What happened to heartful cartoons?

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Okay with the Incrediables coming out and Shrek leaving it's echo as the third biggest U.S.A box office movie.Question when did they stop singing in these cartoon movies.What happened?Even South park bigger,longer and uncut had singing.These new computer animated movies are only more succesful more then the older films because any age teenager or adult can't be embarrassed to say they love any of these movies.But again there no singing or heart in most newer Computer animated movies.I mean how can you feel bad for toys or a green orge.I admit there funnier but less on heart.I mean anyone who's about 20 or older remember in your classrooms in third or fouth grade and your watching Aladdin or Lion King remember all the girls nowing every word to "A whole new world" or "Circle of Life" and the boys teasing the girls but inside loving the songs as well.The older Disney movies had laughter and there charcter sing these songs.Don't get me wrong I love Shrek and Toy story but I mean it was a musical in cartoon movies.They had laughter then when someone mad or happy or having a problem you sing and pour your heart out.I mean cartoon movies are more mainstream then before.I mean those movies were like cult movies only a sort of people have love and most didn't car for cartoon movies.Once you got to be 15 you hated these movies as a teenager yes you maybe saying I have a place in my heart for Beauty and the beast but try saying that too 3 of your 19 old male buddies.Again only kids watch those movies back then and the mother who laughed with you and the father being dragged with you.But now with some cursed words being slipped in and some mature situations also being slipped in only because the studios wants to bring the whole family and teenagers in.Like the one scene in Shrek where the get busted by the cops and puss in boots has cat litter or pretending it's like crack 10 years ago would have pissed off every soccer mom in America I think were seeing a lost on purity in some movies.I mean when I go in the disney store with my niece who wasn't alive 7 years ago when they first introduce movies like Mulan,Pocohontas,Beauty and the beast,wanted to wear Bell costume for Halloween.But for the movies of now adays(I.E.Finding Nemo,Toy story,and Shrek)only one character from the Incredibles had there costume's and there was a lot left and maybe one from shrek.I mean every girl under 10 wants to be a character from a movie that came out over 5 to ten years agoBefore they were born.They don't want to be a toy or a fish they want to be a princess.And with the movies of ANimated world they don't have heart.What do you guys think????

wacko That's alot of words....

I don't know. I'm in my twenties and I think the animation of now is very heartfelt even they don't sing songs. Until, about "Beauty and the Beast", I thought the singing was just plain sappy. At about "Aladdin", I started liking the songs because they were a little more catchy.
....and had a beat I could dance to..... blink

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Red Superfly
To be honest, I'd consider Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Shrek to be the most heart-warming animated movies I have seen in a very long time.

You don't need tacky musical interludes to have heart.

And, Toy Story, Shrek and Monsters Inc had musical interludes, that kept the story moving along and providing more emotion than ANY of the cheesy musical numbers seen in the more tradional Disney movies.

That song where Jessie the cowgirl remembers her previous owner in Toy Story 2 was quite powerful.

I agree with superfly. I have no clue what you are talking about Disney pumps out two to three feature films to the theaters a year. They are usually always reminiscant of what it was like to be a kid. They are defaintly gushy and heartfelt. Disney also keeps making movies for straight to video releases aswell. I dont think their has been one as good as the lion king in a while, but that wasnt even ten years ago. Finding nemo, that one with the alien and the girl, toy story and shrek, are all worthy to be passed on through time for their sentimental value.

Red Superfly
I'd just recommend Monsters Inc.

It was the first film where the whole thing revolved around a child character that DIDN'T make me puke. The charm in the character is what matters.

It was a brilliant achievemnet because Pixar made a "could-be-annoying-brat" child into "adorable" child.

Pixar can do no wrong in my book. The characterisation is second to none. They make memorable characters even with the bit parts, and make their movies heart-warming without resorting to the formulaic musical number.

Stealth Agent
I loved the lion king songs and i loved aladins songs. I also love Toy Story and monster's inc. Toy Story there were i lot of sad moments in the move when woody thought every body adadoned him in the end it came out to be heart warming.
Monsters inc you could feel the relationship between Sully and Boo grow I think they were heartwarming. I like the classics and the pixars there all good to me.

what was the one with the little girl and the alien? that one was great.

lilo and stitch.and yeah it was cool.

Personally, I'm glad that more animated movies are losing the crappy music. The music always annoyed me, and I saw no purpose for it, with the exception of Fantasia, and Fantasia 2000.

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