THE SEQUELS SUCK whos with me?

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1st one - my top ten list of favorite films...

2nd one -- A PILE OF **** the matrix officaially turned into Starwars eg amazing special effects, poor acting, good setting, and crap plot.

I pretended everything would get better when i would see revolutions.. I knew they would tie up loose ends, i predicted most of what would happen in the film by studying the trailers and adding one plus one... i know, but i was a huge fan i had been watching the animatrix films as they were being released online.. i had the merchandise...

3rd film Revolutions came out


F*** the Wachowski brothers. The screwed it all up. Such an excellent idea though.

Some basic points why the matrix sequels were ruined for me.

The sentinals acted better then the cast
they broke all the basic rules of filmmaking. Why clutter our minds with useless information? Why introduce characters with no porpose? Why god god why?
How the hell did neo teleport his mind into Mobil Av in revolutions? humans do not come equiped with bluetooth wireless hardware linking!
The Mevingigan... yesss interesting character.. how about explaining his porpose?

They Should have:
Ended the trilogy with neo on the phone to the architect using the same footage from the 1st film.
Freed shit loads of people form the matrix thus completing their aim, and having a lasting peace with the machines.
Included lots of things from the 1st film, like explaing that street trinity talks about, explained how smith returned, got the original operator tank, more philosophy, BLOW OUR MINDS AGAIN!
Started reloaded directly after the 1st matrix with the aftermath of the sentinal attack and having another hover craft come tow them back to base like in the famous fan script alot of us read.

I'm done, sorry for the long post I'm just gutted about the Trilogy ending so poorly.

Post away, if u disagree fine i'l read ur posts and reply with better ones!

MC Mike
I didn't read a word you said, but I can tell you two things-

1 - No one on here gives a rats ass smile

2 - This will most likely be closed smile

I think not!

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MC Mike
I think this thread needs to either be nerged with the "For those who were disappointed..." If not, I'm going to party here if no one else minds. cool

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The man does sorta have a point - I too was sorta disappointed in the sequels...

He does bring up some good points, except about the ending, i don't think it could have ended any other way.

I love the trilogy.

I'm tired of everyone trashing the seqauls.

Ever heard, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

The Alpha
Yes shade. And I wonder they say this $h*t without any arguments.


This guy listed a shit load of reasons/arguments why he didn't think the sequels lived up to the original.

I agree it gets annoying when people just come on here doing some stupid "oMG Teh MovIeS SuCK I mEan COme ON!!" without saying why, but this guy has done nothing wrong.

And as for the "don't have anything nice to say" thing, he hasn't abused the films or anybody who likes them, hes just shared hes views on the film.

But the "F*** the Wachowski brothers" was a bit much and uncalled for, other than that... meh.

EDIT: Oh and the thread title, i didn't really take notice of it and calling Reloaded a pile of shite, ok so i've defended his post a bit much and realize the error of my ways, in fact, i'm sorry, but still, hes done alot better than the usual ones that come on here bashing the movies.

Here's my advice. Those of you who don't like the sequels. GET OVER IT. mad

Or get a job to build up enough profits to buy the rights to the Trilogy and make your own sequels.

Don't they ever give up?!THE SEQUELS SUCK whos with me?! Omega, please close this shitty topic.

i have a totaly original thought..........Im going to NOT search threw old thread's bashing the Matrix sequal' a brand new thread stating how im going out on a ledge to go were no one has gone before and BASH the Sequal's!!...............and im going to do this in a Matrix fan forum!! HA! that will show those Wachowski's Bastard's!

well I wrote it out right in front of me read my statement again and again and i still dont get it..............

Aren't there enough of these things. Everyone had an idea of how it would end, and it didn't happen as most wanted it. Does this make it a bad movie? No. Being ignorant of the ending and getting mad about it is childish. Seriously, these topics give no new insights to the world of the Matrix and simply waste space. But, fine whatever. If you all want to bash these movies, go ahead. No one gives a rip. Good day.

I completely agree. It's no secret around here that I hate the sequels (especially reloaded) with a passion, and I think the series as a whole is extremely over rated.

The first film was very good - A unique, vision of a possible future that hadn't really been done in a mainstream film before, plus it had some awesome special effects- The sequels did nothing for the story really, it simply realized everything that was to be assumed at the end of the first one. (Neo saved the world, as was insinuated at the end of the first film) I'll go so far as to say that the sequels were unnecessary because of this.

Also, my biggest annoyance with the sequels was the tacky, overused dialogue, that was seemingly dumbed down and broken down into the simplest form of speech. Everything was pretty much answered with another question. "What do I have to do" "You know what you have to do" "When do I have to do it" "You know when you have to do it" and so on and so fourth.

Lastly, I just plain hate the overly obvious religious notions embedded in the films. They serve no purpose other then trying to give the films a deeper meaning, a meaning that wasn't necessary, and wasn't even creativie. Neo walks by a painting of Jesus Christ, wow, that's deep. The person in the film who is known as "the one" being compared to Jesus Christ. Who ever would have thought of that?

All in all, the sequels didn't need to be made, and served no real relevence to the films, other then making easy money.

Lord Shadow Z
Everything Backfire said I pretty much agree with...

Aight, lol

god some u guys should try engarging in the topic, eg posting your opinion of the films... some of you did and your points were good!

the rest of you bum busters, if you think this topic is a waste of time don't post! Just leave your useless opinions outside thank you very much...

I feal better now.

Lukiebaggs cool

i agree with you partially lukiebaggs...

the first matrix movie, and i think everyone would agree, was a breakthrough... especially for the sfx. the story was original, first of a kind. and i don't remember a whole sh!t load of ads trying to hype up this movie. the only ad i can remember was a shot of neo doing the bullet time then a voice over saying "unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is".

the sequels were hyped up like a m*therf*cker. and we all know what happened to the overly hyped star wars prequels. not to mention the over hyped hulk. however i think reloaded was the best of the trilogy jsut because the film went deeper into the human world (zion). revolutions became simplified. the most intriguing, keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your-seat cliff hanger was given a mediocre answer... "the power of the one extends to its source". they coulda done better with explaining some of the sh!t that happened. but now that i've sank my teeth more into revs, the ending was not bad at all... but that's just me.

ps. you should go show up in the LOTR forums and show them yer sig laughing

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Oh, not ANOTHER "I hate the Matrix" thread?
Please, DO check the FDT thread.

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