a sudden welcome to "newfound" red sox fans...

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Furious Angel
it really pisses me off that the amount red sox fans has doubled since they won the world series...these people are the ones that would say that boston sucked all the time...but then boston wins and WOO GO SOX! i would just like to say that i have always been a boston fan and if you have just become a sox fan within the last week or so, die. big grin

cry i just became a sox fan cos i found out you were one, and now you want me to die

roll eyes (sarcastic) stupid wannabes

ive loved them forever and ever

hell...i live about an hour from boston, and i'm not even a sox fan messed

i hate baseball

jawdrop *throws jeremy into a cardboard box* schmoll

i cant watch baseball, its too boring

hear hear, nazzie laughing out loud

ronny, have i ever told you my greatest ambition is to live in a two-story cardboard box? smile

kwasny fine then *pours water on the box* now you have a wet house and it will mold and you will die disgust

that's awfully harsh sad

you pushed me to it with your snappy little two-story cardboard box comment cry

Bandwagoners suck thumb down

I'm a Halo fan that experience all that in 2002.

Agent Elrond
Bandwagon fans are the worse. My brother was rooting for the Cardinals just because the Red Socks beat the Yankees. That's just wrong. I hate "fans" who root for a team just because they win alot. If you became a Boston fan in Oct, u better be rooting for them for the next five years and better be able to name half the teams players. Only then will you be a true fan.

Furious Angel
i don't find being able to name the players mandatory for being a true fan, just as someone may not be able to name all the members of their favorite band. you can just like it because it suits your taste, like being a sox fan could be due to wanting the underdogs to win, or just knowing that they are a damn good team.

i'm a boston fan in new york too wink

and spence...youre an exception cos you dont know baseball at all and i told you to like the red soxstick out tongue so i dont want you to die, silly hug

furious i was just wondreing how come your report to moderator is backwards on the other side of the post???

and you think you have it bad...it was terrible over here when the Detroit Pistons won.no expression but i must agree posers suck huge amont of ass.

lol i love how all the yankees fans are now going "well...the yankees are the REAL champions..look how many world series they have one!!!" yea.. and now they lost this one after spending how many 100's of millions of dollars on this team? hah sucks for u

Darth Revan
Y'know what pisses me off more than the fake Sox fans... All these little teenagers who go "OMG Nirvana r teh greatest band ever!!!!" after hearing about them two days ago no expression


you know what annoys me is little teenages that say 'OMG nirvana is the greatist bad ever' period

they arent THAT good, listen to tool child happy

does this disgust apply to everything or only music and sports trends?

Red Sox suck

in fact Boston Sucks

then how come they won?

Furious Angel
hey ronny, i was gonna say that!stick out tongue

Furious Angel
i actually dont know, its something that fred (crash_overload) did for me ages agobig grin

I've liked the Red Sox for a while

id just like to say that interpol - slow hands is possibly the greatest song ive ever heard big grin

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