Unrest for the Restless

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Beyond Image
. . . Sleepy ones awake to see another day . . .

By Beyond Image

Beyond Image
Dirty Deed

I have to take a shit
just gonna let it rip.
Come high squeal or not,
I might be able to "push" a knot.

Beyond Image
No Goodbyes

Of the places I have been
I would love to be there again
to be with those I call friends,
my peace with them will never end.

Beyond Image
Moving On

Things never stay the same
as the wind moves to push
and the dirt is to cover;
to the ones who play till its over
for they understood the rush.
So thought I was the best in this game.

Beyond Image
Inside Conspiracy

Round up those chit little cowboys
each one destined to be of null
for our time lets quiet their Wanny noise
and send them North to Grandpa's Ranch
Hopefully Grandpa's mean, but dying bull
will teach our boys or snap their bones like a branch.

Beyond Image
Abram's Moses

My brother is not like the rest of us,
Autistic boy who can paint like an artist,
Paints and draws beautiful pictures
we care for one another instead of riches.
Our Mother is there to see each one hung on the wall.
She is adored and proud not to let her son fall.

Beyond Image
Webs of Mr. Grimm.

Woven into a web of lies
is where my spider lives.
A dangerous bite it has
as well as shiny dark eyes.
It never cares to be in the light,
as long as its feed right.
So don't come looking for it ,
Keep your hands away from black pits.
Venom of very serious phenomenon,
take your risk, so don't agitate him.

Beyond Image
So wish on with a frown.

I stroll a known way below passionless clouds
leaving my decision to ask myself why I ain't proud
--WORLD, how do these wishes work?
My jacket is cold and my pockets are broke.
I exist to be so miserable for so long in my years ,
every new day I see reasons to lose all hope
its so difficult to contend with un-wanted tears.
In a way I see no visions, but by dope.
If I should, than I wonder why they are ne'er near
or why my false-belief has cancelled my only career.
They see fantasy books written by liars,
for me, I see hope and imagination to inspire.
With Help how do these wishes work?
Nobody around understood as I spoke.
I seen the smile grown on Aladdin's face with his wish,
I've been to many lakes and rivers for a talking fish
ready to treat him well in a glass jar,
During clear nights I chanted to no other the stanza's to "Falling Star"
been to the rainbow but found no end nor gold.
so what must be invented i saw reality in a lonely quarter,
picked it up and quickly helped out the very old
then I rushed to the enchanted Well, only to come away with no silver.
As much as I hate to admit it, "there must be no such thing as Magic!"
I said it with malice and sent it away with no kiss.
Lost pages with forgotten ideas won't be so tragic.
Lord, don't let me dwell on my only wish.
Talent to write or curse to know I can't choose.
That I have been dragging myself behind a hopeful virtue.
. . . Still, oh, how do these wishes work?

Beyond Image
something is wrong in a world of shit
someone has placed a hex on every generation,
you see it in the form of wars and undecided minds,
a daily seizure just to say peace infront of a madman.
are we all going to hell?
from what i see and read, i think so.

Beyond Image
Dreary thoughts of a junkie who could not do.

right now as i sit and wonder about tomorrow
i see my vision looking weak and blurry..
am i stressed that i can't sleep or am i crying?
i m so confused with my thoughts, i can't bare to think for long.
but stressed over what?
i had some dreams about some clouds,
thought they looked like a tidal wave about to smash me,
like a ant with no where to go, but to stand still and float.
(come on, baby...lets get on the plane...stop waiting and get where its safe! away from and into comfort.)
no, that ain't easy to do in a dream,
just wake with that chill running up and down a column of frozen spine.
too long to be out here and too early to stop the cycle.
...yes,...it must have been only a dream, yes, i believe so.
than why am i afraid to go back to sleep?
why punish myself over a horrible thought, when i fully kn....
damn, there it comes again, like a unwanted dog looking for food.
these insane thoughts about a light in the dark.
the only light in the dark with soundless steps...
(lets get out of here and follow the dark, stay away from that light.)
why? why? why did it have to be me when there are others out there who are far worst than me?
i don't know i just know i wasn't born smart.
and where do they get those smiles from, and the easy flow of waves?
they have them because they like to see others like me beg.
i must be in a nut house to answer my own dilemmas' with a pat on the shoulder....confused...so high, can't even see the lines anymore...
i have more questions about my life than when i did in high school,
(i 'll help you if you choose to help me...
i m not afraid to die, but you are.)
.....silence....echo.....reminds me of that song...of silence.
my thoughts gyrating vibrant colors as i spin in a hurricane.
oh, i can't help it, i m so tired of getting in this situation.
i m losing and i m losing focus, balance, money, life and my own sanity.
one of these days my confusion will cure itself...
only i was told that you can't help an infection if you don't go to the hospital.
too busy wasting time, i m never going to be the same...i guess that tree and rope looks like a Doctor and bed.

Beyond Image
a shadow blends into the darkness when i can't see the sun.
so you should not forget your ability for trouble its begun,
run, Paulie, run, get back to where there is no harm.
bells ringing and voices crying banshee; the devils charm,
last winter you found yourself in a situation
where you did days followed by probation.
throw away your day for this sort of demon,
the lines look hidden beneath the clouds, uneven
down the path seeing blurry images,
turn back from the shadow or see a face beyond the image
only to continue to have personal misery
to the end of time you and i will say " I'm Sorry and Guilty."

around me the shadows are so cold.

I'm liking your poems. 'Specially liked

Beyond Image
nice for you to notice.

Beyond Image
It will be just fine

What am I to do,
when I can't continue what I'm doing?
Where does the next ripple occur?
I can only ponder the outcome from the sadness of my bed.
....time is not a friend I send letters to,
its more of a loan I have to pay.
and still my family tells me to Stand on,
but why is it? why do they care for me?
I have been as bad as the devil himself,
just before he was kicked out of heaven.
the things I ve said when I was drunk on cocaine,
and high on kool-aid mixed with moonshine spirits.
funny ain't it? always been the one to tell the world to f*** off.
now the world tells me to eat shit and die choking on my own words.
still that don't matter, I lived as far as my heart could take me.
but let me tell you this:

Sure was a bad kid in a world of evil adults, I always thought.

I m not the last nor was I the first, remember that.

Beyond Image
What to Comprehend

Have you ever seen someone as beautiful as that?
Just the other day I seen her eyes.
Ever wonder if you could fall in love with someone as that?
I bet she would if she gave me the chance.

From the day I seen her appearance
I needed to know her reason to visit.
Since than I could not forget the night,
where the rhythm began to write you a letter
--only for you not to come the next day.
I wrote a great deal for you to understand;
that my love was written in cursive.

All we have is life, nothing to give but faith.
Memories don't forget Sadness or Happiness.
All we have is faith, nothing to offer but love.
Take my stolen nights away when you dream,
see what I thought about you throughout the night.
My Girl, this is what I meant to say the other day:
Come to where I can see you more, My dear
Hear someone you never heard before,
You and I should not dance alone.
Lets take time to realize admiration.
That's what we should do, no loveless stories.
I would entrust fate
that none of this is a mistake,
. . . that girl, I think I'm in love.

Beyond Image
Still We stand Still

Through these stages of life
I m confused by the way men like to lie
I could never understand why they did
or why the people believed them so.
Its just that the world has to lie;
a kind of rule to make others suspicious

Beyond Image
Lies in mind

Why are people so busy these days?
Why are they?
What takes so much time in the first place to say there is no time?
To me, I think to myself that the only thing that should be busy all the time is the human heart.
Rush to make my words blurry,
Stop that beating bastard from pumping blood to the brain.
and you know what?
They ain't snorting cocaine.
But why are they so busy coming up with. . . ****ing lies.
Bingo, pal!
Busy making believable lies.
sh*t, I just know I ain't busy when I ain't trying to lie.
so I must be right.
rotting dirty bastards decomposing during a cold winters breeze.

Beyond Image
time has sure passed!

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