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Hello. I have wanted to go see the matrix, but what is it about? Is it good? I need some reviews. Thanks.

Matrix changed my life. I wrote a 156 paged fanfiction story on it. So yeah, it's good. hehe.

Okay, The Matrix is the question of your reality. What if this reality is just a dream? The computer you're looking at is just some green code on someone elses computer? What if your reality is a prision?

And that is what it is. The Matrix is a prision for your mind. Machines have taken over the world, and humans have blocked out the sun, thinking they could cut the machines' power source. But the machines found more power. Us. And they put us in pods, never to see true light. Red pods in these crops. And they keep our minds in The Matrix, a reconsturction of the 21st centuary. Just before AI was made.

And in the Matrix there are programs, like any computer system.

There is The Merovingian, The Twins, The Keymaker, The Oracle, Seraph, Sati, and my favorite character, Mr.Bad-guy Agent Smith. And Agents are people in suits. They feel no emotion, as they go into the Matrix and kill humans that are free from the Matrix.

And there is this prophecy, that there is a man that can change the Matrix using only his mind, and defeat the machines. He is The One.

And Thomas A. Anderson is Neo, and he is The One. Morpheus, captian of the Nebechanezzer finds Neo, and they free him.

Soon Neo and Agent Smith battle. Smith being a little insane, smelling humans, REALLY REALLY hates Neo, mocking him and calling him "Mr. Andreson." And he says it so creepy.

Then Neo loves girl named Trinity, nice kissing scene.

In Matrix Reloaded, Smith goes even more insane, and becomes a Virus, he can copy himself. So now there's like 500 Smiths, and a super

Neo. Good GOod fight scene.

Anywho, skip that.

To Revolutions!

The machines are attacking Zion, Neo went into coma. Smith in Real World by taking over a human.

Best War scene with Zion and Machines I've ever seen in my life.

Best Neo Smith final battle I've seen in my life.


The Matrix Trilogy is a fantastic set of movies with strong political, social, and philosophical prowress. They are metaphores for events that are going on in our world today, as well as posing the philosophical question "What is real"?

Lets just say, I found my home when I found the Matrix. wink

So what's with that one guy who is like bending back from a bullet or something? Who is that?

Just watch the movie for those details - it's no fun to know the story before you see it!

the movie is gonna go down as having the most perfect balance with topics pertaining to computers+religion+philosophy+fashion all making this movie the best sci-fi movie of all time.....its got some really cool axn scenes and special fx........even the number of mediums used to make the viewers experience the matrix is remarkable be it cinema,anime,comix + net + gaming........

the wachowski bros need to be given a lifetime achievement or some other cool trophy for accolading their effforts...........its just ultimate........i need to give u one advise u got to see it for urself............................its mindblowing..

let me just shut up and u go ahead and see it

The Alpha
you will surely have more questions in your mind than right now after watching the movie smile

as alpha said u gonna have many questions after watchin the movie but u kno where u can come to find all the answers

Watch the trailer for the films, if after doing that, you still aren't sure about watching the films then perhaps they're not for you.

If that is indeed the case then i'll be sorry for you i really will, you seem like you have a good soul and I hate giving good people bad news.

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