FINAL SLUGFEST BATTLE: Crazyspinz vs Norrin Radd [Vote or Die](j/k) You decide!

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This is for the title "The 1st Annual Evangel Slugfest Showdown Undisputed Champion"

They battle in New York City! No people! Just the teams!

Your votes REALLY count in this battle! VOTE!

Norrin Radd

Silver Surfer

Invisible Woman



Iceman (Robert Drake)

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Black Panther (T'Challa)




War Machine





Black Cat

This just reminded me, lets make this more interesting:

The winners team gets to KILL P. Diddy. There's some motivation for y'all.wink

Oh, and I vote Norrin's team.

norrin radd
LOLOLOL, thanks

norrin radd

norrin's team gets my vote

I'm going with norrin on this one. As I said before, anyone with Spawn AND Silver Surfer on the same team, well you just better watch out.


ok, everyone has basicaly voted before ive said anything, witch sucks.

sue would not be able to encase my team in anything, red shifts swords could cut through them. surfer did beat redshift, BUT he onlt beat him by outsmarting him in space, SS was being over powered by redshift, and in the city SS wouldnt be so fortuneate, and redshift has magnecic powers, mutch more powerfull than magnetos, he could send entire buildings flying at norrins team.

death angel almost killed boby drake in the comics, by sheer over powering an skill. sunfire might beat lizard, BUT if lizard got like 2 hits away, sunfire would be finished.

holocaust and spawn would be a realy hard fight to call. BUT holocaust drains life force without hurting the other person but he could drains spawns magic energy that makes him so power full and spawn would run out and be basicaly useless.

sue is useles in this fight because her invisible shelds would do nothing to my team because red shift would break them with ease.

as for the street level im screwed.

PS dont you have to say why u think the other team wins? as said in the last battle

norrin radd

i am voting for norrin, because
Silver Surfer and Spawn could wipe out the rest of the team, while Sue creates a defensive force field. Batman and Black Panther would dispose of the other street level characters pretty quickly, thus being able to help the rest of the team.

norrin radd
thanks everyone for voting

sues force feilds are useless in this fight. spawns energy old be drained by holocaust, making him useless

norrin radd

norrin radd

my vote goes to norrin

Absorbing powers are allowed if they do not injure the person being absorbed. Rogue's power does so she is banned.

norrin radd

If you had a problem with it, you should have brought it up with the draft.

norrin radd
i have no problem with that, i said in the preview post that i already used a strategy counting with his absorbing powers. (got to be prepared for everything)

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