Who Likes School?

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ok i just want to know how many of you like school, so just answer the question.

The Ones
never because its boring. its long and our head masters a ****ing shitheaded bastard

Silver Stardust
Sometimes I do, when we're doing interesting stuff...(aka days when I have philosophy class). Other times it's boring.

sometimes...remove majority of the classes, teachers, and students, and i'd love it! big grin

Is that rhetorical question? confused


Jackie Malfoy
If it was not for my friends at school and our club I would go crazy!In other words I hate school!JM

If you like school, give me your address so I can come over and slap you with a trout.

lil bitchiness
yey! I love University.

If someone would pay me as a real job, id study for the reast of my life!

I love school, but hate my school no expression

I like learning. . and I like that my friends are there. But I would like school so much better if we didn't have to do all the work.

I hate learning, not to mention I DONT learn, I never really pay attention to say the least. I sometimes do though. On my record, I just recieved it Friday, with my school scores and such on it in BIG BOLD letters it says "DOES NOT HAVE ANY PLANS TO FINISH HIGH SCHOOL." Now thats hilarious.

I love school droolio

I am currently in the US, come stalk me happy

i heard that like 30% of canadian kids now a days are drop outs. its horrible.

That's...not good. I like it sometime btw, but not often. And shadowking, scary sig. I think i saw that on a tv show.

I hate school I've literaly given up. I maybe go to 3 classes the whole day and skip the rest.

school is alright sometimes, i always manage to drowse off in math class everyday..i dont know why, but its pretty much boring some days, or its kind of fun on other days

mc pee pants
i love school. nothing impresses me more than a proper conversation from a girl. those types who don't say "like" 32 time is a single sentence.

Silver Stardust
Oh yeah, I agree...I HATED high school, college is waaay better.

Though I still fall asleep in math class...

That's because math is satans language.

Silver Stardust
Especially a two and a half hour long f*cking math class...and it's statistics, so bloody boring...only plus side is that we do all the work for the class on computers so I can do other stuff when I get bored in class.

I seriously hate math, I suck at it, yeah, but I feel I would hate it regaurdless. I have no use for anything above simple addition, subtraction or multiplication. And even that I rarely use.

People always say "well, you'll need that if there's some kind of computer malfunction and cash registers break and won't be able to calculate your total amount.". To them I say - If something like that happens, I just won't buy anything, or I'll steal it.

Silver Stardust
I'm good at math, I just don't like it...but, after finishing up this statistics class, I won't have to take another math class, EVER. The one good thing that came out of AP Calc last year...I'll have all my math requirements done after one semester of college.

I have none of my math requirements done for college, I've been putting them off.

Silver Stardust
I figured I may as well get them out of the way right away so I don't forget everything, which is why I'm the only of my friends taking a math class first semester freshman year...once this year is over I can start concentrating on my art courses.

I should have done that

But my hatred for math got the best of me.

Silver Stardust
If I had let mine get to me, I would have not taken a math class last year and then be stuck taking calculus as an actual college course instead of AP. As much as AP sucked, I'd still prefer that.

I'll probably just take basic math, with all the retarded kids. Easy A.

What the shit, I'm talking about school....actually, Math, I've broken one of the fundemental rules of my own well being, I must stop now.

I took a pre calculus in high school (at a jr. college) that took care of math for me so I havent had to take any math classes in "real" college. Other than my hatred for math, school is pimp shit... I dig it. I like learning stuff and the people are chill. It beats the hell out of getting a job.

Silver Stardust
Heh...being as it's 2 am and I have to be up for class in 5 hours...sounds like a good idea. I don't want to think about school right now.

The Tired Hiker
Math was the bane of my existence in college. I finally went to tutoring and ended up getting a B+ in intermediate algebra, a minimum of a C+ was required to finish my general ed. Then I had to take either Statistics or Contemporary Math. I chose statistics and then dropped it three days after school started, and I got stuck with that crazy Texas Instruments Calculator they make you buy, so I then took Contemporary Math which was fun. We studied the chaos theory, fractals, phi or phe. . . whatever, that kind of stuff. It was almost a joke, but it was fun. My teacher was a freak though. He told this story where he went hitch hiking when he was younger and saw a cheese burger wrapper blowing in the wind, and he kept going on about how that changed his life. Anyway.

Silver Stardust
You know what the best thing about those expensive graphing calculators is? You can play games on them. I have Tetris and Mario on mine...kept me awake during many a math class...

Blah, I've got class in the morning...I think I'm going to get some sleep now so I can at least be halfway coherent, because I have philosophy tomorrow and I love that class.

The Tired Hiker
They have games on them now??? Those bastards. They didn't when I was in junior college, but that was like 13 years ago. embarrasment

My teacher's even more of a freak, when he was at a resturant with his wife their food didn't come so they disscussed the properties of fire and write it down on napkins no expression That's the most nerdy, retarded thing to do.

I have my twin brother in my math class, he's like a total genius so he just lets me copy off him. I'm not bad at Math, but I still hate it.

My older brother says that he doesn't need to know all that bulshit maths stuff, he just needs adition and stuff.

No because its boring and the work is hard and its very tiring

Tiring? BB, my friend, you don't know what it's like to be totally tired...

i love it

voted sometimes.

btw isn't 'no' and 'never' the same? huh

thats what i thought

I liked it apart from the @SS holes that try to make your life a misery

I actually look forward to going to school unless i have like a big test or something...most of my lessons aren't too bad and i have a good laugh with my friends big grin it's quite fun, really.

Silver Stardust
laughing out loud yeah, if you have one like TI-83 (graphic calculator) you can put games on them...those calculators cost something like $100 though messed One of my friends had blackjack on his and my friend Meg and I stole it and spent an entire class playing it embarrasment

lil bitchiness
big grinthumb up

laughing out loud school's great.... really funny happy

like.....no no expression

only P.E, and seeing friends


As much as I hate wisconsin I don't hate school that much

I have loving friend and the others can be D!CKS

but I said sometimes, I love my freinds and I hate my teachers!

lol yeah...

the best part of school for me(apart from haning with my friends) is to see what the reactions of the staff to situations. the other day, the vice principal came over the bulliton crying, because he his "heart was weakened by the ignorance of todays youth". i guess this was a response to the fight the day before, which had involved a lot of people who were trying to be heroes. i guess it turned out to kind of be a "mobish" fight, but i didnt see it... o well it was still fun to hear about, and to see the teachers cry.

It's my last hpur and I get to do this

*takes a relief of a sighing breath and faints in to chair and falls on floor*

mc pee pants
oh, f*ck... i didn't know i talked satan evilpeepants


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