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This has been an issue thats been pissing me off for forever. people who start threads thinking people will like them, but when the thread has been made like 5 times before theirs. in the music forum i searched linkin park and i saw 8 threads about bashing them. the same people who think good charlotte is the greatest band ever, bashing linkin park. like they have room to talk about music. the other thing im sick of is when people start a topic only to see that 3 replies later the topic it was has now spawned a 30 page pointless argument. pointless, but sometimes quite ammusing. i like reading arguments like these just to see how stupid people are.

you seem to have an obsession with linkin park and good charlotte

why? because he mentioned it ine one thread?

i dont have on absession with either of those bands. the only reason i chose to use them is because they are popular. thus spanning 90% of the idiots on this forum who like them. personally i like lp but gc can go to hell. i use them as a metafor. you shouldnt take things so literally.

shit rogue i hate you now. like what i said one topic spans into an ongoing argument. anyway back to the real topic.

i said what i said because u referred ot looking for those two bands.
don't get so sensitive.

again, keep up the topic not an argument.

LP's no good, either erm

Linkin Park sucks ass.

This is the off topic forum, where threads are expected to go off topic.

As for your initial complaint, just ignore the threads you don't like. Making another thread soley for bitching about it is pointless.

weeeeee! laughing out loud

Linkin Park is emo music that stupid goth kids slit their wrists to. I hate them.

thumb up

thats why raz let us ignore threads smart

There is a button that you click,and it helps you ignore a thread. no expression
Otherwise...get over it stick out tongue

MC Mike
Very stupid goth kids, if they're slitting thier wrists. laughing out loud

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.