Who is in your family?

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Jackie Malfoy
I have a dad and a stepmom and a twin sister Maxi!and a mom and a stepfather(he is a real jerk!)
And a stepsister and her son josha(he is only a baby) and two older stepbrother who don't live with us anymore.
Anyone else willing to talk about who is in there family?JM Happy Dance

i have a mam and a dad 1 younger brother and a younger sister.
my bro is 13 and my sis is 14

a mum and a dad confused

Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister!

I use to get along with my brother (I use to be a big trouble-maker) but not I've become and angel, I've stared to get along with my sister.

My sis > than my brother. Why? - She buys me things. Just kidding, she's just generallly nicer, where as my brother usually is fun, but kinda cold (presonality wise) too.

Mum, Dad, Brother, 2 sisters, 3 aunties, 3 uncles, 8 cousins, 2 nans, 2 grandads

i have a mum (minature mum) my dad...2 ..2 sisters (help me)
an adororable pet dog (chitz chu Sp?) called fluffy but i call him many many names such as flufstig,wodo,lassie,whitefang,mopatop

i forgot my pets, urm 13 cats big grin

mum dad sista

also 5 aunts and 5 uncles
and grandma and grandpa
and 7 cousins


bloody helll.... a stray cat was wandering round my house last nite and tjhe nite b4 it is sooo sweet ... if u want i shall catch it and send it to u Avp im sure it wud fell at home with u

don't think the other cats would agree.

but it wud b the SSSSSSSSSSSWEEEEETEST thing u have eva seen

my dad refuses to take it in....

what colour is it

white wit blobs of ginger and grey .....and looks bout the same age as my friends cat which is 6 mnths old ...

I have a mother and a sister and a nephew and a maternal grandmother and a maternal grandfather and a dog and a self (me)

how sweet, i've fallen in love already

laughing out loud

that wasn't to eleveninches by the way

lol......i bet u love him really

confused blink no What the f**k?


u got angry AVP ..... u just sed u dont do that sort of thing

could i ask a small favour

if u want

could you call me by my real name, everyone else does.

Mom(41), Stepdad(37), brother(24) cat spoox(13),
Uncle bob wife teresa, kids Amberher kid sean, Ashli, Ryan
Uncle Nick Wife Rachel, kids Nathan and Natalie love
Uncle Corey Wife? Who knows? Kid? I forgot they live in Florida miffed
Aunt Edie Divorced kids Harrison and Sienna

and the creators Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Robert KEMP!

i have a mum. and a dad. but they are split, so its like half a small family

i hope my parent never split

I have my mom, dad, and my 10 yr. old brother

Sun Ce
me and my mum, i have 2 uncles 1 grandad.

And 1 uncle called "paul" who has 2 kids "my cusions" called luara and tom, tom is 11 and luara is 15, my other uncle "danny" has 2 kids also and they are living in Texas, 1 called Jade shes 14, and the other called drew he is 10 big grin, plus i have another cusion in Canada who is 27 never met her but i'm sure it would be awesome too laughing out loud

sister and mother and brother

too many...

mum, dad, stepdad, dad's wife, brother (almost 13), sis (almost 3)

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