New Member ... with some Kill Bill Questions

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Hi, I'm a new member, an I have so much fun analyzing (possibly overanalyzing embarrasment) movies, esp. Tarantino's. So here are some things I was wondering about from Kill Bill, if any of you could help me out:

-- Why didn't the Bride use her Hanzo sword when she attacked Vernita?
-- What's the time frame for Vernita's departure from the DiVAS? I ask because her daughter is the same age as the Bride's, and yet when the Bride was pregnant, Vernita wasn't (unless she wasn't showing yet). And if she was pregnant, that would mean her and Dr. Bell were together before she officially left the squad, right?

-- Which DiVAS member do you think the Bride was the closest to? I originally thought it was Vernita, but now I think it was O-Ren. O-Ren was the only member the Bride gave an extensive bio, and if you look at their fight scene, its pretty emotional, almost as if they were old friends that really didn't want to kill each other. I also think that's why she was first on her Death List (besides her being easy to find)... to show the others that if she killed the one she was closest to, she means business.

-- Concerning Budd, I wonder what his point was with telling Bill he hadn't kept the Hanzo sword, when he actually had. Just to piss him off? And I never understood how the Bride wasn't really effected after he shot her in the chest ... were the bullets removed?

-- Was Elle serving as Bebe's mother while she was with Bill? confused

You know, I had a lot more questions but I forgot them. I'll be back later. smile

Hmmm, 1. I imagine that the Bride realised that a long bladed sword is not an efficient weapon in the close confines of a suberban home, that could be a reason....
2. Not really sure.
3. I would say O-Ren, O-Ren certainly had a tragic past the Bride could sympathise with, and there were indications they new each other well (..tricks are for kids)
4. He clearly wanted to hurt Bill I would say, he seemed so sad and bitter... and the gun was loaded with Salt Rock which isn't fatal, but hurts a lot, kind of like a less harmful buck shot.
5. Perhaps, although it seemed like Bill was the sole parent, perhaps he dispanded the Divas so he could be a stay at home dad?

1: Honour
2: Dunno how long pregancies in the Killbillverse are
3: O-Ren
4: To hurt Bill
5: Could be

Well I over analyse things to soo No worries there.
1. I think maybe her sword was tired from killing O-ren.. Or maybe as said it would of loked less decript in a suburban area.. I tink people may of noticed. If they ddit notice the bright pink pussy wagon that is.
2. I always assumed that after they did over Beatrix that thye dispanded, and so they all got on with there own lives. i mean there group was pretty much split up. Then vernita went and got knocked up straight away.
3. I always thought It was O-ren, but I always guessed it ended in bad parts. Her in depth review would suggest she was the one who she knew the most. and seeing as Elle moved onto Bill after bea left, then im guessing they werent as great friends. Fellow blondes alike.
4. To Hurt bill, Im guessing that him and his brother.. werent as close as they used to be. It was a cheap Dig. and Rock salt is not as bad as a bullet.. and i mean she survived one of those in the head.
5. I dont realy see Elle as the loving step-mother role do you?

1- Well,because Vernita isn't really the samurai type. She's the best cat with a knife,so i guess Beatrix wanted to test it out.

2-i think Vernita wasn't pregnant at the moment of the assassination,but after that. I guess the DIVAs broke up and she decided to start her own she had a kid.

3. It's definitely O-ren. If you think about it,O-ren was Bill's first student as she killed Boss Matsumoto..Bill tracked her down and took her under his wing. After her,he met Beatrix and well Beatrix and O-ren became close friends....

4. Like said before,to hurt Bill. and Budd was shot with Rock doesn't kill you,but it does STING!

5. Naaah i think B.B. was raised by a nanny...and Bill of course

Vernita suggested that they should use knives in one on one confrotation. But as you clearly saw Vernita never intended to fight the Bride with knives.

Yes, both girls are about the same age. Most likely Nikia is about a few months younger than BB. I say that after the massacre Vernita felt horribly bad for what she had done and felt like starting her own life. Maybe 5 months later she meets Dr. Bell.


I say O-Ren mostly because of what you said.

Budd became a deadbeat after he left DiVAS. Why he lied? Maybe he wanted Bill to feel sorry for him.

I seriously doubt that. Bill knew that Elle hated the Bride with a passion. So no way would he allowed Elle anywhere near BB.

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