Normal Jason or Uber-Jason

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First of all...NO...This is not a versus thread. I want ta know which ya like better The classical Jason Voorhees or Uber-Jason the futuristic jugurnate of Jason X. I like the classic Jason better because it is the Jason i've come to know and love, the unstoppable slauther house of Friday the 13th. Though Uber-Jason is basically Jason it destroys my whole view upon Jason, transforming him into a metalic abomination. Plus I like the clasical Jason's hockey mask!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Reborn Again
Uber Jason. He's soooooooooooooooooooooooo Borq-esque! Jason X.

i prefer Jason with the sac bag over his head.

oh ya mean origional classical Jason?

...from part 2.

I liked the Jason from part 7 he looked awsome!

I liked Jason best from Freddy vs. Jason. The clothes looked a lot better to me than the jumpsuit he wore before.

Jason from part4 was best

I like the original Hockey Mask Jason the best. Part 3 and Part 4
especially when you got to see how crazy he looked when his mask got chopped off, thats back before decomposition

the best mix i could think of would be the clothes from Freddy vs Jason the mask from 3 & 4 and the chains around his neck from part 7 course thats just a mixture.

Shaolin Monk
definetely the Jason from Freddy VS. Jason

I like Jason from part 4.

Definetly the Jason from Freddy vs. Jason. His clothes, his skin, and his hockey mask were perfect. Not to mention he actually had his machete for once.

How can you like the Jason before decomposition? he wears jeans and a flannel shirt for crying out loud! I hate that look he had.

He wore a dark green jump suit, after 4 he looks like crap aside from in part 8.

The jump suit thing was defaintly to hillbilly esque for me. He looked good in FvJ aside from his few strands of hair sticking up, that ruined the whole thing for me.

I think his hockey mask was crap in Part 8, it was way too big and covered his entire face, not cool erm

ya, in JGTH the mask is pretty cool. you can tell its burned and fused to his face but you barely see the actual Jason in the film and at the end he is weak.

ya I tough so too, he beat that guy over and over again, but it seemed as if only he had been beat by a little kid at the end, if it wouold have been jason in part 8 he would have died like that boxer

I love that part in 8... knock that smartass boxers head off it was great. And all people who love Jason's series knows Jason's never been that weak even as a human before he was reborn.

I think the best jason would be a mixture of the jason from part 7 and the jason from freddy vs jason

origenal is better

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