Sonic Vs link

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Im gonna put my Heist on hold for a few days even though it has little to no audience.

Link walked down a hilly hyrulian field, behind him an orgy of colors from the sun blended together as they set. He was supposed to be here, he stood on top of the hill. His community had been threatened. Threatened that entire of hyrule would be attacked and terrorized if he didn't show up for a duel with a rebel fighter. This rebel fighter was supposedly some one to be seriously beware of. 'But where was he? Hes late.'

sonic pedaled his faster then most beings on the planet could. The scenery flew away behind him. The only Solid object in the scenery was the sun that remained right behind him. It slowly feel diminishing the light in the sky. Sonic was only curious of the scum he was going to fight.
Sonic took a sharp turn into a small gorge alley. As he ran through it at Super Sonic speed a trail of dirt flung up behind him with every step. Sonic had been sent a message if he didn't show up in Hyrule to fight a warrior by the name of Link his friend Tails would be killed and his home would be burnt to the ground

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Also i cant rememeber link's powers from ocarina of time what were the magics he had and what did they do?

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Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and " "'s Love...

Fire was like a large explosion, Wind for teleportation, Love was an energy shield.

Nayru's love

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Right, thank you.

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Thnxs guys ill try to post tommorow i dont have my draft rough draft with me to type up and i think ill make it worse if i recall it from memmory

This sounds like a great idea. You have some grammar and speeling problem, but the idea is cool

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On top of the Hyrulian hill link spotted a small blue blur rushing towards him. Then somehow Link's eyes lost track of where the blur went. "huh? he looked up and down the hills around looking the green grass for the blue blur.
Out of nowhere a voice very close to him asked, "Are you Link?"
Link was startled and jumped back looking down in front of him stood a blue hedgehog with a cocky look on his face. Instantly Link grabbed his Master Sword from his sword holding it out in front of him.
"Your the rebel?" Link calmly asked.
"Yeah and your obviously the jerk who I'm going to put down." Sonic spat out with little care about Link. He just wanted to save his home and friend and finish this quick.
Link didn't exactly know what to make of his new foe, in most battles he was usually attacked first. So he just stood there with his sword drawn confused.

Sonic frowned, he positioned himself in a racing position his hands into the ground supporting his body weight. Progressively he began to run his back feet at a rushiest speed. His feet were moving so fast it came continuously harder to hold himself on the ground. His feet were burning a hole in the ground as pressure built up on his arms.
Link grunted a jumped backwards getting ready for the oncoming attack. Crouching down he built up his calf muscles. Keeping his eyes locked onto Sonic.
Sonic let go of his position on the ground and shot forward like a bullet.

The instant Link saw Sonic's finger tips release from the ground. He let go of the built up energy in his legs. He pushed off the ground barely a foot off the ground.

Sonic ran head first directly at Link. Link was barely a foot off the ground. When Sonic ran right underneath of him barely fitting in the space between the ground and link's feet. The furs of Sonic's spike just lightly scraped against the heel of Link's shoe.

Sonic blasted forward across the grassy field. Taking A sharp U-Turn Link landed on the ground. Sonic rushing right at Link.

Good. Are you going to have just a fight or is the story going to go further than that like who sent the letters and everything?

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yes the story will progress but now this fight will continue

dont worry wont drag it out to long

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how does link perform his magics, also i thought he could freeze time or somethin

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Gripping his master sword, Link flung the full side of it full flegidly forward at the oncoming Sonic. The sword smacked Sonic right in the face sending him soaring the sky.

Sonic screamed waving his arms while he was airborne. He landed on his back sliding through the grass. He laid there with the wind beaten out of him his face was pulsating red.
Quickly Link pulled out his bow taking aim for Sonic. He ignited the arrow on fire then quickly let it go shooting directly at Sonic.

Sonic stood up he turned and stared at the arrow blankly for a moment as it came closer & closer. sonic stood there right before it was a hair's breath away from him. Then he darted left. Running a circle around link. link made a 360 degree turn fire arrows repeatedly at Sonic each missed. Sonic only continued to run more and more circles around Link. Treading through the ground with every step he made. High walls of dirt were spurs-ting from behind Sonic. the dirt caught into the winds Sonics speed was creating. Twirling around and around it became a miniature dust tornado with Link caught in the middle.
Link dropped his bow, as he choked on the dirt. his eyes burned from the debree, cringing he staggered forward attempting to not fall over.

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