Review: Cellular

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Mr Parker
What a great movie.I just saw this movie last night and I got to say this has got to be my favorite Kim Basinger movie she has ever been in.The film was exciting from start to finish with a lot of action scenes in it and you could never predict what was going to happen next.thats what I loved so much about this movie was it was totally unpredictable since what always happened next,I never thought it would happen.Without mentioning the films,I can think of some films that were blockbusters that I found non enjoyable because of the predictability factor and how easy it was to predict what would happen and that you just knew what was going to happen next.Not so with this movie.It had a lot of great humor in it as well.Strong cast with Kim Basinger doing a great job in her role with William Macy great in a supporting role.By the way,in case you are wondering who his sidekick is in the movie,the detective named Jack-I myself was wondering who he was because I knew he looked familiar and was in a movie that I had seen not too long ago but I just could not place his face with the movie.He is Noah Emmerich,I did a google search and he was in Miracle with Kurt Russel.I strongly urge you all to see this film if you havent.

The only real negative about this film I did not like was they did the typical hollywood car chase scene where the car doing the chasing jumps over the divider and is in the lane where the cars are coming at him and not in the right lane.Hollywood makes too many of those movies and its gotten old.

A quick, slick and silly thriller, Cellular is a lot of fun. It starts like any ordinary day for Ryan (Chris Evans) - kicking back with his mates and chasing his ex. Then a desperate woman (Kim Basinger) calls his mobile phone and he's thrown into a breakneck chase to stop kidnappers offing her family. It's the classic Hitchcock 'wrong man' set-up, pulled off with wit, energy, and a healthy sense of the ridiculous.

big grin

Jackie Malfoy
I have to wait till that movie is out on video or better yet dvd so I can rent I do want to see it it looks good!JM

Waiting for dvd release here to rent, looks decent.

I havn't seen it yet but I gonna see it this monday

Jackie Malfoy
So when is this movie coming out?JM

Mr Parker
Actually Jackie this movie came out a LONNNNNNGGGG time ago and is not in the theaters anymore. laughing

io thought it was amazingly funny stick out tongue and sspenceful! the nipple girl was tight

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