Next time a teacher punishes you for no reason and tells you to show respect say this

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Tell them that you don't have to show them respect just because they're a teacher. They can't just throw thier weight around like that, you don't even have to show them respect because they want you to. If they want your respect then they have to earn it. Just because they're a teacher doesn't mean that you have to show them respect. They have to be nice, kind, caring, curtious and many others for you to show them respect.

The Tired Hiker
In order to earn someone's respect, don't you have to show them respect? It's a catch 22. I just try to be curtious to everyone I meet, and if they are rude to me or something, then I stay away from them, at least off KMC.

Ms Hyde
Is this part of the reason why the teaching profession is dwindling?

The Tired Hiker
No, that's because of budget cuts. erm

I can't help but notice that you're constantly crying about a teacher doing this or that, punishing you and such. I find it hard to believe that all teachers that give you shit are just assholes. More then likely, the problem is on your end.


"Most" teachers are usually really really nice and good "people" people.

but i feel sorry for them cry theyre just trying to do their job.
they still have feelings, you know!

thats right, their just doing their jobs

Seriously, they are.

They dedicate their lives teaching others so our society can go on, spend years going to college and financially get almost nothing in return. Then some little brat gets pissed off because a teacher told them to stop talking.

Samurai Girl
I think you should start paying attention in class maybe then the teacher wouldnt give you a hard time

Samurai Guy
Indeed it is, however having the upper hand (being in a position of 'above someone') some people feel that respect is deserved.

A teacher often feels that way. Or at least the ones at my school.

However, I must agree with BackFire and Samurai Girl on this one. This seems to be an all too familiar problem for you. Perhaps it is not the teachers.

Oh YEAH, I really hope someone here is dumb enough to be the guinea pig in doing that, so they can fail an entire course. roll eyes (sarcastic)

As told to me by the school counselor:
she was walking to a second grade class room but stopped outside of the door. this is what she heard. my little sister was in this particular class. she was an ornery child, a spitfire some would say and she was in trouble again. so the teacher, MRS. sans told her to get out of the classroom and go stand out in the hallway. my sister replied "No! you go out in the hallway. I'm tired of going out to the hallway." she was then sent to the principals office. just to point out my sis was not a mean child or anything or willfully disrespectful.Needlessly to say the school counselr was cracking up and ran to the bathroom to laugh it out, so the students wouldn't see and think that it was ok to do that kind of thing. another time a girl in a grade above her called her a bit-h so my sis took the girls glasses and threw them on the ground and stepped on them thus breaking them. she was a little hellion. incredibly funny and cute. yes she was and is a little spitfire.

wow this is stupider than stupid, what what

You youngsters just have no respect for authority anymore. roll eyes (sarcastic)

You should respect your elders stick out tongue
Like others have said, they are just going there job at the end of the day.

I feel so old! confused

what a great comeback no expression

I hate teachers and they envy me too

from the VERY first day of school I was a bad kid and My first grade teacher Ms. THIE and she hated me cause all my freinds were bad and my brother was bad and She even hated my uncle who was quarter back for her school team...WHAT A B!TCH

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