Friday the 13th Confusion

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Okay I'm not the biggest Friday the 13th fan(mainly a Evil Dead Fan)but I recently bought the 8 movie edition of Friday the 13th and confused on one subject.In part five there's the character Tommy Jarvis who in part 4 as a kid killed Jason.But in part 5(a stupid movie)Tommy is now all grown up and in a mental halfway house.In the ending of this movie I don't understand it to well to know if Tommy is the new jason or not.So now watching part 6 we see whats supposed to be Tommy Jarvis again now I don't understand if the ending of part five actually happened since the Tommy in part 6 is differant then the Tommy in part 5.Please any big Friday the13th fans out there please explain to me the part 5 to part 6 story if you can please??Thanks.

i'm not 100% on that but i can garentee, Tommy Jarvis isn't the new jason, hes the only person who's managed to kill jason twice, but i'm sure Evil Dead or C-Dic can clear this problem up pretty quickly

Generally, every new Friday teh 13th movie simply ignores whatever the ending was in the prior one. Tommy Jarvis is not the new Jason, that was just something they did for shock, in case they wanted to keep going with it. Obviously, they did not.

Reborn Again
If that's true BackFire, what do you think will happen for the sequel in Jason X Squared? He supposedly burnt up in the atmosphere over Earth 2, but he's "borq" now -- a term I used from ST:TNG because he looks like one upgraded -- and virtually unstoppable! But there's always a twist, isn't there?! Will the saga start over again, or will Jason rise from the dead to kill in the year 2633?

Boy I sure hope Jason X Squared isn't official.

Like I said, they generally have a film end with a way to continue the storyline of the film into the next sequel. Usually, they don't follow the plot devices they provided for themselves. If they do for Jason X then that would make more sense. I consider Jason X (and it's sequel) a spinoff of the Friday the 13th films.

if they are to make more, i want them to make the movies finish at 13 (all good and proper like) and to make an effort with the next three, make some really good movies, i know they could if they REALLY wanted to

This really is not true about the endings:

Friday the 13th I (The First movie)
Friday the 13th II (The story continued from I)
Friday the 13th III ( The story continued from II)
Friday the 13th IV ( The story IMMEDIATELY continued from III)
Friday the 13th V ( The story continued from IV)
Friday the 13th VI ( The story continued from V)
Friday the 13th VII ( The story continued from VI)
Friday the 13th VIII ( The story continued from VII)

when I say it continues, Jason is where he was left or characters from the previous are in the next and jason is trying to finish them. I havent seen any discrepencies in the story.

Friday the 13th VIII jason gets hit with toxic waste and somehow gets transformed into a child again. and part IX he is full grown jason again .. soo this is the only rough part

Tommy Jarvis was tramatized in part IV. hes a kid, seen all these people get murdered and he had to kill jason. So he recieved psychological damage from it. As you can see in V he keeps having flashbacks and "seeing jason". And when someone shows up with the jason mask and is killing people, I couldnt really explain his emotional/mental state but it was definately going nuts. I havent watched the ending of part 5 in some time. So I dont remimber exactly what he does. Part 6 still having his emotional/mental struggle he wants to make sure Jason is truly dead so he can finally rest. And as you seen in the film, he is accidently resurrected.

Thanks vilverz just one more question in the ending of part 5

After killing the hoax Jason and going to the hospital one of the women of the movies vist him in his room she see's the window broken and Tommy wearing the Jason mask goes behind her and has a knife in his hands. then that's it! what's up with that.It's that ending of part 5 that confuses me in part six.

Evil Dead
Friday 4 - Tommy Jarvis (boy) hacks Jason Voorhies all to hell with a machete.............killing him.

Friday 5 - Tommy Jarvis is in the little mental camp (where most people are probably sent after hacking people to pieces with a machete). Jason Voorhies does not apear in this film. Jason Voorhies died in part 4. There is a guy dressed like Jason Voorhies, a copycat killer. He is one of the ambulance drivers we see at the beginning of the film. Turns out that fat kid that was killed near the beginning.........the guy who got axed,...that was his son. You'll notice that the copycat Jason does not even wear Jason's mask in this movie (one of the few notes paid to continuity in the entire series)..........Jason's mask has a red triangle in the center of the brow. The copycat killer's mask in part 5 has blue triangles under the corners of the eyes.

Friday 6 - Tommy Jarvis and Horshack accidentally resurrect Jason Voorhies at the beginning of the film. They dig up his grave to Tommy can see the body to put his mind at ease, to prove to himself that Jason Voorhies is dead. While doing so a bolt of lightning strikes the metal rod they left sticking into his body.........reanimating him. Jason is now a zombie...the walking dead.

jason x squared? WTF!??! i've never heard any sequel news...


In Part 5 the ending is a hulucination Tommy Experiences.

yeah but he does have the hulucination the first time but I when in the ending of part five he wears the fake jason mask and stands behind the girl with a knife is that also a hulucination.

I think at the end of Part 8, the kid Jason was suppose to represent that the female lead was no longer afraid of Jason...

Yes [email protected] it was.

I think they are both hallucinations, plus just for a twist at the end, the series has a few continuety errors, althought it is still by far my faovurite out of the Big 3.

Thank you guys for your help.Thanks.

Anytime man cool

I think we're over analysing the Friday the 13th franchise here, given that there not supposed to be taken seriously and always with a grain of salt, but heres my opinion anyway: The end of Part 5 actually does happen, Tommy Jarvis, who is pretty messed up in the head thanks to his encounter with Jason at the end of part 4, is pushed over the edge by his confrontation with the copycat at the end of part 5 driving him to murderous ways. I think he does at least attack the girl at the end, hence he is still in the institution in part 6.

As for part 8, I agree with [email protected], Jason appearing as a child is supposed to represent the fact the the heroin no longer fears Jason,and perceives him as no more than a harmless child.

should have old that to all the people in Friday 9 and Jason X, would have made their time with Jason alot easier

Mr Zero
The only confusion is to why people watch this shit.

It's borg. Get it right, or prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile, as I am Locutus of Borg.

Mr Zero
Dear god - could you be any more of a nerd?

speaking of nerds - did you ever play the star trek computer game BORG? It was fabo.

I didn't, I was always too busy with my Magic:The Gathering sleep-overs. geek

The Friday 13th series stopped making any sense a long time ago - if it ever did!

Shaber right I don't understand the jason movies and Jason X was too dumb.

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