Cockroach Ad at KMC

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Jedi Priestess
Is it just me or is this THE single most disgusting ad we've had to date? I mean those bugs give me the heebie jeebies.

can't see it ninja

what? no really, what?

Jedi Priestess
you guys havent seen this? Its gross.....the top part of your screen has an ad with friggen coackroaches crawling all over it and you are supposed to shoot them by click on them or something. Maybe only those of us in the black style can see it?

might be cos i have nortons internet thing, it blocks popups and everything.

Seen it; it's not so bad. erm

No JP, this is not the most disturbing or disgusting AD we've ever had.

A couple of years back we had this AD with a nude chubby guy standing on a bridge...thankfully his package was hidden from view.

Jedi Priestess
this is it..........dogbert thats gotta be cause you are male messed

can someone send me the black style link?

Jedi Priestess
Must be cause I have a thing about cockroaches sick sick sick

Jedi Priestess
go to your options page and click on page style or whatever thats called and select that one

I'll bury those cockaroaches!</Tony Montana impersonation>

But seriously, real cockaroaches are a lot worse.

i have pop-up and banner ad blockers, so i cant see them.

mc pee pants
i make a game out of it. shoot one, close pop-up window, shoot one again.

I dont see a cockroach ad confused Ive got some college textbooks thingey..

I hate cockroaches cry

Ha ha fools cockroachs are will rule the world long after humanity, it is said that thay and only thay would sevive nuclea holacost and the nuclea winter that would follow

mc pee pants
is your keyboard broken?

EWWWW!!!!!!!!!! Ickeh cocroaches >.<!!!!!! -Steps on teh bugs-

Why do people get sceard about a little bug, its silly realy as not a lot of bugs can hurt you

the sound they make when they crawl around is just...sick

*has nightmare* cry

lil bitchiness
Ewww, nasty messed

I cant see any adds though, thankfully! As Tex would say : In order for me to do my work there have to be perfections mad

And there are happy

Sun Ce
i shoot them, same as i shoot the spiders in my room, its perfect for target praccy cool, and when i say i shoot them i mean on the AD, there is no cockroaches in my room laughing

...I could draw a better roach, those things are pathetic stick out tongue

I had the pop-up a couple times...and I don't have the black setting messed

Darth Revan187
cockroaches turn me on, with their little legs and their scattering about and their buff bods eek!

I am freak'in scared of cockroaches and every time I see it I nearly jump out of my seat. When I look again I see it is fake but I still change the page because even if it is still scary...
I am scared of anything cockroach related. You can just put your hand on my shoulder and I will get freaked out.

Oh and you don't need to have a black beackground to see the ad.

MY screen had been infested with cockroaches! eek!

Silver Tongue
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sick

I love those things, shoot whatever for a prize, with my pop-up blocker I can shoot whatever I want with no "prize pop-up" big grin

that's way too much fun to be healthy

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