Evil Dead IV: Hail To The King

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Prologue: Ash

Necronomicon ex Mortis; roughly translated into the Book Of The Dead. This ancient Sumerian text was found in human flesh and inked in blood. The text contained bizarre burial rights, funerary incantations and demon resurrection passages, it was never meant for the world of the living. My name is Ash, college graduate, S-Mart employee, Deadite and Medieval King. As you can tell me life hasn't been as boring as other people could make out.

Twenty Three years ago me and my friends went to an old remote cabin in the woods for a short weekend vacation. While me and my friend Scott where investigating the cellar of the cabin and we found an old tape player, so out of curiosity we played the tape, not knowing that it was ancient Candarian resurrection translated by an archaeologist from the Necronomican. It awakened something terrifying in the woods. It possessed my sister, my girlfriend and my two best friends. The only way "kill" these deadites was full body dismemberment.

Years on I was transported back into 1300 Ad after another encounter with the Deadites. This time, I was branded part of a Dukes army and I was sentenced to death. But death couldn't stop me, the primates realised how important I was an asked me to voyage out for the Necronomicon so they could defeat the deadites and send my back home. So I set out and by god I got their damn book but as usual there were problems. I forget to say the 'EXACT' words before I took the book, so the army of darkness awoke and we were engaged for war. With help from Duke Henry, we defeated the Deadites and a new kingdom was forged with Duke Henry and Lord Arthur. I was asked to stay and become King but I wanted back home, so the wiseman sent me back home and just like the said, I was home.

The year is 2004, the Candarian new year, and things things began to stir up again..terrible things! Once again I must face off against the Deadites but it won't be easy this time, this time the Deadites arn't skeletons, this time the Deadites are old fashioned zombies who are waiting for a fistfull of BOOMSTICK!

Chapter One: Nightmares

"Get the shovel Ash!" Scott ordered a stunned Ash who was staring at three deadites who were slouching over towards them both. "ASH!! Ash would you get the shovel NOW!! Ash still stood with his back pressed against the wall having a breakdown watching his girlfriend Linda and his sister Cheryl and their friend Shelly, walking towards him and Scott laughing and groaning. Scott knew that Ash wasn't gonna move so he ran past him and grabbed a shovel and charged at the lady deadites. Scott dug the shovel hard into the neck of Cheryl but Linda and Shelly jumped on him scratching away at his face and eyes. Scott was writhing in pain and he was screaming for Ash to help, but Ash just stared widely and wouldn't move an inch.

"JOIN US....JOIN US" A chant was starting up between Shelly and Linda towards a very worried Scott who had cuts all over his face. One cut sliced down his cheek and was split open with blood slipping down it. Linda and Shelly once again pounced on Scott and the screams filled the small cabin room and then things went silent. Then the roaring sound of a chainsaw revved up and immediately Linda, Shelly and Scott raised there heads and looked towards Ash, who had a chainsaw in his arms. He was psyched up and he was staring at the Deadites.

"This is gonna get ugly" Ash ran over towards the Deadites and Shelly jumped at him but Ash thrusted his chainsaw at her and sliced her body at the waist in half. Blood and goo spilled out of her body. "OHH THATS GOTTA HURT" Ash was screaming in delight. Linda came over to Ash and she tried to stab him with a smashed piece of glass, but Ash was too quick and he sliced her arm off which fell to the floor. "Need a hand *****?" Ash smiled and raised the chainsaw high above his head and he was about to dismantle Linda but Scott hit Ash around the head with a piece of wood.

Ash fell hard to the floor and the chainsaw fell out of his arms and it accidentally lopped off Ash's hand at the wrist. Ash was screaming in agony, he was in serious pain with blood pouring out of his arm fast. Scott jumped on top of Ash and as about to bite into his skin but Ash quickly used his left hand and nudged the chainsaw with the slightest touch and it began to rip through the back of Scott's head covering Ash in his red blood and yellow goo. Ash shifted Scott off him and he slowly got to his knees and was laughing sadistically.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Ten Fifty Five. Ash's alarm clock buzzed throughout his small bedroom. Ash quickly rose from his bed, sweating and breathing hard. He looked over at his alarm clock and he sighed, another day of S-Mart customer hassle he thought. Ash rose up from his bed and he walked into his bathroom and he shook his head trying to wake up. He scratched the end of his right arm. Ash ran the tap and began to wash his face with freezing cold water.
"Hmm, thats strange" Ash looked at his right arm, and he saw that it was actually longer than usual. "What the hell is goin' on here?" Ash became confused as to what he was seeing. Could his hand be growing again he thought?

"Too many damn nightmares is making me crazy. Somethings not right, somethings wrong! I havn't thought about these events for years now..well I do sometimes but thats different. What's happening?"

Ash finished washing his face and he turned his shower on. Ash leaned back against the wall and started thinking.

"I dont understand. I got the book, gave it to the wiseman and he told me how to get home, I done what he told me to do and now I'm back home and for years nothing like this has happened." Ash scratched his head then he quickly turned his head to his right arm and started scratching the end of that. "What the hell is up with this stupid arm!" Ash was annoyed and he ran out of the bathroom to find something that would stop the itching. Then, from behind the shower curtain came a hooded man dressed in brown. He was soaking with the water and the hood hid his face so he couldnt be seen. He heard Ash screaming and he ran quickly out of the bathroom into hiding again. Who is this man?

Chapter 2: S-Mart Whore

It was Eleven Fourty-Five and Ash is at the S-Mart, having another day of nagging customers. Today was different from any other day though. The store manager, Mister. Parkinson was giving him employees the pink slips as the S-Marts business wasn't really booming as of late and they needed to cut down on workers. Ash was sitting in the storage room with his head between his legs with his arms buried deep into his gut, he is moaning and grunting, he looks up an dhis facial expression tells that he is in pain.

"What the hell is happening to me? Why the hell is my damn arm in pain and WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STARING AT ME!" Ash saw a store employee who was staring at him behind some boxes. The teen-aged boy quickly ran out of the storage room, afraid of Ash's behaviour. "My arm..it feels like my hand is growing again..the pain is exactly like before!" Ash gripped the end of his right arm, his face was screwed up but after a while he finally came to his senses and he shaked some of the pain away. Ash left the room with a nice grin on his face to hide away the hidden pain. Ash walked over to a full box of paint. "Ah great, another damn stacking session with Ned yapping in my ear"

"What was that Ashley?" Ash had a surprise person behind him listening to him talking. It was the store manager Mister. Robinson who had his arms crossed and he had a stern look on his face. "Did I hear you correctly when you said something about a 'damn' stacking session'?

"No no no Mister. Robinson I assure you It wasn't meant to be said like that. It's just I've been having alot of trouble sleeping at nights and my right arm has been causing my hell." Ash tried to make up an excuse but it didn't look like he was buying it.

"Let me tell you Ashley, the store hasn't had booming business for several months now and we need to cut off the slackers in this store, and with an attitude like that then you would be counted into that pile!" Mister. Robinson looked at Ash who was giving him a huge grin that was cheesier than the Cheddar in Aisle two. Mister. Robinson left and Ash's face turned into an evil look that would kill.

"Stupid screwhead" Ash began to take the paint tins up one by one stacking them neatly on their shelves. Ash then lifted one paint tin up and he was about to set it on the shelf until a very sharp pain came into his arm and he was forced to drop the tin. "Ah shhhh-ugar" Ash was about to swear but an old lady gave him a glare as she crossed her eyes at him. Ash tried to hold back the pain that was breaking Ash down within. Ash got back to his senses but was still in pain, he went to lift the tin of paint he dropped, he put on hand on it but then, another hand touched his. It was the hand of a women, soft and smooth with long finger nails, he looked up and saw a beautiful looking girl, medium brown hair, green and blue eyes, perfect cheeks and an amazing body, it was Michelle. Michelle was Ash's good friend, they had been friends for a few years now and they would go out occasionally and catch up on gossip.

"Are you okay Ash? You dont seem to be yourself lately" Michelle giggled which brought a smile to Ash's face.

"Oh it's nothing really, just my stupid arm feels like it's growing a new hand" Ash laughed and Michelle looked at him in a weird way then she smiled.

"Yeah, well that happens to me all the time. Anyways, do you fancy going out sometime this week for dinner?" Michelle had an amazing smile that made Ash glow inside. How could Ash resist? This was the girl of his dreams and he had a chance to be with her forever if he kept their friendship strong.

"Yeah sure, my house or some cheesy restaurant?" Ash smiled and Michelle laughed. She gave Ash a sign to call her sometime and she slowly walked back off leaving Ash with a smile. Ash turned his head to see an old women give him a dirty look. "What the hell are you looking at..ya' old bag?"

As soon as Ash said those words a huge gust of wind came and blew right in Ash's face. Bolts of lightning were striking inside of the S-Mart and customers and employees were going mad not knowing what was going on, but Ash did! Ash knew that this was a sign of bad things to come so he quickly ran towards the gun shelves but as he was running a DEADITE charged right into him knocking him into a stack of soda cans. Ash landed hard on his head but was too focused to realise that he was bleeding from the side of his forehead. The deadite stared at Ash and smiled, it was the old women which he had seen just a few seconds ago. She began to laugh and Ash was getting pissed off and all of a sudden Ash's right arm started to twitch and he screamed in pain. The deadite stopped laughing and she stared at Ash's right arm and she back away slowly. The deadite never took her eyes off Ash's right arm and to the shock of Ash, the deadite gave Ash a bow as if he were royalty. Ash slowly got up and stared down the bowing deadite, Ash was slowly backing off towards the gun shelf. As Ash was slowly back tracking the deadite got up and its eyes flashed red and she snarled at Ash who was now fast approaching the gun shelf. The deadite sprinted towards Ash who was running for the Remington sawed off shotgun which was encased behind bullet proof glass. Ash finally approached the gun shelf but as he turned around the deadite leaped towards him.

"Oh no" Ash ducked out of the way and the deadite crashed head first into the glass smashing it. The deadite fell to the floor and as fast as he could, Ash leaped up and grabbed the Remington and a box of shells, he loaded the gun up and the deadite slowly got up and started growling at Ash, but he returned the growl by firing two shots into the deadites head.

"Groovy" Ash smiled at the site of the falling deadite. Ash now was calm but he knew something wasn't right. He knew that Deadites never came in ones, they usually came in twos. Ash scanned all around him but he saw nothing, the S-Mart was empty but was trashed because of the panic. Ash sighned and blew the smoke away from his gun and he sat down on-top of the deadite. "Well you little b***ards sure know how to ruin my life. I got rid of your damn kind three damn times and if I have to I'll do it again and again untill your all gone! Oh and by the way, why the hell did you bow down to me?" Ash started poking the deadites head avoiding the blood and yellow goo spurting out of the holes that Ash created by the shotgun.

"Hello? Is there anybody there?" Somebody was crying out for help somewhere near by. Ash was aware of the person calling and when he heard the voice he knew that it was Michelle crying out for help. Ash got to his feet and reloaded his double barrelled Remington and cocked it back, ready for anything to pop up. Ash ran around the corner of the spilled soda cans and he saw Michelle trapped under a pile of cereal boxes with the shelf leaning against her making her have no way of escaping from under it.

"Oh Ash please get me out of here" Michelle was pleading for Ash to save her. He ran over to her and he struggled to take the large shelf up with his left arm. After awhile he finally got the shelf off of Michelle and she got herself up from the cereal boxes and she gave Ash a huge hug. "Thank you Ash, what the hell is happening?"

"I cant explain it" Ash took off his S-Mart uniform and he had a black tank top underneath it which he fixed. "Anyways, we have to get of here" Suddenly a noise was heard from the aisle behind Ash, he loaded up his gun and told Michelle not to say a word as he made a small hole through the shelf to see who was there.

Chapter 3 on its way, feedback would be very appreciated. Thanks

chilled monkey
This is a very good story. I am not a particularly big fan of the Evil Dead series, but I like this. Should be interesting to find out why it bowed to Ash.

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