If anybody cares

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Darth Revan
KMC is on some website that lists big message boards. We're number 80:


There's no description of the site, though...

Hmm that's interesting

mopst forums suck, so glad i found KMC

haha, KMC forums #81 got moved down by KMC forums confused

we're 80 AND 81... That's it,... Raz is schizo big grin

Darth Revan
Whoa... We are on there twice blink

Must... Reach.... NUMBER ONE!!!!

Aren't we special?! big grin

Sun Ce
i went to the number 1 forum and i looked at how many members were online and this is what i found eek!


sorry for the big picture, but i couldn't upload it to attach, but u all had to see this

thats a lot of people eek!

but our forums still are cooler big grin

the problem with boards like those, SC, are that no one really knows of each other, there's too many people...here, at least I've seen a lot of the people before

Noob A
Morrowind Summit Forums are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sun Ce
yeah but for me i only know ppl who ever come into the OTF, and well i always see them in here so its always the same ppl, might be the same for them, who knows big grin.

I can't imagine that forum getting dull tho, so many new ppl to talk to everyday laughing out loud

Alpha Centauri
There was a forum I was a member of, everyone started recognising each other's names, mannerisms etc. Then it moved into "Can I have your MSN name?", then it turned into meeting up. MSN was the death of that forum coz there was no need to post to a person who was already online.

Hence why I only request certain MSN addresses.

I tried returning there during my absense from here and there were triple the amount of members but I didn't know anyone and it was shit.


Number 68 now!!!

Darth Revan
Happy Dance


but it is only once there cry

Number 12 in the movies section of the forums.

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