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Name: Areille
Friends:Areil, Natasha, Blackfire, Terra
Powers: Telekinisis, Mind Control, fLIGHT
WORSE temper than Raven, Forced to watch over Raven, Carries Strange Mirror and cRYSTAL Ball
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Ulrich Rulez
Is this legal?? I've already made a thread like this!!

(don't get upset! I'm just telling you! happy )

Heres my character hope you like it.

Name:Jennifer A.
Age: 15
Occupation: Middle school (7th grade)
Powers: Telekinese, Read Minds, Control minds and Levitate.
Jennifer mysteriously and suddenly just gets her powers. Jennifer has
black hair and places it in a high pony tail. Her hair in a ponytail is curly.
She has brown eyes.
Hobbies: LOVES to read, and write in her journal. Shes an obverser.

hi ive got three character is that okay?

Augustus Rouge
I have two characters:

Name: Yaminah Leth Amunet
Age: 268 years old(Became a vampire at age 18)
Friends=(From another forum)Lycos, Alucard...
Powers: Well she good with all magics, good or bad. She also has a lot of strength. She can sometimes control you with her singing voice.
Carries: A picture of her father who she never met and when she found him, he was dead.
Height: 6 feet
Hair: (Either red, or sometimes black)
Eyes: (Either yellow, or blue)
Hobbies: She loves to sing and has an amazing voice.
Name: Augustus Zachariah Rouge
Age:325 years old(Was turned at age 22)
Powers: Mind Control, he is also a medium: can communicate with spirits, gets into trances, has visions, dreams...
Carries: A rapier and dagger.
Height: 6'2
Hair: Up to shoulders and is black.
Eyes: Green(Either light or dark, depends on the lighting)
Hobbies: He's a writer, he loves to write.


General Zodiac
Name: Jack O'Neil
Age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 164lbs
Hair: Looks like Anakin's from ROTS
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: US Marine
Friends: Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser
Powers: Krauser's Powers
Background: Arrived at Racoon City after the virus was taken care of. Their he met Leon Kennedy who helped him join the marines. After a scouting trip Jack me Krauser who taught him his moves even abled him to use his transformation.

cool This character sounds interresting, can she work for me?

Do know my name?
evil face

any 1 here?

if so is this a forum that i can post the story ive been writing

two characters for you.gabriel mansheim (aka)Gabriel of the House Mansheim.the true heir to the thrown of Celvera mightiest nation of the planet Xe'xar.lost on a backworld planet called earth in the distant future.oblivious to his true identity.unaware that he holds the fate of the universe in his hands.
and phillip-77 the perfect clone of gabriel who sits on the throne.

Name: Ashea
Age: 16
Hair: Pink with streaks of Lavender
Eyes: Blood Red
Powers: Light Powers & Invisibility
Abilities: Ninja techniques
Occupation: Princess in training / Student
History:  She escaped from her royal throne to live a normal life...
            She occasionally comes home to her castle to fulfill her training.
            As daughter of the GODS...
            Everybody is trying to kill her....... Even her twin Azalea...
            But the shocking truth is... if she lives after her 21st birthday
            the world will cease to exist => APOCALYPSE!!!
            But if she dies... on the same date => A deadly monster will
            be released from Heaven and punish those who still live!
Personality: She's damned silent when alone but comes to life with her
                Practical and with a high IQ --> but not the valedictorian in
                her class.
                Did I mention she's looking for someone cocky & a smart
                ass who will:
                              LOVE HER FOR ALL ETERNITY
                              DEFEND HER
                              MAKE HER LAUGH WITH HIS WITTY REMARKS

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