Dead Man Walking - Special Features (Author's Commentary)

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To everyone who reads my fanfic, Dead Man Walking, please feel free to ask me questions and posts your comments about my story here.

Note: No abuse to me and/or my work will be tolerated. Thank you.

I said 5 stars!!!!!

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Thank you, Lava! *Hugs* That was much appreciated happy I can't wait to hear your review. Hmm...I noticed that someone gave me a zero and I bet I know who... sad

Over the weekend, I'll try to post some of the very detailed commentary that I had posted in my story thread and transfer them to here.

I gave it four stars. You lost a star simply because I'm not sure I liked the way you introduced the new DADA teacher, with the bit at the station and the jumping abord and the like.

Sorry Bop! Apart from that, I really like all the characters (incl. the DADA teacher) and am getting really into the story! It's really good!

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Thanks for reviewing, Trickster! cool *hugs* happy Positive reivews are always appreciated here.

As for how I introduced the new DADA professor, Draven Sabatt, it was okay at the time I wrote that part of the chapter. Now that I think back on it, it could've used a bit of work, more or less. He's supposed to start out really mysterious, but for good reason.

Draven Sabatt is one of the best original characters that I've added to the plot. Keep a close eye on him! He's vital and has lots to do with how the plot will go forth and all. I try to keep his character as secretive and unknown as possible for now because there is so much about him that can't be revealed in just any one chapter.

In chapter 3, he has a very brief cameo. But don't worry about that, he'll appear more in a chapter or so. Oh yes, in chapter four, Draven will have a bigger role since I'm going to have that chapter focus on DADA. Just wait until you read what I've got in stored for what they do, if I ever get to that part and stay with this story!

Also, I've been hard at work developing an origin story for Draven and hopefully get it posted at once I finish developing the characters and plot. I have so many ideas for it! I'm totally cyked to get it under way!

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Hey Everyone,

Not long ago, I posted a very important note in the story thread, stating that I am going to re-do the beginning sequence of chapter three. Just to let you all know, that the outline for this chapter has not changed at all except for the first scene of the chapter which is the Care for Magical Creatures class. Believe me when I say that the small change will sound a heck of a lot better than the slightly crappy start that I got on it earlier.


Sodapop Allerdyce

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Chapter Three: Not Alone - Commentary ~ Brief Trivia

Quick question for my readers and audience, what or who do you think was that "Thing" in the lake that Harry was looking at? Let me remind you that it had golden eyes and reptilian like flesh or appearance. Base your answer upon the information from the new content that I posted a little while ago. (I hope that Trickster and Laviera_J respond to this, most of all!)

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Stupid and Cheesy Moments from Previous Chapters

Dude, there are some things that I would like to change or forget that I did in Chapters One and Two, but I'm too freakin' lazy to fix it now! Dammit! mad >,< Well, some of the things that i would like to change or edit out is the part where Harry thinks or gets this feeling he might know Draven. Thinking back on that part of that second chapter, sounds so crappy! Also, the part where Draven got on the train and to note he was tall and how everyone was surprised he made the leap onto the train. That was so freakin' cheesy and stupid! In chapter one, it might have not been so wise to mention that Sirius is dead or maybe not. I'm thinking of not acknowledging and inserting stuff from book 5 in my fic. Too much of a hassle since I didn't finish the book and all. Besides, not the main point...*Sigh* Stuff like that! Well, chapter three sounds better in many areas compared to chapter one and two. mostly how i wrote it and less cheesiness points than in the previous chapters...>,< *argh*

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SPOILER #1: Receiving Bits of Inspiration from "National Treasure"

Sometime after I saw "National Treasure" over the Thanksgiving weekend last year, it gave me some brilliant and wonderfully wicked ideas for certain events and elements in my story. For those of you who have seen the movie, remember the part where the Declaration of Independence had secret location numbers on the back and later on, one of the main characters had a kid run into the place with this document and had to count letters to form words? Well, I'm going to use that in a way that it will fit in my story. But, don't worry, it won't happen until way, way later in the plot. Also, another event from the movie that I'm going to fit in is the part where the main characters went to the place where the Liberty Bell was kept and used the bell tower's shadow to find a certain location and object. There was another event, I believe, that I was going to use for my story, but can't remember what it was now...Oh well, when I do, I'll be sure to post it! Anyways, all of these moments from "National Treasure" won't pop up until sometime around the middle of the entire story and/or towards the end. That's if I ever make it to the end...this century! LOL

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Inspiration for "Dead Man Walking"

Dead Man Walking was inspired by this Harry Potter Carry On fanfic that I used to have going here at KMC nearly two years ago and has failed, never to be revived again. It was the fourth one to come out. As for what inspired that story, the carry on, was a particular scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. For those of you who have read the book, will know that there's a scene where Harry has a strange dream where he's a serpent slithering through some place (that is in the Ministry of Magic) and bites Mr. Weasley somewhere on the leg. Sometime after Harry woke up from that dream and during it also, he thought about how real it felt and all. That sort of vision is what inspired Harry's visions in my fanfic. As for the title of my story, I got that from a movie of the same title. The movie was about some convict played by Sean Penn that was to be executed and received comfort and closure from this nun played by Susan Sarandon. If you would like to find out more about that movie, look it up at IMDB.Com sometime.

ooo i love this

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MornGlory: Although I have never seen the beginning of the movie, it was good for the most parts of it that I did see. Sean Penn is a wonderful actor and does well in roles where he plays this edgy, bad guy. The movie had a good plot and it was interesting to learn that that was based upon a true story. I think, at the end of the movie, that it said that it was based upon true story and was written by the nun character or something like that.

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Tagline for "Dead Man Walking"

You know how movies have taglines? Well, sometime last month of last year, I came up with a cool one that kicks arse like the one for the third Harry Potter movie ("Some Wicked This Way Comes"wink. And here it is...:

The past can come back to haunt you in ways that you could never imagine.

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