made my opinions quite clear and so shall, with a bow, withdraw from the arena!

bbye big grin
remember: no politics nor religion
you signed up so you agreed with the rules

thumb up You are completely right but this is not the place for that. Its your choice but there are more useful places where you can post this kind of opinions. This is not the right place for political issues.

If there was anything that was shameful it was that rather cretinous comment of yours, Robbo, and your extraordinarily inappropriate and ridiculous attempt to try and tie in a policy like this decided after long experience and attempts to find other solutions on a movie board, with some form of Soviet style repression of democracy in Eastern Europe. Luckily, I am pretty confident everyone will see that for the very, very silly thing that it was.

Incidentally, it is extremely bad taste to quote someone and change the content. I did not say 'we', I said Raz, though I support his decision.

You also cut out other parts of the sentences I was saying with no indication that you were cutting anything, that changes the tone of what I said. Please do not do that.


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