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It's a great and underrated 1985 British-American Science Fiction horror thriller from Tobe Hooper ( director of " Poltergeist" and the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"wink and Dan O'Bannon ( writer of " Total Recall", " Alien" and " Dead & Buried"wink about these astronauts whom investigate Haley's comet discover a spaceship near it containing a lot of bat-like aliens and three nude alien humanoid beings including a beautiful female ( played by the gorgeous Matilda May) preserved in crystal coffins, they are brought back to Earth to be studied. However the three humanoid creatures are awoken and turn out to be alien vampires that drain energy from humans and are the anchestors to the vampires of myth, an astronaut named Carlson knows about the creatures and the vampires begin to infect London turning everyone into fast running wild flesh-craving zombies and must stop them all.

It's a unique and different approach on the myths of zombies and vampires but these vamps don't have fangs or suck blood from neck but just use electric kissing, the vampiress is quite a hottie and this is a must see movie.

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tis a great film ive got it on dvd

Saw it a few weeks ago. Good flick.

Ill check it out

Anyone noticed the vampires in this movie didn't had fangs or suck blood?

And did anyone think the fast-moving screaming zombies in this movie were similar to the ones from the "Dawn of the Dead" remake?

Good Film, didnt know it was by Tobe Hooper. Also lots of hot naked chicas.

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