USH'S STAR WARS GAME- New rules approaching! All rejoice...

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As possibly prophecised in the 'Development' thread, some new rules for SW have been in the works for some time. I intend to introduce them at the start of part 3 for both Light and Dark Side.

Please note that these rules are not as fundamental as Matrix rules changes, but as a lot of new possixblities are being added, players will be free to re-arrange their powers at the start of part 3. It is not yet certain if the Force power allocation per template will be increased.

The new rules make the following major alterations:

1. The Speed Tree is being replaced by a new Martial Tree, that includes all the old Speed powers but adds a lot more to it. The Martial Tree- entirely designed for aggressive combat- still starts at Draw but then splits into four lines- one set of Speed powers (like Reactions and Speed), one set of Melee powers, for all close up fighting (like Blow), one set of Sabre Offence powers, specifically for offensive sabre use (like Sword Whirl), and one set of Sabre Defence Powers, for specific Defences that only work with a Lightsabre (like Reflection).

This new Tree opens up people's options a little and also helps regulate the Complimentary Blade Tricks (see below)

One MAJOR change the Martial Tree causes is this- Multiple Attacks are no longer permitted by default. At the time this change was made, no-one was using them anyway, though I see now that people are... doh! But anyway, this change suits things well. Attacking more than one opponent, or the same opponent several times, will now be purely the domain of Force powers- the new powers 'Twirl' and 'Spin' on the Sabre Offence line, for example, permit such multiple attacks.

The Blade Trick 'Multiple Attacks' will therefore now aid those powers, in the same way Ricochet aids Reflection.

2. Blade Tricks have been overhauled. Complimentary Tricks have been changed slightly- whilst they have been met with positive feedback, they have two drawbacks- one, I can never remember who should be discounting what (heh...) and secondly, it forced Swordsman types to chase specific Force powers, which they were not well suited to do.

The new Complimentary Tricks will work on categories, not specific powers. There will be five, and each one gives its level worth of bonus pool to you, to work with certain categories of powers. Simply enough, one trick will give bonus pool to use with Speed powers, one with Melee powers, one with Sabre Offence, one with Sabre Defence, and one with Force Attacks. Simple as that- and now you can see how re-organising the Speed Tree into the Martial Tree worked.

3. Two new mechanics to monitor player behaviour will be introduced. For the Light Side we will have 'Censure'- Jedi who start to act in un-Jedi like ways will gain Censure points; accumulate too many, and you lose the resources of the Council, and it becomes very difficult to increase your sabre and force skills.

For the Dark Side there will be 'Animosity', which tracks how well the group is functioning- based not only on in-game behaviour, but also some objective criteria like 'Is there an agreed leader', and worsened by use of powers like Corruption. If Animosity goes too high, the group starts to break down, and the whole group gets difficulties in increasing Sabre and Force skills as they concentrate more on guarding against each other rather than self-development. It is implicit that it is Animosity that destroyed the Sith, so you guys need to watch it.

4. Whilst we are here, we have been messing around with all kinds of new powers and stuff. Not all will make the final cut, but some possibles are:

Flip- Force power that enables you to do the Darth Maul/Jedi Outcast 'jump over opponent and attack in mid-air' trick

Agile Combatant- Blade Trick that boosts your acrobatic skills in combat, for the Jumpy types like Xeth amongst you.

Total Cover- return of the 360 degree Trick, only this time to help reduce attack penalties inherent to side/rear attacks with Force powers, rather than being the defensive Trick it once was.

Domination- New Dark Side power that will FINALLY settle who runs things... Sidious uses Domination on all his Apprentices.

"I MUST obey my Master..."

5. The Master Tricks are ready to go! Err, virtually. Totally untested is one problem.

If I have the time, I may take the chance to re-write the rulebook when this lot goes in- if anyone can tell me any points in it that are obscure or unclear, please let me know.

The new rules will come soon-ish, and will go up in advance of Part 3 starting so that new players can create their characters to the new system, and old players can see what changes they might like to make.

I'l re-iterate that the only changes will involve your Force Powers and Blade Tricks- no other aspects of your characters will need to change at all.

Looks good Ush, I like the acrobatic touches!

Silver Stardust
I like the new Blade Trick system, that way I won't have to worry about forgetting to take the complementary Force I have twice now...and Flip sounds like a fun power!

looks good

Actually, despite the way I have tuned the new system in balance with them, the future of Complimentary powers is under review at this point... I'll keep you updated.

Nice, So I can kinda focus Roan more, Going with the Reflections and stuff against Mooks and harder hitting saber powers against bigger baddies.

Captain REX
Looks good...

... but they are staying for now. Flip is less certain at this time.

These rules just got an early play test, so expect to see them pinned up here soon!



And now... (plays fanfare)... The Master Tricks!



Master Tricks are all keyed into boosting the effects of Force powers. They represent the skill Masters have in fine manipulation of the Force, which gives them abilities beyond that of the merely talented.

Standard Tricks

The Force is a weapon, and where there is a weapon, there is a way to kill mooks quickly. This is exactly as the Blade/Gun version of the power, except it works for Force attacks. The difference is level 3, which does not reduce the frame cost of such an attack to two, instead it allows you to Snap the attack for no penalty.

One of the best tricks Masters display are in highly extreme use of Force powers. When Yoda yanks the X-Wing out of the swamp, or Dooku brings the ceiling down upon Yoda, they are performing feats beyond the scope of the standard Force user- feats that would require Force ratings of 20 or more, where the standard maximum is 15. These MAsters know the secret that seems so hard to teach to younger ones- that all it takes is a little time and oncentration. Light Siders see this as a factor of letting the Force flow though you with calm and patience and use the first name. Dark Siders see it as a matter of focussing their will upon the target concerned, and use the second.

Either way, the effect is the same- the Trick allows you to increase your Force rating for a single use of a power, by spending frames first, suring which your Force rating increases. This only increases your Rating, not your pool, and it does not affect Force Attacks or Mind Tricks- this power is about lifting X-Wings, or using Sense to check out a neighourhood rather than a room- not persuading people to shoot themselves in the head, or Combat Pushing someone so hard they go into orbit.

Level 1- For each frame you delay the use of the Force power, you can add one to your Force rating, up to a maximum of a quarter again of your Force rating, rounded down- so a Master with Force 13 could increase it to 16.

Level 2- as above, but you can now add up to half rounded down- so a Master with Force 13 could raise it to 19.

Level 3- as above, but you can now up to double your rating- so a Master with Force 13 could raise it to 26.

Level 4- as above, but you now increase your Force rating by two points for each frame you wait.


This Trick allows you to use two Force attacks in one go. This can be the same attack on two different targets, two different attacks on two different targets, or even two different attacks on the same target- the one thing you cannot do is use the same attack twice on one target (Throw and Master Throw count as the same power for this purpose). Sabre Throws cannot be Combined. You only pay the higher frame cost; the Force cost depends on your level in this trick- you pay for both powers at once; the cost of the more expensive is increased.

Level 1- Double the cost of the more expensive of the two powers
Level 2- Increase by 50% the cost of the more expensive of the two powers
Level 3- Simply pay one extra force point to use both.
Level 4- No increase in cost.


Philosophy Tricks

These Master Tricks also boost Force powers, but are based around your character's view of the Force. As such, a character may only have one Philosophy Trick. Taking a Philosophy Trick is a commitment to a certain point of view, so your character's personality should represent that.


The Living Force is the embodiment of life all around us. Its advocates are superbly Instinctive, and live by action and trusting in the Force to guide them.

Level 1- Your result using the Predictive power 'Instincts' is improved by one category. When using Scan, your Force rating counts as two higher than normal

Level 2- This duplicates- and works on top of- the Force Power 'Awareness'

Level 3- Your Force rating is now two higher when using any Mind Trick, not just Scan.

Level 4- You receive a permanent +1 bonus to Initiative.


The Cosmic Force surrounds us, peentrates us, binds us all together. It tells us of the future, and of the wisdom we can gain by concentration and study.

Level 1- Your result using the Predictive power 'Foresight' is improved by one category, or your 'Dreams' roll is increased by one.. The Force poiwer 'Intuition' will never fail to warn you of danger.

Level 2- You receive +1 to your Force pool

Level 3- Once per story, you may use a power that reduces your Force rating for the story with one less reduction than normal (i.e. getting one point worth for free); this can be used with Predictive powers.

Level 4- You receive +3 (in total, not cumulsative with Level 2) to your Force pool


Pure adovcates of the Dark Side of the Force emphasise its power, sheer will, and relentless intent. Light Siders cannot take ths Trick!

Level 1- Your result using the Predictive power 'Manifest Destiny' is improved by one category. All Dark Side powers cost you one less Force, to a minimum of one.

Level 2- You may use Iron Will whilst taking other actions with no penalty; you may double the effect of Obfuscate and Master Obfuscate

Level 3- Strength from, Fear now gives you +2 against the target; each use of Emotions gives you +3.

Level 4- You receive +1 to all Force attack rolls.


Advocates of the Light Side inevitably champion its passive wisdom- but also talk of the true Strength within, as opposed to the seeming but petty power of the Dark. Dark Siders cannot take this Trick!

Level 1- This duplicates- and works on top of- the Force Power 'Meditation'. You receive +2 to all Serenity rolls, and +2 on all Orator re-rolls

Level 2- You get +2 to all Force Defence rolls

Level 3- All Light SIde powers get -1 to the Force costs, even down to zero

Level 4- Your passive dodge is permanently increased by one.


I dunno yet either I take 2 lvls in strength of the force or 2 lvls in power of patience

I'll go for Power of patience

And to help people out, here are the Force Trees:
Page one

... and page two


What does Ward do for my reflections?

They would get the -1 to hit, so the Reflection would be more likely to work.

Ok thankyou!

Blows through Force pretty quick though.

Yea but would be useful against someone like strine no?

Stealth Agent
What about Densk he doesnt completley follow to the council's rules because he isnt enrolled with them. But he's not dark.

Also whats the differenece from using flip then using flying charge.

Reflection is almost totally useless against someone like Strine, Roan. Your attack back equals the amount he misses by, and his skill is 14! You're lucky if he misses by more than 3. What's an attack of 3 like? Barely worth mentioning.

Obi-Wan didn't reflect once against Jango...

Flying Charge is a movement action. Flip specifically is just to manoeuvre against an opponent.

Stealth Agent
well how can manauvering against an opponenent benefit me

rejoice ?


Does what it says in the power, SA

No worries, Gundy, you haven't learned anything for it to change yet!

(rejoices, temporarily)

Ush makes everything so....tidy.

Sorry to de-rail Fire here, but the process by which you choose Force powers has altered- please check out the new Character Creation thread. Goes for everyone when they make their changes!

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