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alright...for all of you that storys that aren't true...lets get fictional

OKAY BACKGROUND:- U are a 17yo (just 2 make it interesting)u have medium length black hair with 2 white streaks at the front (kinda like rogue from X men but WAY cooler) purple eyes but your pupils are not round but in the shape of a snake/dragon (like this kinda ()well I said kinda)and u are skinny (not to skinny but a good weight) and u KICK ASS at using swords and daggers and tridents (I will show u picks at the end) u have a lot of rage and anger inside u and when u get really pissed off ur eyes go red plus u are the best godamn Wicca/witch in the world (thats good not evil) ur parents died when u were a baby and u were raped forced to live in the forest all alone fighting 4 what u believe in, got it??
U wake in the forbidden forest and look over at a family of unicorn the babies glowing golden in the light while the parents shining silver light. U look at ur locket and blink back the tears if only u think if only I could have fought better, u remember it all so clearly the sun just rose ur father was out chopping wood for the fire and ur mother sitting down laughing as u showed her how much better u had gotten using a sword {reality} u blink slowly yet hard to stop the tears and sigh thinking again as u watch the unicorns if only id known how to use my sword better *horse neigh (SP) and stomp ground* ur father gets up and looks out the window "SHIT" ur father says "Nessa take Carolina to the secret room" "but daemon (I know original)" DAMMIT WOMAN GO" ur mum picks u up and runs into ur bedroom "mummy im scared" I know baby I know" she replies but b4 she can do the spell to open the door you hear a blood curdling scream u know it was ur fathers daddy daemon u and ur mum cry at the same time. U both look at each other as 7 men then enter the room ur mum pushes u behind her the man comes up to her and says Nessa darling how lovely to see u **** off ur mum screams my such foul language coming out of such a pretty mouth he says as he kisses her mouth ur mother spits and says I will never let u have my daughter u have to go through me first he looks at ur mother and laughs that can be arranged and before she had a chance to use the sword he sliced he throat. U watch as Ur mother falls to her knees and makes gurgling noises as she tries to breath she falls back the gash in her neck a gapping hole with blood oozing out. U scream and pass out. When u wake up u notice u are no longer in ur house ur with the man who killed ur family on the back of his horse. He takes u into a small clearing and throws u on the ground like a sack of wheat jumps down and kicks u in the ribs breaking 4 and cracking 2 u start 2 cough blood coming out of ur mouth he just laughs. He grabs u by the hair and pulls u into a cave ripping up ur back, legs and bum. He slams u into a wall jagged rocks slice Ur face causing u to slide down the wall ripping up ur face even more. when u get to the bottom he grabs ur ankles and pulls u towards him ripping off ur underwear he pulls straps from his pockets and a horse whip from his belt throwing them on the ground, whilst he undoes his pants pulling them down u see his manhood throbbing and ready to go no!!! u scream please dont im only 5 years old u cry, he just laughs and shoves his manhood right in making u tear, bleed, cry and pass out at the same time. U dream and in ur dream u see ur mother and father ur mother comes up to u and says Carolina my luv u have to wake-up, u can not let him win or our deaths are in vain but mum u say im so tired cant I just stay here with u and dad u father replies im sorry baby but u still have so much to do but daddy I dont wanna go back hes hurting me ur mum hugs u and says in the front of ur dress in ur belt there will be a dagger made of dragons tooth, use it and stab him in the eye make sure it goes through yes mummy I luv u and I luv u dad we luv u 2 baby the reply now go ur father says. U wake up with a burning pain on ur back as u see not only has he tied ur wrists with the straps but he is now whipping ur back open u can feel the warm blood run down ur back u begin to whimper he laughs u move ur hands closer to ur body then u remember the dagger and wat ur parents said u pull the dagger out slowly and begin to cut the straps the whole time hes still whipping and whipping u can feel that ur back has been ripped open u grind ur teeth and wait .
Then u stop moving so he thinks ur dead with ur dragon tooth dagger thats hidden in ur belt then stab him thats the plan u think to urself so u wait and then u cut ur binds and wait he comes closer and closer finally u think when he is close enough u turn around quickly and stab him in the eye hearing both a popping and whooshing noise and the dagger goes through his eye socket he screams so u get up and run to a big building open the doors until u reach a big dinning hall filled with people and pass out. When u woke up u were in the hospital ward u see ppl staring at u, u get scared and then u see a strangely familiar face uve seen it b4 Dumbledore u mutter and pass out AGAIN {reality} u sigh and look at the letter once more its from Dumbledore saying that they have hade a lot of trouble with demons and because of ur reputation he wanted to know if u could come to Hogwarts and he would enroll u as a student so u could help him u get up wave goodbye to the unicorn and walk towards the school u wake up again and see Dumbledore looking at u Carolina he says I just heard wat happened do not worry I promise Ill look after u, its wat ur parents would have wanted, ur father was a wonderful and loving man one of my good friends and ur mother was so beautiful they were so happy when u came along, thats why I was so honoured when they asked me to be ur Godfather. Dumbledore u cry, I know but Ill protect u I promise now sleep {reality} u go into the hall and try to act all professional but when u see Dumbledore standing there with his arms open u just give up and run into his loving embrace uncle Albus I missed u so much he laughs and hugs u tighter I missed u to Carolina, I want to introduce u to the professors, everyone this is Carolina, Carolina everyone. U smile and look around just then u look around and stop when u notice a shy looking face being careful not to look u in the eyes, u let go of Dumbledore, and walk over to him bend down showing (a hell of) a lot of cleavage (SP) u see him slowly eye u up, and u down smiling seductively and purr hi im Carolina and u are?" "well...im...umm...im *clears throat* Im Professor Severus Snape a pleasure to meet u miss. U motion him closer and say into his ear "no the pleasures all mine" *wink* laugh. Then walk away giving him a great view of ur ass (go u) Dumbledore laughs and says My u havent changed a bit u reply "maybe I just haven't found the right person to change for" all the while looking at Snape. Well enough of that Carolina my dear lets get u sorted into a house.


that's pretty good.I like it loads, but I do suggest a bit of spacing.I cannot tell who is talking.But it is fab!Are you going to make the girl fall in looe with Seerus Snape?! ::shudders::

I'm seeing a story with poor spelling, poor grammar, and almost ditto paragraphs. Moving on to General Fiction Area...

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