-=-For All you French Ahting A-holes -=-

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CraSh OveRloaD

Clic "Busness / Services" select "French School"

BTW I am born french and Proud of it, Just not seperatist.

gaaaaaaaaaaaahhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrabbbleeeee, I'm so bored

Uhm, what?

Captain REX
Right, so we've established that Crash Overload is French...

Congrats, I'm an American! stick out tongue

go america. france is disguisting. chicks dont shave their legs or armpits. red light district. perves. hey at least were not arrogant!

I really think France would be a great place to go, if all the French people werent their. As a person i am not biased against French people, but as an American i could care even less,but hate them a little more than i could care.


why cant you spell H A T E right???

i really hope you are being sarcastic here.

I really, really hope that is the case here.

CraSh OveRloaD
i never said I lived in France, that Place is disgusting, i mean, they don't even pick up there dogs sh!t for crying out lout, and hairy women, ew, but its there fashion, just watch the vid, I foudn it hillarious...

lil bitchiness
Wow. I've never seen so much bullshit in one post before - its almost emotional.

What the hell...?

See my previous post.

French people are not disgusting.
I found Paris very clean and welcoming.

I dont know why Americans think they're the most cleanly and beautiful people in the world! American's are all fat, stupid, ignorant and spend most of their time chowing down at McDonalds or shopping at Wal*Mart.
And lets not forget all of the fabulous Americans featured on Jerry Springer and Maury.

lil bitchiness
OMG Tex, that paragraph was so hot!! droolio

Take notes doll! winkiss

lil bitchiness
I am, the great KMC Diva pray

My respect has grown for you immensly over the past few months! I hand all my divaness back to the mighty Tex! Im not worthy notworthy


i dont see a biusness/services link erm

try "directory"

if it wasnt for american the french would be drinking beer and eating sasauages

lil bitchiness
Ahahahahaha.... hahahahaha! ha! haha!

Because Americans invented beer and sausages.

uh no america freed france from german rule during WWII

lil bitchiness
Ahahahahahahahaa!! hahaha! HA!!!

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