Kmc Members?

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Who in your opinion is the most:

Funniest member:-
Sexiest member:-
Sweetest member:-
Coolest member:-
Sarcasticest member:- angel
Evilest member:-
Friendliest member:-
Most annoying member:-
Foulest member:-
Dumbest member:-
Cleverest member:-
Snobbiest member:-
Craziest member:-
Sanest member:-
Weirdest member:-




my name could go on the end of all of

Read my edit stick out tongue

Sun Ce
hmm maybe i am 3rd, dunno tho erm stick out tongue

i kno
i sowwy but it was just there to be sed...


So fill in the list seeing what cateogary suits which member!
stick out tongue

Sun Ce
oops whistle

laughing out loud

i'd go on the third one

Sun Ce
roshneee!!!=1/3/4/7 stick out tongue

Funniest member:-wud of been monkey nipples
Sexiest member:-badboy(WELL WHO ELSE WUD ITB)
Sweetest member:-telepraca
Coolest member:-AvP (mighty yoda)
Sarcasticest member:- angel
Evilest member:-mr zero (he compared me to an oompah lumpa)
Friendliest member:-sun ce
Most annoying member:-NO COMMENT
Foulest member:-/
Dumbest member:-/
Cleverest member:-/
Snobbiest member:-/
Craziest member:-/
Sanest member:-/
Weirdest member:-/

Funniest member:- Ush
Sexiest member:- Deathblow droolio
Sweetest member:- Double-D in_love
Coolest member:- Shellie cool
Sarcasticest member:- Jeremy laughing out loud
Evilest member:- Luke evil face
Friendliest member:- BadKitty hug
Most annoying member:- many of the newbies nowadays roll eyes (sarcastic)
Foulest member:- " "
Dumbest member:- most people who are "dumb" on kmc are faking it erm
Cleverest member:- dave123 smart
Snobbiest member:- im not going to name whistling
Craziest member:- newbies!
Sanest member:- what is sane? someone whos not crazy...therefore would be most of kmc
Weirdest member:- newbies!

yay i am the coolest member

Canadian Moose
Yeah, I know, you can't vote for one person more than once, but in the ones I did, I had NO other choice. It had to be done.

Funniest member:- Tired Thins
Sexiest member:- SYREN
Sweetest member:- Shellie
Coolest member:- Samurai Guy
Sarcasticest member:- angelZero
Evilest member:- Dunno
Friendliest member:- Silver Tears
Most annoying member:- Any Troll
Foulest member:- Too many to list
Dumbest member:- Dunno
Cleverest member:- lil bitchiness
Snobbiest member:- Raz wink
Craziest member:- dunno
Sanest member:- WindDancer
Weirdest member:- MarioX

Funniest member:-Mr Zero , BackFire , Tired Thins
Sexiest member:-Blind-Enemy , lil Bitchiness , Syren , Corran
Sweetest member:-Blind-Enemy ,Canadian Moose , JToTheP , D Double , RaventheOnly , big gay kirk , Daed (Sol)
Coolest member:-Linkalicious , Samurai Guy
Sarcasticest member:- Mr Zero , BackFire , Linkalicious(i know only nominate once....couldnt help it though cuz its true)
Evilest member:- not sure
Friendliest member:-Silver Tongue , Misha , Raven Gaurdia
Most annoying member:-not saying to spare feelings
Foulest member:-was banned
Dumbest member:- no comment
Cleverest member:-WindDancer
Snobbiest member:- to many to list
Craziest member:-hmmmm...have to think about that one
Sanest member:-none
Weirdest member:-too many to list

sorry Telp...had to give more then one name on many stick out tongue

I'd say I was the sanest member.

We haven't actually got your oppinion yet.... big grin

Samurai Guy
Funniest member:- Tired Thins
Sexiest member:- Samurai Girl
Sweetest member:- Shellie
Coolest member:- Linkalicious
Sarcasticest member:- Raz
Evilest member:- Abbita... evil face
Friendliest member:- Mr. Zero
Most annoying member:- lil bitchiness (I am sooo in the dog house now)
Foulest member:- Like smell wise? confused
Dumbest member:- Anybody that replaces words with letters. roll eyes (sarcastic)
Cleverest member:- The Omega
Snobbiest member:- Silver Tears
Craziest member:- Paola
Sanest member:- Storm
Weirdest member:- BackFire big grin

Sun Ce


Sun Ce
just in general saying "nooooooooooooooooo" because ppl missed me out erm

I was missed out too, but I'm not going "noooooooooooooooo" I'm just going to go feral on the members in question....(you know who you are!! ranting)

Sun Ce
hmm well pp know who i am, liek shelie and misha and i was totaly missed on them lists!!!! no expression, like the 3rd option thats me!!! eek!, or so they told me erm

I feel your rage.... pissed

Sun Ce
i'm not ragy stick out tongue, just alittle disappointed erm

Well I am! ranting lol.

Sun Ce
ah well, send them an angry pm then wink

big grin Damn, its like, dead on here....wheres everyone else?

Sun Ce
who knows but i woudl rather be at home than this college!!!! erm

I'm in the library. I'm going soon. I'm gonna go home and play...........Morrowind. big grin

Sun Ce
not played that, ive played Guild Wars before tho, for the world preview event with the DW clan, such an awesome game!!!!, played for free too big grin "downloaded the client, part of the world preview event"

Funniest member: Furryman Dave123 Korri eek!
Sexiest member: Deathblow droolio The Force droolio
Sweetest member:
Coolest member: Clavis
Sarcasticest member:- angel Spearhead
Evilest member:
Friendliest member:
Most annoying member: BIIIIIIIIG roll eyes (sarcastic)
Foulest member:-
Dumbest member:-
Cleverest member:-
Snobbiest member: Silver Tears schmoll stick out tongue
Craziest member: Furious_Angel
Sanest member: Shellie
Weirdest member:

Samurai Girl
Funniest member:- Tired Hiker
Sexiest member:- Samurai guy love
Sweetest member:- Misha, Minime and Jtothep
Coolest member:- Link
Sarcasticest member:- Yerssot
Evilest member:- Not sure
Friendliest member:- Shellie, Corran ans Silver tongue
Most annoying member:- Noobies
Foulest member:- ?
Dumbest member:- Noobies
Cleverest member:- Clovie
Snobbiest member:- ?
Craziest member:- TH again
Sanest member:- Raz
Weirdest member:- Backfire

Funniest member:- Ab-bi-ta! love
Sexiest member:- BadKitty droolio definitely, what did you expect??
Sweetest member:- (possibly will be dead for this) Spearhead nerd
Coolest member:- can't nominate MYSELF? erm.. Samuel droolio class!
Sarcasticest member:- God help me... that grammar! yerssot
Evilest member:- Mr Manson. Forever. Amen.
Friendliest member:- Paola, shellie, Irene probably
Most annoying member:- erm... aaahh... eeee.....
Foulest member:- baaah?
Dumbest member:- baaaaaah?
Cleverest member:- whistle i'l never teeeell
Snobbiest member:- Blind-Enemy (yep, so dead now)
Craziest member:- Ab-bi-ta!
Sanest member:- Clovie. Just too normal too be true.
Weirdest member:- PUKE-FACE! PUKE-FACE!

Funniest member:- Tired Thins
Sexiest member:- Too many to list (you know who you are! droolio)
Sweetest member:- M!$ha
Coolest member:- Link
Sarcasticest member:- Yerssot
Evilest member:- Not saying! big grin
Friendliest member:- Shellie
Most annoying member:- BIIIIIIIIG stick out tongue
Foulest member:- n/a
Dumbest member:- n/a
Cleverest member:- Lil Bitchiness
Snobbiest member:- Rather not say. big grin
Craziest member:- Telpy
Sanest member:- Raz?
Weirdest member:- Badboy

Funniest member:- preston
Sexiest member:- kerry
Sweetest member:- yerss
Coolest member:- check x-men forum wink
Sarcasticest member:- burly, zero
Evilest member:- GACA eek!
Friendliest member:- pao, misha, chris, pascal, and more
Most annoying member:- ruby?
Foolest member:- huh?
Dumbest member:- moi, considering biology marks sad
Cleverest member:- smart
Snobbiest member:- irene
Craziest member:- partytime
Sanest member:- storm, winddincer
Weirdest member:- raz? angel

do not mention ruby ranting

and eek! meeee


and i want to remove some of the "nicest ppl" from the list erm

well.. you can't edit now, BAH! flirt

why clov?

reconsidered something messed

Funniest member:-tired thins
Sexiest member:- vampy
Coolest member:- lil b
Sarcasticest member:- yerss
Evilest member:- vampy
Friendliest member:- storm
Most annoying member:-LUKE aka SKY aka KOFMASTER aka TOO MANY BLOODY NAMES!!
Foulest member:- shadow king for THAT sig sick
Dumbest member:- luke
Cleverest member:- raz
Craziest member:- Vampy
Sanest member:- NO ONE IS SANE
Weirdest member:- The Vee

Samurai Guy

Me? Not Evil? A pox on thee!

at lasst!!! ABBY'S CURED!!! HURRAH!!!!

lover you abbita cry love

lover you too cry love

your not evil, just obssessive stick out tongue

Need. Go. BRUM!!!! NOOOW!!!

Funniest member:-Monkeynipples, Mr. zero
Sexiest member:- have no clue
Sweetest member:- Phoenix Aska
Coolest member:- Raventheonly,mini me 0206,sniper, phoenix Aska
Sarcasticest member:- Mr. zero
Evilest member:- no one that i know
Friendliest member:- Phoenix Aska, angelnthematrix
Most annoying member:- none that i know
Foulest member:- Again none that I know
Dumbest member:- Don't think anyone is dumb on here
Cleverest member:- Mr. Parker... Sniper and there are more but I cant think of any right now.
Snobbiest member:- not sure
Craziest member:- dont know
Sanest member:- raventheonly
Weirdest member:- Me

Funniest member:- Furryman
Sexiest member:- Liv of course, closely followed by silver tears, lil b & misha
Sweetest member:- Anoushka x5000
Coolest member:- i'd have to go or vampy, one of the only members who isnt consistently mean to me.
Sarcasticest member:- i have no idea what 'Sarcasticest' means.
Evilest member:- Irene. She makes me cry.
Friendliest member:- Jithra
Most annoying member:- Darth Revan ranting
Foulest member:- MF DOOm, just for that Lloyd Banks thread messed
Dumbest member:- almost certainly me
Cleverest member:- the general level of intelligence on KMC is ridiculosly low, but I suppose it would be hockeyhorror .
Snobbiest member:- Misha schmoll
Craziest member:-
Sanest member:- n/a
Weirdest member:- Korricle

i know i mentioned a few twice. sue me.

Samuel... cry class!

Sun Ce
such a waste of time this thread for me, i'm not even on 1 single list erm, even after soem friends have posted here sad, oh well i guess i got my music to help me through life erm.

The Final Countdown!!! rock

Add you to my list

You can be added on the part were it says friendlist smile

Canadian Moose
Then why are you posting in here? confused

Sun Ce
hug, shame i had to tell ppl tho to get me on a list erm

Sun Ce
stfu erm, i post here because i do, i'm a member i have the right to post where ever big grin, and i'm not making a list because theres no point, my friends know how much they mean to me without me having to say a thing happy

I'm not on a list either.. so dont feel bad

Canadian Moose
I wasn't asking you because you don't have a right, but you said the thread was pointless to you....just wondering.

Sun Ce
i do have a right huh

Funniest member:- Moosey!
Sexiest member:- Silver Tongue (Ashley is so awesome)
Sweetest member:- Paola/badsymbiote
Coolest member:- Milla (lil b)/Nataku8188
Sarcasticest member:- BackFire
Evilest member:- Frosty Beverage stick out tongue
Friendliest member:- Jedi Priestess
Most annoying member:- grey fox
Foulest member:- Darth Revan187
Dumbest member:- Sun Ce
Cleverest member:- Mr Zero/fever red
Snobbiest member:- darkcrown tongue2
Craziest member:- eggmayo
Sanest member:- Cinemaddiction
Weirdest member:- MornGlory

Canadian Moose
DUDE! I know...I didn't say you DON'T have a right. You DO. I'm....oh for the love of zippers, forget it, I'm sorry I said anything.

Sun Ce
??? go back and read yourself erm

Canadian Moose
Ok...*deep breath*

basically what that says, is that I AGREE that you DO have a right. It's just the way it's written. Next time I will just keep it simple.

Sen good you have right. You do what want, kay?

Sun Ce
i do the right things tho, never bad in life, i'm 1 of the good guys here erm

Canadian Moose
*pats him on the head*

that's right fella, you are. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Sun Ce
if your being sacastic then don't waste your time becasue i shamfully don't have a sense of humour erm, thats a real let down in my life too sad, hmm i'm always moaning about my life, i wonder why

open ur eyes hun
ur alive...b a bit more greatful

because you, along with your life, suck.

Sun Ce
do i want to live?, if i was never born i would never have to have gone through it all sad, girls never even look at me, or like me and if i don't make them laugh or anything no wonder, as i said i got no sense of humour sad

Sun Ce
sooo true, but its only because i don't have a female friend to treat and respect greatly, thats why erm, and nobody treats me with respect either, all 3 friends suck sad

then get a sense of humor and quit bitching about it.

Canadian Moose
*snorts laughter*

Damn it man, next time, don't hold back how you feel! Say what you MEAN!!! laughing out loud

Canadian Moose
*Phone rings*

Oh hey, Sun Ce, it's for you. It's Prozac calling, and it wants to help you.

i do hope that was sarcastic roll eyes (sarcastic)


Sun Ce
ha...ha, the only jokes i ever hear is about taking the piss out of ppl and making fun of them, u call that having fun?, thats all it ever is, thats what they think is funny!!! mad its not funny at all, thats why i never laughed much at school erm, but today on the way back from college i had a good laugh, great fun laughed sooo hard, and it was because my friend was saying "i wonder what pirates are liek today" and we were saying stuff like diggin in ppl's gradens and finding skeletons of hamstears!!!!eek!, our SEA MONSTER!!!!! eek! ah har!!! wink laughing

Canadian Moose
laughing Ayuh, it was m'man. I nearly spit juice on my screen when I read that.

u r on my list (bak 2 pge 1)

it is i on no bodys list sad

isnt the OTF full of surprises roll eyes (sarcastic) such a joyful place

most times happy

laughing hahaha

you know what i got out of reading all that? 1.) i still hate you, and 2.) you dont put a comma after your ending punctuation. its grammatically retarded.erm

Sun Ce
well me and my college friend had a huge laugh about it, so who cares about u??, if u hate be, i'll gladly be your enemy, ive never had 1 wink, but don't expect to have email wars because i can't be assed and i'm not gonna deal with it erm

Sieg Wahrheit
Since I don't know that much the members here... I will put in some members in other forums.

Funniest member:- Aldy (TK, TF)
Sexiest member:- Moebius (Ty Kamara)
Sweetest member:- shellie
Coolest member:- justjak
Evilest member:- Me! Heh, don't forget, I am Yami Sieg!
Friendliest member:- Raz
Most annoying member:- that jerk girl (from Ty Kamara)
Foulest member:- that jerk girl (from Ty Kamara)
Dumbest member:- that jerk girl (from Ty Kamara)
Cleverest member:- Moebius (Ty Kamara)

cant you accept the fact that maybe people just dont like you?? and maybe thats why your not on anyone's list??

ps - youre on my list. go back and read it.

Sun Ce
i don't want to be on "everyones" list okay, just the ppl who are good friends i was a little disappointed to see i was not on their list thats all, plus how can ppl hate me when they don't know me?

if people who dont even know you hate you, than youre obviously doing something wrong.

Sun Ce
no i was saying there is no one who hates me, and if u say u hate me then u don't know me, plus its not me whos doing anything wrong, its u, your not giving me a chance to be nice to u, are u?, so back off yeah, i'm not so bad once u get to know me whistle

Funniest member:- I'll have to say Tex on this one
Sexiest member:- many
Sweetest member:- Irene
Coolest member:- Darth Sauron, ronny
Sarcasticest member:- not sure
Evilest member:- Vampy blink
Friendliest member:- Misha
Most annoying member:- I'd rather not say...because I wouldn't be joking if I said who
Foulest member:- "foul"? biiiig, maybe, or ruby
Dumbest member:- again, I wouldn't be joking with answer
Cleverest member:- Backfire...or maybe Tex again
Snobbiest member:- goo?
Craziest member:- Liv stick out tongue
Sanest member:- Alana smile
Weirdest member:- Korri, RontheKooshball

Dr. Strangelove
Funniest member:- Mr Zero
Sexiest member:- Tex
Sweetest member:- Misha
Coolest member:- Hockey Horror, Mr Parker and anybody in the baseball thread
Sarcasticest member:- Mr Zero
Evilest member:- Mr Zero or Ronny
Friendliest member:- WindDancer or Ronny
Most annoying member:- Can't say
Foulest member:- usually someone new that thinks he or she owns the place
Dumbest member:- can't say
Cleverest member:- Mr Zero or Backfire
Snobbiest member:- can't say
Craziest member:- Tex or De Niro
Sanest member:- don't know
Weirdest member:- Me

Royal Knight

Im crazy eek! Happy Dance


I'm sarcastic? Wow, that's news to me.

stick out tongue And you're welcome, it was an honour to dance on your lap big grin

Jackie Malfoy
I only know some people here but not alot so here are some picked that I know who to say is.

Funniest member:-
Sexiest member:-
Sweetest member:-So far Raz!
Coolest member:-
Sarcasticest member:- PVS
Evilest member:-
Friendliest member:-
Most annoying member:-
Foulest member:-
Dumbest member:-
Cleverest member:-
Snobbiest member:-
Craziest member:-
Sanest member:-
Weirdest member:-(dang I forgot her name!)sorry.


Most Brown-nosed Member:- JM whistle

quick someone nominate me the evilest! lol

Yes, you are blatantly a Dark Lord roll eyes (sarcastic)

Jackie Malfoy
Oh I forgot one more person!MOst annoying goes to Syren thanks for remaining me.I am not dumb btw.JM

Oh, I see. I'm the most annoying when I defend you against the entire GDF and I'm also the most annoying when I b!tch at you good naturedly? Thank you happy

Funniest member:- Dave, Burly or Sauron
Sexiest member:- *thinking*
Sweetest member:- Syren, Sauron, and the Moose..theres more lemme *think*
Coolest member:- Mr.Wobbie or RJ
Sarcasticest member:- is it the member with the most sarcasum?...Mr.Zero
Evilest member:- sacrifise666
Friendliest member:- BK or TH
Most annoying member:- trashtalker103
Foulest member:- ...also thinking about
Dumbest member:- *no comment*
Cleverest member:- Exa
Snobbiest member:- Stinky...i think *thinks more*
Craziest member:- *thinking*
Sanest member:- sil or raz
Weirdest member:- *thinking*

on the thinking ones, ill have my answer in the next 15 minutes

Liv I hate you droolio

Not really though winkiss

i feel stupid...i quoted my self instead of pressing edit bottun embarrasment

Jackie Malfoy
No I am happy that you stood up for me but calling me the dumbest member is not reallly nice.Sorry but it is not.That is the only reason I said it.

omg laughing out loud that was funny, sorry embarrasment

I hate you too biatch diva


If you think I was snobby before, you just wait diva

theres already a thread like this sleepy

Yes there is yes
misha started that one I think happy

there was also someone else who had a thread like this too messed


*ho hum*

uh me u seem to hover around KMC

and it was that thread thaat i remember big grin

I stop in every once in a while; this thread reminds me of the one I posted.

glad to entertain you stick out tongue

ive started many that have now been copied diva schmoll cry

Funniest member:- dave123, Tired Thins
Sexiest member:- BadKitty, Blind-Enemy, G.P
Sweetest member:- Flavio
Coolest member:- Samurai Guy cool
Sarcasticest member:- BackFire
Evilest member:- Mr Zero. STAY AWAY FROM VAMPY! big grin
Friendliest member:- Misha hug
Most annoying member:- KOFMASTER!!!! eek! Luke, you know I love you, but it's true smile
Foulest member:- I can't tell cry
Dumbest member:- that neither
Cleverest member:- lil bitchiness
Snobbiest member:- furryman
Craziest member:- Ruby no expression
Sanest member:- G.P
Weirdest member:- Aqua

Canadian Moose
This is blasphemy. Syren, most annoying? Surely you need to be slapped.mad

And, erm...sweetie, what does THANKS FOR REMAINING ME mean?

nobody mentioned me

the kmc awards!!!!!!!!!!
The KMC Awards
The KMC achievement awards
KMC Achievement Awards 2
KMC Awards 3

Silver Stardust
You thing I'm sane, Jeremy? Wow...though I guess I DO manage to keep my insanity under control for the most part on here...laughing out loud stick out tongue

I'll post my list in a bit when I can think of it...

The KMC Achievement awards! I remember that big grin

I dont know about the others, but one of the most annoying members has to be Neo Baggins no expression

Funniest member:- Badboy2004
Sexiest member:- Misha
Sweetest member:- Samurai Girl, Telperaca, Ladygrim
Coolest member:- Trouble
Sarcasticest member:-
Evilest member:- Mr Zero
Friendliest member:- Telperaca, Badboy, misha, samurai girl
Most annoying member:-
Foulest member:-
Dumbest member:-
Cleverest member:-
Snobbiest member:-
Craziest member:-
Sanest member:-
Weirdest member:-

Jackie Malfoy
If you was called most dumbest then you would do what I did.She is the one that needs a slap.Never you mind about remaining me stuff.JM

Canadian Moose
Maybe she was just calling it as she sees it. All I know is that she is pretty astute and doesn't miss much. And besides sweety, you don't want to mess with her, trust me.

*pats her on the head* Run along now.

Don' t you get tired of this constant bickering? Just let it go.

Canadian Moose
I'm not really bickering Storm, I posted something originally in jest, and I'm still only poking fun. I have nothing against her at all.

roll eyes (sarcastic)

against who

Canadian Moose

Et tu Storm?



Canadian Moose
In the way that, maybe you want to fight too? wink

I don' t fight purely for the sake of fighting... a waste of energy. Besides (generally speaking now)... never argue with an idiot, he' ll pull you down to his level and beat you with experience wink

crybaby I caused this mess!!! With my astuteness whistle

Silver Stardust
Tsk tsk, Kerry...stick out tongue

Canadian Moose
*Tries to follow the words, but idiocy holds him back*

I'd stay here n argue wiff you...but I's late fer work down to the rock quarry... wink


*grabs Moose's cheeks and squeezes*

Now, Storm. How can you be mad at that??

Canadian Moose
What does grabbing my ass make me look cute?

Not at all stick out tongue


You are so predictable happy

Royal Knight
interesting twist for this threadstick out tongue

not talking to you ever DOROTA!!!schmoll


*offers a tissue*

err..... i lover you?

ME? eek!

you're not the only one hysterical

cry irene? how can you do this to meee

I meant for being called snobby cry
You know I lover you really iheartyou

cry phew...

love ryou too!! wub

you now what... i'll take the tissue

Arthur i lover you and i want to have your babies!

stop crying you whimp cry

be real Gaca... you and me knows that wont happen

and it's your fault cry

hey i did apologise mad

well... that was justs to make you stop whining stick out tongue