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write ur own or tell the ones you love but try to not make them to to to long.

ill start....

I feel you in the wind
I touch you on the breeze
Yet, my love is but a sin
Heaven forgive me........
and the Devil take me.
by tasha mary

I'm going to learn how to wirte poetry. my teacher says chicks dig poetry

I have a few poems i've written. . . . the one of the bests ones is this one

In my imagination I see
Things that aren't really meant to be
With magic and wonder and surprises abound
Unicorns and Dragons can surly be found
With flowers so lovely they can't exists
For elegant birds their chirping presets
To the shore I am lead by the beautiful birds
From the golden sands the waves could be heard
Then back to my seat I open my eyes
To be listing to the teacher whose lessons I dispise

Are they supposed to be happy or depressed? All of mine are depressed...

Darth Revan
This is part of a "freestyle" battle I was in here on KMC

I'm an ill MC, yo. dj no expression

You claim to be the son of Satan,
But he's all in your imagination, just like God,
Imaginary beings which scare you into believing the lies of your nation
Any fool with two eyes and an ear can see this
Your intellect is pathetic, I'd own you while takin' a piss
Hunt you down and lyrically murder you, like the Bolivians
Did to Che Guevara, I blow you into oblivion
The only b*tch here is you, so quit pretending
Like Dick Cheney and the lies he keeps defending
You can't touch the Darth, why even bother
Anyone can see that "SMOKE187, I am your father."

Silver Stardust
Cool, Nivek happy

My poetry sucks, it's all crappy and depressing erm

Well... so is mine, Silver. And it's mostly about suicide.

Darth Revan
That's why I quit writing normal poetry and started doing hip-hop rhymes. It's way more fun, plus you can write about anything and make it sound good. Least for me it's more fun.

I wrote lyrics to a song... it was a spoof of country music, but one of my friends lost it on a trip to Georgia. no expression

It rocked.

Silver Stardust
My poetry's not really about suicide (well, not most of the time anyway)...but it still tends to be depressing. And sucky. I wrote a song once that wasn't half-bad but the notebook it was written in disappeared sad And I'm just plain horrible at rhyming.

Darth Revan
I like rhyming,
Though my poetry has terrible timing
In the hip-hop world, they call that "flow"
When I don't rhyme for a while, it really shows

Silver Stardust
laughing out loud

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Okay, sorry...couldn't help myself there...embarrasment

Darth Revan
laughing out loud

roses are red
violets are blue
monkeys smell like bananas
and cows smell like poo

And I remember effing up all the Creed songs, even though I loved Creed... "The sun it shines, and the ground does not, I think I sqeezed the dog too tight."

Silver Stardust
Walked through the door
Fell to the floor
Opened up my eyes
And then I realized
That I couldn't see
What was in front of me
And now here I lie
Wondering, why?

embarrasment okay, I just totally made that up off the top of my head right now...

Watch as I try to make one up...

you felt like frozen ice
on the fingertips of night
I lie awake wondering
if you went toward the light
I knew you wouldn't stay
nobody ever would
so I killed them all as well
just because I could.

Eh, my poetry is horrible and depressing so I'll just post something I made in two minutes XD

Let the water fall from your fingertips.
Let the sun shine on your face.
Taste the sweet ocean air sitting on your lips.
Then fall on the cushioned ground
and feel the sand tie around your hips like a gentle lace.
In your Eden you shall forever be.
Happy but still a you shall have a frown.
For there is none but you to see
this happy place by the sea.

I actually am proud of my 15 second poem. I'm keeping it. stick out tongue

Silver Stardust
laughing out loud same here, I kinda like the little one I made up in under 30 seconds stick out tongue

Here is one that is completely random...errrm and disturbing.

Celery is my secret lover
of that it is.
I will never let go of my celery
unless I take a wizz.
Even if I will wash my hands
and enjoy my celery
with some ham XD

Darth Revan
VH1 is a boring ass channel
Just crappy TV shows, and false gods dressed in flannel
I had a long day, I'm about to overload my head
'night KMCers, I'm off to bed

^My uber short 30 second rhyme cool

Silver Stardust
laughing out loud night Nivek!

I once wrote a haiku about sleep...I wish I could remember how it went...

Celery? blink

I can't think of anything
I'm bored out of my mind
my ideas are getting old and
my head is blank

I'm bored out of my mind
what can I say
my head is blank
the erasers almost gone

What can I say
nothing really
the erasers almost gone
and my lead is breaking off

I can't think of anything
what can I say
my ideas are getting old and
the erasers almost gone

I wrote this in 8th grade. I coudn't think of anything to write so my teacher told me to just write what I was thinking. . so I did. But when I turned it in for her to check it, she gave it back with a sticky on the top that said pick a topic -_-

why do i cry the tears of goodbye
when i never had the chance
why do i lie as i slowly die
when it was never mine to have.-tasha mary

Darth Revan
You ain't dope just 'cuz you sniff it
That makes a wack rapper and a drug addict
Get it?
-Ras Kass

Here is an ending to one of my poems

If I could only find the heart I seek, but it is lost in the dark.
For many years I have looked.
Nothing has been found.
Hopefully, I will find the heart I seek.
For I will treasure its every beat.


A rain in December

I watch in awe as December rain curesses your face
like cream flowing over a delicate lace
Your eyes sparkle, a dark night with stars
like a magical galaxy seen from afar
A fragrance of apple-blossoms caress the air
I wake up wishing that I was still there
But I write this poem hoping to remember
once upon a time a rain in December.

This goes out to the hopeless romantics out there
and all the special lovers everywhere

I'm tired of the hate.
Not matter what I do, it can't stop.
Going through my mind.
How people say they love you, but yet they don't mean it.
They say looks don't matter, but really what they mean is As long as you are skinny.

I often wish I could float away into space.
Anyway from all the people.
So I would'nt have to pretend noones there.
I'd be all alone.
With out a care.
Nor worry about if I'm going to say anything today.
I'd be surrounded by what I love, and not what I hate.

I'm tired of all this hate.

Never more quoth the raven

Good one smile

stick out tongue

The center

You are the center of my being
a pure soul in my eyes
I wish i could find the meaning
and comfort you the times you cry

What are these demons that haunt you
I promise they will all be gone
And i will fall from grace too
just to make you my only one

Aww thats really cute.

I love to love. Most of the poems that sound the most beautyful are those where i talk about dreams "A december rain". I'm just a hopeless romantic who may never find the person just for me. For me, my poems are wishes, but if they make someone happy, then i've done my job.

Hopeless romantic

I am a hopeless romantic, a broken soul
searching for the someone to make me whole
a sweet presence to brace my tears
the one person who can calm my fears
To find that person would give me such bliss
and i would live forever in happyness

I long for long beaches with someone beside me
the waves crash the shore from the far off sea
The sand a beautyfull sparkling white
shall add an aura to the night
A wonderful dream I must admit
I am a hopeless romantic.

raven with a smile
or so that it was told
how raven lost that smile
how her smile lost her soul

raven mcaine so young and and tall
could only cry and weep
for the earth was bare and the trees would fall
and only death her hands would meet.

Upon the hill there were four stones
on a hill so green and great
yet one of those stones would be her own
and end the death of raven mccaine

no love for life
or palce to call home
only hatred and strife
For this raven was known

then one morn
came a rose
and thorn
so beautifl to touch and see
And on this morn the sun became warm
and ravens smile to light the scene

this happy smile did not stay
for the thorn was in too deep
yet a bloody blade would be the way
to set poor raven free

upon the hill there were four stones
upon a hill so great and green
and upon one stone a rose had grown
so Raven was never free.

I like chicken, I like liver

Meow mix Meow mix please deliver.

Silver Stardust
I love the Meow Mix song. I drive everyone crazy by always singing that laughing out loud

Yeah, better then most of the pretentious boohoo poetry that little gothics and hippies write.

Silver Stardust
Straightforward and blunt as usual, BF...which is why you're awesome.

I'm crap at writing poetry, I've pretty much given up trying because I know it's gonna suck.

Pain is my lifes agony

Life is my bane of all happiness

Burn my joy in a faucet of sorrow

Hatred is my joy

Love is my sanities requiem, never seen

Hate hate hate, all I know


The above is generic gothic type boohoo poetry that should be burned, thank you.

Silver Stardust

My specialty, when it comes to writing, is random little short stories that are written in a very serious voice but are completely off the wall and hilarious. Like the one about squirrels that took over the world, as told by a rebel trying to fight back. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote THAT one...it was midnight, though...

tell ur stories if u want to too. write some more.

post it, SS!

Finished the poem.

The Day You Died

I was angry with you
for acting like you cared
and the way you walked out
for which I was not prepared
if anyone ever asks
you ran away from home
and I truly do not know
where your spirit roams

you did not ever doubt
that I could bring you down
that I could take your life
and throw away your crown
literally I did
and literally you went
and some people noticed
the way your body was bent

sorry I broke your legs
and then shot you in the chest
and then hung you from a tree
where the others now rest
sorry you put up a fight
and made it harder to do
while you kicked and screamed and fought
when the scars were made new

you felt like frozen ice
on the fingertips of night
I lie awake wondering
if you went toward the light
I knew you wouldn't stay
nobody ever would
so I killed them all as well
just because I could.

ooh i like did u read mine on page one?

Silver Stardust
It's in the General Fiction Forum, it's titled "Squirrely World Domination" laughing out loud

lil bitchiness
I walked up the door
I opened the stairs
I said my pajamas
I put on my prayers
I turn off the bed
And climbed in the light
All because he kissed me goodnight.

Sun Ce
i can hear the words u speak, i am the words u speak, i am light wished, i am merly loving this passion seek, i am the sun before u see here eyes, i wont stop when u close your eyes, i am the soul that never dies, when freshents meet, i'm in sight of u inspite of u with strength and signergrace, but for all u do or carry u form this little place big grin

I love this one.


what is this one talking about?

I made one, just will post it smile

dont tell me i switched between old and modern englisch stick out tongue

where will i have to go
to be near to thee
what will i have to show
that thou endeareth me

what do you want to see
that you believeth me
what do you want me to be
to show you i love thee

how long shall i have to wait
until you know what or whom?
what will then be my fate
will you conclude my gloom?

me too wink

so who are u. havent seen you before

I am eezy45, usually on the LOTR forum and 9 months longer on these forums than you,.

also do i have more than 10x as many posts stick out tongue

I wanna post my poems...but they're all super depressing and about sucicde nad dying and such...

but they're all on my computer at home sad which isnt here so i cant post no



Life, taken away
reincarnation says you'll get it again another day
Life, taken away
christianity says you'll become an angel or go to hell for eternity
Life, taken away
what do I say?
Life taken away is life taken away, but all that matters is that I have lived for another day.

Is like cotton dolls, bird feathers and marbles
Diamonds and sea shells, sown the size of cartwheels
Throwin' large portraits of Maharaja you walk
Suzy got shot in the sternum, watch the spear
Stab you wit a 12 inch knife, behind the ear
Then leave the scene in slow motion, one red
Sasquatch, Yeti, battalion wit one head
Stash of cloth, bits of paper, pieces of string
Mighty long carrots in the spring
Recite on the new brick stones, steel and concrete
The weakest of gun fights like the last days of Long Beach
A jewel don't match, a helmet full of gold dust
You got, people blast me wit rose
Flied out bones, they scatter and grow wit molds
The honest man, is the cookie man and his clothes
Lay bitches splat in a circle around the war hawk
Stir fried vegetables, marshmallow's cloakin' it
Crops meant to hurt you, eight sugars, snap peas
While I crept up on the ribs to buy a deed

i like these. keep on writing and posting them.

You're stuck on a ship in a bottle, quite unique
You live inside my painting and move once a week
I switched the art around, my friends are gettin' suspicious
I switched the art around, my friends are gettin' suspicious

The ballot of Mr. Edward Hyde, crook as Scrooge
Hooligans and scallywags, crickets and ice cubes
Shiny red tricycle, a rhinoceros skull
Old captain flag, standin' in the hole
M.C.'s is dull, phantom in the steam
Brought the engine clean, world ain't what it seems
Slinky falls down the stairs, can't forget that
Chase you wit a pink axe, bullets, you get gift wrapped
Mud crew over the house, hot moistures
Found a black wallet in a bucket of blue oysters
I'm in the air like the ozone, bubble gum snow cones
Raccoon in the yard, layin' wit drug bones
That's how I roll palms, Godsy wit the drug lord
Off wit the soldier's daughter, swallow the love nun

This being of age old grace, architect Holocaust
Moss back, Antideluvian data plate
Embedded and preserved, expired, current departed
Lyrics crash across ya head, now unzippen ya face
Former antique, kissing crocodiles, flight bound
Tear open ya flesh like presents and thinner nightgowns
Tut slow down, you'll never catch Mr. Applebee
In some flaming town, you'll bury yaself, the greediest
Death before riches, kingdom of good barbarians
Circumstances of development leading up to the previous
Where the day takes you, placed within the sun
Crush all the village cowards, devour 'til sin is done
One bag of bones, children gather, Easter egg hunt
Afterwards, fruit, bon-bons and safari punch
Branded hollow planet, period of adjustment
Back to the hanging gardens and lavish the fake lunch
Plantation memories, stone monolith choicebound
Hoist down the use of human beings of voice sound
In the prairie fields, the poppies blow
All the crosses, row and row
They are the dead, short days ago
They lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow
The torch be yours, to hold it high
If ye break faith with us, who dies?
Loved and were loved, and now they lie
cuz they didn't live life, from the ground to the sky

let the dead bury their dead, the wasteful son
You caught 'em wit a bucket of blood, down in Damascus
Eighty eight back flips, stack chips and write
Though eye is the organ of sight, I cracked it twice
Tripped to oblivious, slaughter you in the rut
While you worship what you know not what, your crew's snuff
I battle til my brain shuts off, the street's left you
A strange man kept you, he crept through a can of beans
Bone dust suffer, rap protein forever
And eat to reality, gun you down in a tragedy
Somethin' from the nightmare realm, abnormality

God I pray you can give me a purpose or help me find it
Cause on this narrow path of self-damnation, I can't find it
Is it somethin I need to know, some way I need to grow
to get out of this rut, God give me some self-trust
Love is somethin I'm lookin for but I've found it, or have I?
I wanna live but can I, or do I have to die to?
I try to, have life but my life seems kinda worthless
as I'm starin at this puddle

This one's ok, not as great as some of my other stuff.

I've been gone for quite awhile now.
I've been caught in denile now.
I don't know where I'm going.
Can You Help me? I'm not knowing.
My Guilt, Is it showing?
So, If you love somebody why not set them on fire?
So,I saw your dad,
And I was mad.
So I slit his tires.

deliever me from this evil Oh lord do i pray
for i cannot take another minute, another hour , another day.

All alone with myself but i am never lonely.
Schizophrenic tendencies are growing up inside.
Can no one save me from the one i am soon to be?
In a closet the doors are closed but from him i cant hide.

The darkness flows inside of me from this unpuer soul
darkness feels my every pour my blood begins to boil
The darknes three times i've mentioned here
brings my heart to fill with fear

i'm turning into someone else a monster without a consience

i speak of evil and light, optical flint
silent but violent, the blood shed of the tyrant

no expression

deliver me from this evil Oh Lord do I pray,
for I can not take another minute'
another hour, another day.
for in this soul lies a temptest
dying to let live
between the realms, I beg thee guidiance
to save this soul from sin

To save this soul from wanting
much more than i dare say
To save this soul from its taunting.
and keep this loathsome desire far away

Deliever me from this evil, Oh Lord i do pray
For i could not take another minute,
another hour, another day.
For in this soul lied a temptest,
now dead to let live
Between the realms, of light and darkness,
i beg thee to forgive
BY: Tasha Mary

sorry about the above. i clicked submit reply before i was done with it.

Phoenix Aska
wow....that was beautiful...how long did that take you to make???


chemical imbalance, skeletons stay suffice
midnight skulk, skulls frozen in ice
money the root of evil spent on the power of the dice
Zeus, Krishna, Saturn, Yahweh, God whoever you call
is a spiritual bond but not the cause of humanities fall
God and politics dont combine, like playing hockey with a croquet ball
we increase yet decrease, debate in the assembly hall
forums, vatican, collosium, we all just brawl
intellectually or with force like pins against the bowling ball
moot about matter, and wish not to get the boot
a million paths, but which one is the true route?
your encephalon breaking, sirens like a pursuit
no need to salute, no need for a gun to shoot
minutes turn to hours, hours to days, days to years
get the shit straight and dont forget to wash your ears

feedback please messed

feedback no expression


I'm futher. Futher from myself, when I'm next to you.
When I run to you. I'm futher. Futher from myself, when i'm next to you.
When I run to you.

I admit when i submit to you. I see all the selfish thing i do.

I'm futher from myself when i'm next to you. When i run to you.

Futher from my future. Futher from my past.
Futher from my doubts. Further from my fears.
Futher from temptation I face through out my years.
Futher from agitation. Futher from disstraction.
The reaction of the dissatisfaction of others actions
Futher from myself. Futher from flesh.
Futher from my birth, and I'm futher from my death.

feedback messed

hmm.. its different, not sure what it means though.

thanks...i guess.

thank you.
It took 15 minutes and 45 to remember and retype it because i lost it.

I'm just a stranger here, despite your everything I'm not attached to your world of disease. Like fater always said they will hate you, because they always hated me. Even though I feel alone, you know that I could never be. Nobody knows, nobody cares. Nobody sees outside our safe haven. Its a choice between this veil of ecstasy, and all the lonely suffering of seeing this so clearly. If I've said it once, I will say for all eternity. I'll find all the comfort that I need inside this bleeding, and even though I feel alone, you know that i could never be.

I like it. smile

Does anyone else have an opinion on the poem? Let me know what you think. or any of the ones i write or have written.

Darth Revan187
It's stupid, I have one.

It's Darth bitches I'm back
Are you ready for this lyrical attack
Always ready for this underground beef
I'll strip you of your manhood like a thief
Like a ninja who got stuck in the night
Never start 'em but always ready for a fight

and here i was thinking Oh boy Jordan i havent talked to him in a while
then you opened you mouth and i realized why i dont normally talk to you

Darth Revan187
You should be honored I let you talk to me.


See I exist
iron fist
metal speech
came out the womb of a phoenix expect nothin less
then a mature flame velocity's my plane my thought is my train
the galaxy's the body sun is the heart and the black hole's the brain
heard my verse, ain't nothin the same
I leave your mouth open when you're standin
esophagus is the cannon
cipher unknown the upper hand on overstandin watch the landin
believe it or not I'm walkin on air

Birds of the same feather flock together
Congested on a majestic street corner
That's a short time goal for most of 'em
Cuz most of 'em
Would rather expand their wings and hover over greater things
That's what we call inspired flight
By the pigeons that gotta eat pizza crust every night
And "Let there be light" was understood
When a mic-stand descended from up-and-above into the hood
And if my face is worth a thousand words when it's scarred
I would only hope that two of those are coco and butta
To heal the wounds of the tissue scarred to mark the death of my womb
But I've graduated, got my wings
And you've got to let go of my constructed Lego egg-o-waffle halo
Eh yo, I'm a black man with an African
Drum in my chest that beats on the opposite of the right
Let me know I got a breath left
In this frigid fragile capsule
That allows you to fly south before the winter winds trap you
I wrap my "hell I made it" wetsuit stitch
So I can swim in elevators crazy wet through piss
I'm just a pigeon with one mile left
That doggy-paddles through this bullshit ocean of death
And these rags-to-riches words will break bones
Like the assassination of two birds with one stone
That's why I don't associate with bird brains with their beaks in the air
Pelicans with wide jaws yap names for fish heads
You'll get tossed in the flames
Where some ornithologist will find your skeletal frame


Pushed away by all of my fear
Growing inside for all of these years
Memorys of what my life used to be
Flash like lightning in front of me
Confusion growing more and more
I feel sanity has been
Thrown out the door.

Listen to me
Hear my plee
Under the water
Hear me breathe
Screaming for safety
Don't you hear
The plee for life
For all of these years

all done by me

very nicethumb up

i like poems. they are pretty like sponge cakes

Because I can
Poetry is another world for some people... you can get easily lost in it and lose yourself.... I dont write much nowdays but i used to (Being two months ago..) I dont write depressing ones, tho, i draw depressing pictures big grin

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