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Canadian Moose
Are you an evil superpower or perhaps mad scientist bent on world domination?

Have all of your attempts been thwarted by tree-hugging hippies and do-gooders?

Would you have gotten away with it if it werent for "those dern kids"?

Are you an evil nemesis in disguise as a benevolent leader?

Often times I feel frustrated and alone in my attempts to destroy the Earth, or subjugate people in terror...its like...I they just don't understand me. I only want to bring order, and perhaps some cruelty and maybe some behavior modification / mind control into the world.
Is that so wrong?

Just recently a group of kids in a hippie van foiled my plans to fire a superlaser from the moon to destroy the polar ice caps.
I just can't get a break - has this happened to you?

The Ones
yes...many times i tried to accellerate global warming to get me and me remaining family killed... no expression

damn those kids and their dog too

I'm Evil but i'm not a Genius sad

Um, that van? Yeah, well the driver is totally my boyfriend. Mhmm diva

Mr. Bacon
kinda random confused

im a genius..obv

and also evil

whoo hoo go me

well im the stupid blabbering dog that will foil your plan

I'm kidding of course, I'm not really that daft beeatch Daphne and I am really in love with an evil mastermind genius. But I ain't tellin' y'all who it is schmoll

Mr. Bacon
is it scott evil?

I will rule the world with the help of my evil flying piggy's

Canadian Moose
*strokes chin*

Really...? I must meet him...

You may already have done, it's such a small world wink

Canadian Moose
Yes....yes...there are so few of us....and even fewer worth fallinf in love with... wink

Ah reckin there's plenny a soulmates out there, ye jest gots te look hard is all stick out tongue

no Noone would join my Revolution of KMC

I am an evil mastahmind also. I find it compelling that you weaklings hahven't ahlready devised a plan to work together.

messed Duh.

Ok, where's it at Che? shifty

darth revan187 should be in here



Um, in where?

Mini-me, get in here!

*little turtle scuttles in*

Attack the Syren one!

*little turtle scuttles out*

Ahck, fine.
*shuts up*

Yes! I know exactly how you feel! Darn those hippies!!

IF you mean minime0206, it ain't gonna happen, bud miffed He loves me happy

all i have to say is..... Pinky and the Brain

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