A wreck.

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I've never been in a real car accident before, but I've just seen one.

This man, who lives up the hill from me, right across the street, was just in a wreck! My guess is that his car slid on the gravel drive, or he hit that log thing he keeps in his yard. Now the ambulance is here, and my mom is helping out. I can hear that dude screamin' all the way down here. He's so bloody, it's making me queasy.

sick What's all that pink stuff the police are spraying everywhere?

antiseptic? confused

I've been in 2 crashes

Are you proud? stick out tongue

I don't think I've ever been in a crash... But Justin Ruth has... right DN? HEY Buddy! Whassuh, DN? rolling on floor laughing Happy Dance beer rock zorro bunny yes

I'm not here right now. Plz leave a message...
Uh, turns out the guy wasn't my neighbor. This drunk guy plowed into an above-ground water meter and the car flew through the air, landing on its top.
Yeah, Justin was in a wreck. He's probably so traumatized he can't do his work right. Wait, no... for once he's actually doing classwork. Badly, but still... He's probably doing it as a thankyou to God for keepin' him alive. Poor guy.


What's up with you?

Ive been in one car crash we hit a guy going 40 in my grandfathers ummm what ya call it station wagon and we didnt have our seat belts on and we barley even moved stick out tongue

Ive been in a car when somebody bumped into it before, but it wasn't a serious crash

total nettlehead
ive been a couple of minor crashes, nothing big, but my friend almost died in one 2 years ago when his mom crashed them into a truck. he had to get rushed to the ER it was real scary sad
turned out he only had cracked ribs, punctured lung and a broken arm which wasnt life threatening.

/\OMG sad

2 friends died in a car accident 6 years ago... they were my age

Gravity Kills
I have been hit by a car. But never inside the car when there is a crash.

My brother was run over eight years ago sad

Looks like loads of people on the forum have been in car crashes.

Thats not good


Yes, be sad.
Even on TRL one day...
Behind Carson, out in the street, I saw a limo go under a rig. It was so funny! The only funny car wreck ever...
Anyways, the rig was goin' on straight ahead, and the limo tried to take his little turn too quickly. Nobody in the studio noticed, but it was the only thing I was concentrated on!

my friend died when a bus hit him....

i've been in 2 accidents.

1. my friend's brother tried to make a right hand turn into a parking lot at about 45 mph...YES that's extremely fast. We hit the little lip where the curb goes up and launched into a parked car...I'll never get in the car with that moron again.

2. Me and some friends were coming home from snow boarding and we ran over some ice on the road. We slide out and down a 8 ft high ledge. It rolled his truck onto it's roof and we were all dangling there by our seat belts...kinda funny really. But it sucks cause his car got totalled.

Shhhh, don't talk too loud about Car accidents, STexy might hear.

my car was hit as i pulled out, it really made me think, all it takes is to lose concentration for a split second. So just imagine if your drunk, idiots.

What scares me the most is icey roads i hit some black ice and had no control, luckily there was no other traffic

I remember when when my brothers ex girl passed her test first time, she came down our street everything fine, but on her way out of our street she hit a parked car. Her excuse "it wasnt there when i came down" no wonder he left her LOL

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