Strange things I used to say.

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"And he said, 'That's not a puppy, that's my foot!'"
(tiny squeaky nasal voice.)"There's no such thing as a man with no face on the mountain."
(Spoof of a BSB song.) "Ain't nothing but a milkshake, ain't nothing but a stomachache..."
(that tiny squeaky nasal voice again.) "We're watching... The Travel Channel! Aaaah, yes, the Travel Channel!"
"Cough, hack, explode, not quite, but close."
(from a comic I drew of Frodo.) "Gandalf, I'm.... dying. My last wish is... Will you take the Ring to Mordor?!?!"
(from a comic I drew of Pippin falling and Merry being amazed when he grew wings.) "But... you don't... have wings, Pippin."
(tiny squeaky nasal voice) "I'm in Tasha's room. What's it smell like? Stinks. IT'S KYRA'S FAULT!"
"Oh, Brit, you're still alive?"
"Do you mind if I drool on your television?"
(from a made-up newspaper) "In other news... the cat meowed, and then blew up."
(from my Kitty Quiz on Quizilla.) EATSLEEPPOOPSLEEPEATPOOPSLEEP! =^^=

And much, much more...

no expression insanity?


retarted stuff i used to say:

"I am a girraffe. Grr."

I still say this stuff... eek! confused blink


"Ahhh!!!! It's a bomb! (High, Squeaky Voice) Run away!!!!"

"They all STOP To look at you... (High Squeaky voice) Look at you!!!"

"I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!"

"Cornflakes will eat us ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!"

"Snowed-On-Cornflakes are taking over the world! (High Squeaky voice) Run away!"


"I dance in plants!"

"I feel stupid and contagious!" (From a Nirvana song, 'Smells like Teen Spirit')

And....That's All i can think of right now confused

Because I can
I still say it when theres silence...

I'm Isabell

I have a bellybutton

eva wondered why dogs bark?

If ur from Portragul, you speak portragoolian

Phoenix Aska
I used to always act like I was british...

I'd always say oye,arse, and bloody...

Done the same. Usually if I've watched a movie or talked to someone I accidentally take on their dialect or accent...but it doesn't really sound right ... it sounds stupid. I can now control myself.

I still say crazy/retarted stuff.
Just look at my sig...

Me lerves me celery and cheese <3

hmm celery ...with cheese...never heard of that...heard of broccoli and cheese. yuuuuum

I sometimes like to say...

On it like Blue Bonnet.

I'm smelling what your stepping in.

I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball.


I sometimes use the word wiggins.
Like "You gave me the wiggins."

Phoenix Aska
I like to say let's not let this/him ruffle our fur....

From a quote that Gokou would be so kool to be furry...


I used to say No Sh!t Sherlock a lot but then I quit because it was starting to get on even my nerves.

I used to sound so smart but I grew up and I started to sound like a retard.

LOL I'm not exactly grown so I can't really comment on that one.

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