fighters that are hated in General but You like any way

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Street fighter has its Adons and Birds and it seems no one hardly are fans of theses fighters.

I dont care much for Adon but Bird the street punk is pretty cool.

I am a Johnny Cage fan, and it seems I the only one that likes him as a fighter, no one beats me as Cage in Mortal Kombat 2, lol. And yet he is one of thsos fighters that does not have a hugh fan base

MK3 had 2 fighters I loved, but are hated in general,

Strkeyr the cop, and Sheeva the female Shokan, I mean besides the old school guys like Kang, and Subbie, Sheeva and Stryker are tops in my all time fighting list. But most people dont seem to care that much about them, and if they never show up in a new game no big lost. But I would loved to see them return, lol.

Street Fighter also has T Hawk other no big fan base guy, when was the last time you saw T Hawk in a fighting game??? lol

But MK's T Hawk rip off Nightwolf seems to have a bigger fan base than T Hawk.

Add more names for these under rated fighters if you like. you vs the masses lol

Hmm...I hate Kyo in king of fighters.. but every now and again I'll use him to whup my friends

johnny cage in mk2, i was unbeatable... pity they ruined him in deception

ruin him??? He was not even in Depception, Unless you count being in the dark Jail stage behind bars,

Dont drop the soap Johnny, Besides cage beinging behind bars(They rotate each time you go to the stage)

There is Cyrax, Kintaro(Yeppie but too bad you cant be or fight him) Goro(Other yippie but he is in his cage very rare ?I saw him once)

Sonya(She shows up often) Stryker in my last post a very good fighter, but not like in the fighting game com, I like him and it is nice of him to make a showing even though it is behind bars lol.

There are others but I cant think of them, oh yeah Keno, Tsung and others make a showing often too.

But it couts huh??> Cage in Depeption??? behind bars?? he there, you just cant be him.

I was almost tempted in breaking down the bars and freeing Cage(And Kintaro)

But I dont have the power he just grabs me lol.

sorry, my bad, i meant deadly alliance

lots of the time Eddie missed in Tekken 3, but if you know what your doing he can get in aheap of low spinning kicks and keep the oponent flipping up in the air and down into kicks. and Bryan Fury, big punch on that guy, a little slow though

Eddie was hard to control if I recall, was never good with him, Always got my butt stomp with him.

pff.. Jin kazamas punch that arched down pwned eddie gordo

Eddie i felt was cheap fighter.

He was the character i always used in deadly alliance, a robotic ninja, a most excellent combination i must say, and his finish him was cool.

and on that subject, i liked sektor from MK3, am i right in remembering he was the roboninja who shot rockets from his chest?

Reptile. Just cause' he's cool. And green's a good MK ninja colour.

I always thought Reptile had a hugh fan base though.

But I can see how his later showings degraded him a bit. MK4 and so.

Cyrax was pretty cool, When Scorpin was missing in MK3, Cyrax almost made up for it with his net, There was a big fight, which was better?? The net or the spear lol. I take the Spear,

But the net was a cool move in its own right.

yeah rep had a fanbase.. after Mk2, they really made reptile shitty..
for MK Deadly Alliance I prefer Kenshi.. ( I dont know if he's popular )

as for having a favorite underdog fighter.. hmmm.....I dont think I have one o_O.. everyone I pick happens to be popular -,-

Sheeva is not that popular, but yet on the Arcand Mortal Kombat 3, I cant beat Mortoro with any one but Sheeva.

I glad she was there to kick his 4 legged butt,(This is the arcade not the home vison were they water down the skills of the fighters, Mortoro is hard to beat when you put in coins lol)

Mortoro had no Answer for the Kintaro jump. And Sheeva in more ways jumps better than Kintaro, Kintaro seems to be off when he jumps. Base off of all the times Kintaro miss me in MK2.

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