great horror movie!!!!

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have anyone seen "darkness falls"?
for those who havent seen it, you have my recommendation!!!
its scary. weel done and bases on a real horrifying story!!

Sorry 'D17' i hated it, it wasn't scary, cliched to the point it was stealing parts from everything from Blair Witch 2 : BoS, The X-Files, They - equally as bad and erm Pitch Black.

Pitch Black is fantastic!

Anyway, are you serious that you like this movie so much Darkness?

Mr Zero
Are you saying you dont like PB here - please clarify?

I merely stated that 'Darkness Falls' picked parts from a variety of movies including that of Darkness Falls, the "erm Pitch Black" quote was referring to this film being of science fiction genre rather then horror which the aforementioned titles were. But no, i do like Pitch Black.

Mr Zero
glad we got that cleared up.

Darkness falls didn't do rings around the movie "The Ring" and wasn't scary at all.I was watching bravo's top 100 movie moments and watching these true horror movies make me remember these classic true scary movies.Rather then Saw that not supposed to ssare you but make you sick with weird scenes.Darkness falls total wasn't think I don't even remember the actors names at all.

i kind of liked it...
it was very scary at the moment i was watching it...

and what is it pitch black? i dont know it.

Pitch Black is a sci-fi movie with Vin Diesel in one of his first movie apperance.It's about a group of people who survived a spaceship crash must try to leave the planet they crashed in because monster who can't be in light inhabit the planet and come out only in night in a planet that has two suns and always sunny.But of course surpise,surpise there an eclipse happening and must race too leave the planet.Really good not too scary but a good sci-fi movie.

Not to mention..Vin Diesel's "Riddick" character had his eyes shined while incarcerated, which enables him to see in the dark. He, being the only one, goes from antagonist to hero. It's an awesome character study.

I didnt like that movie at all it was alright at the beginning but then it sucked!!!

it sucked from beginning to end. Darkness falls was terrible.

please dont kill me...
i sorry but this legend exists since 1900, i am sorry to disappoint you but all the others movies took the ideas from it!!!

Thats doubtfull, anyway this movie was a waste of time, I almust fell asleep during this eyes torment, its was so stupit

"legend exists" that doesn't make sense...cuz legends aren't facts. so its just a legend...doesn't mean something related to this HAS happened

no expression

It took me 3 times to finish this pile of crap. And the sad thing is that it was only an hour long.

Freddy Lover
Darkness Falls was great...the toothfairy is like a girl Freddy because she was burned. It was a great movie.


Darkness Falls is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I saw five minutes of it before, im a bit drunk at the moment though so it got turned right off.

oh.. at last!
thank you Freddy Lover for the support. wink

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