Bit Parts - The Movie

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on a new independent horror film called Bit Parts in and around Dallas, TX. If you're a horror fan or an independent film fan check us out at

We'll be posting lots of news updates and stills during the shoot, which has been going on for almost a week, and wraps up at the end of November. We're really trying to build an online community of horror and independent film fans as well.

Come check it out!

I am an aspiring horror film 17,so idon't kinow if im really aspiring.i mean,i haven't done any work yet,but thats my goal.
im also a horror freak.
im definitely gonna check it out.

whats it about?

as like Slasherpunk i to am an amature movie maker and have a movie to my credit, Catalyst. should hopefully have copys i can send out to anyone who wants to pay for postage soon too....even though the movie is a complete Evil Dead rip off wink


I began to film a movie as welll, but halfway through we just stopped...

This website is impressive man!

We've just posted a new interview with Lar Park-Lincoln (star of Friday the 13th part VII) in which she talks about the movie and her character. The interview can be found in the SuperTrailer at

Also, we're just about done with post production, just a bit more sound work and we're done.

Also, someone asked what it was about, here's a synopsis:

Bit Parts is the story of what happens when two young men named Shark and Coltrane who will do or say anything to break into the Motion Picture business are finally given their shot. After somehow getting a meeting with Mr. Thalberg, an extremely successful and eccentric studio mogul, they are given two tasks: they are to hide his dog (a mischevious Scottish Terrier named "Mackie"wink from the Police, and they are to come up with a severed arm for Thalberg's next movie, a horror film called "Night of the Zombie".

Thalberg attributes the success of all of his films to one thing: Realism.

After failing to impress Thalberg with their prop-making skills, Coltrane eventually decides that they need to do a little "Medical Research" to get the level of detail that Mr. Thalberg requires. Unfortunately he doesn't tell Shark that his idea of research involves a stolen corpse and a chainsaw.

After presenting Thalberg with a severed arm that is indistinguishable from the real thing (including the smell), they are told to deliver it to the location where the film is being shot, an old cemetary.

In the meantime, what Shark and Coltrane don't realize is that the body that "lent them a hand" in their propmaking wasn't dead after all. He wants his arm back, and the cast and crew of "Night of the Zombie" are about to find out just how far he will go to get it...

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