Crash Bandicoot meets Spyro the Dragon

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In the past adventures cortex and crash had the duo had been enemies now they were teamed up and had defeated tikimon,dingodile,and uka uka attached to an ice monster.Soon they encountered n.brio,n.tropy,and tiny the tiger.

Cortex:Well it seems my old partner n.brio has
teamed up with my old enemy n.tropy the
lacky of that horrid ancient mask uka uka
crash and I defeated...oh and look Crash my
weakest and most retarded creation Tiny
the Tiger!

Aku aku:Well you three
bothersome minions
of the evil twins we shall
defeat you and then
finally save n.sanity island!

N.Tropy:We don`t care about youre precious
island,were interested in seeing how this
precious island of yours blows up!

N.Brio:yyeeess WE WILL SILENCE

then n.brio shot his laser from his gun
and it hit into cortex,but cortex quickly
grabbed onto a crystal and crash grabbed the
other end then he slammed n.brio to the ground
three times and he fainted...then tiny charged...
but aku aku charged a rainbow energy bomb
into the crystal and it focused a beam that
crushed tiny and made him faint after three hits...
then n.tropy quickly used his tuning fork
and knocked cortex and crash to the ground...

cortex and crash looked like they were goners
but all of a sudden a portal openend and a purple
dragon appeared then flamed n.tropy`s minions
and they destroyed his tuning fork and his cybernetic
suit with their body forces...

then suddenly aku aku hit into n.tropy`s
clock and before
crash and cortex went into the future
spyro and crash introduced themselves
and so did aku and sparx

Spyro: Spyro the dragon
purple hero of justice

Crash:Crash Bandicoot...hero!

the end

No ofance but i believe that these things are supposed to be longer.

Captain REX
Actually, I have no idea what that is about?

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well since this thread seems to be some kind of junk yard i hope you dont mind if i leave my old cloths that dont fit me here

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.