Create Your Own Movie!

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If you could choose your very own cast for a film, who would it be?

Mr. T, Sally Struthers, and Oven Mitt from the Arby's commercials.

I would want them to all be outlaws on the run. They would be chased by the toughest tandem in the West, namely Roseanne Arnold and Screetch from Saved by the Bell.

Screetch from Saved By The Bell - LOL! How cool!!! I liked sleighter (dunno how u spell it) from saved by the bell... damn he looks hot!!!

david powers ? i think is screech mario lopez is above^

it would depend on the movie as to who id pick but John C Riley can play any type of large support part so id have him and id have natalie portman for sure

Yeah Mario Lopez... that's the one! Fwaaa! Apparently he's starting an RnB career! I got that from his website!

Mario Lopez was "Slater", Dustin Diamond was "Screech".

Edward Norton
Robert DeNiro
Al Pacino
Jack Nicholson
Harvey Keitel
Samuel L. Jackson
Brad Pitt
Sean Penn
Tim Robbins
Johnny Depp
Bruce Willis
Directed by Quentin Tarantino

This would make the gayest movie ever:

i saw this kinda thread on another forum community so i thought i'd make it on these !

well, you have to -

. choose your very own cast
. the movie type (horror, comedy ect.)
. the main plot (beggining, middle, end mainly)

and then if other people want they can rate it and say if they would buy it !

it's a lil imature, but you can loose it sometimes cant you ??

My movie be a crime movie with:

Brad Pitt
Matt Damon
George Clooney
Ed Norton
Don Cheadle
Sean Bean
Jason Statham

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Milla Jovovich
Kate Beckinsale

Don't forgot genre and plot, gang. I'm interested in hearing these. yes

GENRE: Horror

STARS: I shouldn't have to go into too much detail for this.

TITLE: "The League Of Extremely Violent Gentlemen"

PLOT: When the existence of all these murderers is revealed to the world and humanity wants them all vanquished and sent to hell where they belong 6 evil gentlemen will join as one against a group of horny teenagers.

RELEASE: Fall 2005

Where the heck is Leatherface in there? He should replace Scream.

i'd like to see a very impromptu comedy movie and slam some of the greats in it to work together ( or against each other, however you see fit )

robin williams
eddy murphy
dana carvey
david spade
jim carey
george wallace
chris tucker
bruce willis ( he can be quite entertaining, especially as a bad guy )
billy crystal ( to be a bit of the glue to hold the mess together )

and throw in extras or cameos from :
bobcat g.
jeremy piven


rather see scream in there and replace chucky lol

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