Ideas for Kill Bill Prequel/Sequel

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Have any of you thought about what you want to be included in the next movie?

I must say I'm very disappointed with the plot Quentin is working with now, only because he's waiting so long and Bill, a great character, will have little chance to be included (even in flashbacks).

So I was thinking about a prequel, which I would like to be actually shot by the actors, but maybe its more feasible to do it in a short series of anime movies with the actor's voices. There's so much Quentin left in the air and so much mythology you could create with the characters, I feel a prequel is a MUST.

Here's what I think should be included in a prequel:

-- the history of Bill, as well of the other DiVAS. We only got a small taste with "the Origin of O-Ren", which was one of the best parts of vol. 1. I would love to know why Bill is the way he is, how did he meet with Hanzo and what he did to offend him, etc. I mean, when you think about it, we know virtually nothing about the DiVAS, including the Bride.
-- how the DiVAS was formed by Bill; some assignments they went on and things that happened before the Bride left; their relationships with each other. How did Bill and Budd get at odds? How did the Bride and Bill hook up?

I don't know, but I think this would be interesting and Quentin should get on a script for this STAT! They would likely be released straight to DVD and I would buy them for sure. smile

Tarantino isn't working on another plot for Kill Bill, apparently he is now working on a new Manderian language Kung Fu homage film.

Actually he's working on his war movie, "Inglorious Bastards."

And my idea is basically the story of Nikki, Vernita Green's daughter, getting revenge for Beatrix killing her mother.

Quentin talks too much...he intends to do a prequel of Kill Bill in Anime about Bill and the Divas. But i think it will never happen...

Now i'm here,let me answer couple of your questions:

-How did Bill met Hanzo? Well it wasn't a secret that Hanzo did have a dojo and he probably saw talent in Bill and took him under his wing...Hanzo really liked (loved?) Bill (he has a picture with bill on it when he was young) and he was his best student ever..a true master.

-Bill offended Hanzo by joining Boss Matsumoto's crew and using his skills to kill innoncent people. (The guy in the white suit in the anime)

-Why does Budd hates Bill? Bill stole Elle from Budd...(a theory,but there are clues in the movie..anyways)


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