Day without a Mexican

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I've just seen "A Day without a Mexican."And as a Hispanic(Puerto Rican in general).THis movie was horrible.Of course this movie proves that other people other then Hispanic believes there nothing south of the border then freakin Mexico.THis movies starts off as everybody in america wakes up out find out that there are no more Mexicans,that they all disappeared out of no where.And everybody is left to do the work Mexicans are know for (I.E.Nannies,Landscapers,police ..ect).This movie to me as a Hispanic is very offense and to also in some Lationo communities.This is not a review of any kind.I wanted to tell you people before you watch it that as a Hispanic I'm against this movie in many ways then one and like to say to anyone not Hispanic sorry for such a bad movie that I didn't think was in any way funny as it was suppose to be.I'm and some other Latinos are against this movie sorry that a message that could have been important for Hispanics was just a trashy movie that again left a terrible taste in everyone's mouth.

Viva Puerto Rico and screw "A Day without a MExican"

Wow. Pull the stick out of your ass.

I, like you, am Boricua....Puerto Rican for all the white people in the audience.

Not only do I not find racial comedy offensive, but it would be wrong of me to be offended. I laugh at all the other races, what gives me the right to be angry when someone makes fun of us?

Hey, if you can't take a joke, then **** you.

Viva Boricua.

This is a stupid movie and you know it,I'm not against racial comedy but am against a movie that like the director says in interviews to change minds in California for certain Laws.This is not a racial comedy a$$hole it was supposed to be,believe or not to be taken seriously like the director and a certain producer have said.This movie wasn't funny enough to be a racial comedy and to stupid to be taken serioulsy.

Viva Boricua.And again a movie that no one really like yourself AF no if this is supposed to be taken seriously or just a comedy.

Darth Surgent
The movie was made to show that Hispanic Immigrants, who are blamed for taking jobs away from "Real Americans" roll eyes (sarcastic) , are actually doing jobs that spoiled Americans don't want to touch with a ten-foot pole. The movie argues (correctly) that these people who complain about immigrants are the same people who are going to be crying when they no longer get to take advantage of them.

If you, as a hispanic, took offense to this movie, you were misinterpreting it.

The real question lies in whether the movie was well-directed or not. Personally, I thought the movie was grossly overrated, but not at all offensive. This was hyperbolic/purposeful political incorrectness used to make a point (which you missed, unfortunately).

Hate the direction, not the subtext.

Well again the reason I took offensive is because I can understand the point he was trying to get but again the movie was trying to use satire to make a personel point and it totally suck @$$.I understand the point but I took offensive of how it was shown.A cheap way to make a a moral point...No need for a movie like this.

Imagine a movie without white people...Mind ****!

He shouldn't be offended by it, it was directed and written by a Mexican (Sergio Arau... if you watch Univision, you know of whom I'm talking about) and I think the man (the director) is just trying to make a point by putting some comedy in it. Also, the movie is distributed by Televisa - a Mexican company (the one that makes those soup operas)

well, if Televisa distributed it, I bet it sucks!! laughing out loud

I haven't see it, but I heard it was made to make fun of americans...

I'll let you know what I think of it as soon as I watch it (If I ever do)

It doesn't make fun of Americans because if Mexicans are here theer Americans themselves.But again this was a movie trying to make a point but again used cheesy satire to accomplish that moral point.

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