Jeepers Creepers 3

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In the last adventure the creeper had killed a bunch of football players on a school nus,along with the cheerleaders,coach,and other members of the football team.Soon a young farmer who had lost his brother and father from the creeper hunted the creeper down and defeated the creature.Then he hung him up on ropes on the farm house and waited for 2 years to pass by to finally kill that mother****in mutated son of a ***** when he first openend his deadly killer eyes.

2 years later:the police were at a crime scene with a dead body lying on the ground,the son of the farmer who`s family was killed by the creeper..the creeper had escaped before that guy could shove two bullets through the creature`s chest.His son had been trusted to finish the job,now the farmer,his wife,his son`s friends,and 5 other children had lost a member of their family.The parents of the friends of the son of the farmer,the farmer,the wife,and the 5 other children soon stood in the graveyard looking at the grave of their loved one.

Soon the fog clouding the air disapeered and there in the graveyard stood over 200,000 gravestones with dead people that the creeper had devoured in his last 2 adventures and the thousands of ones before them.Soon the family members and everyone moved away from the fright of this creature and yet another happy group were going to come to this forsaken place where they would spend their days running in fear,just like all the others...

to be continued...

in the next chapter
the new group will be revealed
and they are far different
then the others who have faced
the creeper...and the creeper
finally meets his match..the chainsaw weilding...

In the last chance garage there stood a young long brown haired female motorcycle mechanic chick named charlene davidson being ordered to sell her property to the sand raiders,they had sent their top greasey goon named greasepit to get the property and bring the mechanic to the leader of the sand raiders so he could be peaceful,then suddenly 7 guys popped from their motorcycles,then there stood strong sean and his pals drillin daniel,kool kerrin,brave brandon,bashing ben,rampaging ryan,little liem,and alien anton...then they all punched the greasey goon,then all 8 of them crushed the greasey goon,then used their extra rampaging rapid punches and the greasey goon rolled out the doorway,then the dudes all highfived,soon charlene smooched their lips,then suddenly the creeper heard them,then chased after the bikers and charlene,but soon he saw his olf victims the sand raiders had all been sliced into guts and bones,and there stood leatherface,then leatherface slashed at sean,kerrin,brandon,and ryan and they all fainted,then the creeper dashed towards leatherface,then leatherface slashed the creeper,but soon the creeper grabbed leatherface`s body then ripped it to shreads,soon he grabbed charlene and was about to eat her,but it was 4 bombs then the bombs exploded,and the heroes punched the creeper,then the creeper cracked the road,then 8 heroes clinged onto the creeper and he exploded,then they all flew into the garage door...soon they all fell on their beds,and the creeper was crawling through the cracks half skeleton..

the end?

the start of the 3rd film should start offf.

The Monster still being on the Farmers barn and you see the farmer just still waiting there and watching. Then we see a big Action sequence of the creeper escaping

thye bothn suked ass

I dont understand why the farmer just didnt kill the crreper thing when he hung him on that wall in his barn. Couldnt he have killed him then, why wait 2 yrs. huh (i dont even know why im asking i hate the movie, but just curious happy )

well firstly it is evey 30 years i beleive and secondly did u not see the 2nd one he stabed it over 200 times it is unkillable

It's every 23 years in Spring for 23 days that it awakens.

Also, in the second one the kids weren't Football players, they were Basketball players erm

Phoenix Aska
Hmm I don't know why the farmer just didn't lock the creeper in a trunk with a 2 ton weight inside of it and put that trunk in a metal chest and lock it up and then throw it in the ocean...Then even when he awoke he'd be stuck down in the bottom of the ocean.


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