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I'm new to this forum and my name is Shane Escher. I know I should key my details in my profile but a quick blurb about myself would be as follows:

My real name is Shane Escher and I live in Maple Ridge, B.C. - Canada. I'm 27 years of age and am a software consultant and developer. I mainly do consulting nowadays and focus on other courses of interest. I'm into mobile phones, computers, electronics and fitness. In my relaxation time, I love to watch movies and this is why I signed up on this forum.

Not only do I like to converse with other enthusiasts but I also had a brain freeze tonight and could not think of an older movie title I wanted to rent. The individuals at both Rogers Video and Blockbuster Video knew what I was referencing but unfortunately did not know the title, any of the actors or where I would find this movie.

I apologize for the poor description but if you know the movie I'm referring to, please let me know.


If not mistaken, the movie has a "Grease" like theme and is portrayed in the 1950's or 1960's. It is about 2 groups of individuals who set their differences on the strip and it's a mountain side strip where they race their hot-rods. The movie starts out where these kids our racing and one kid loses control and ends up sliding off the mountain side. His car explodes on impact and he dies. The movie continues on where this kid who was killed is not allowed into heaven and must earn his wings. He ends up getting a chance to look at life in the future and notices his girlfriend (at the time of the accident) has a young teen son. This son was as a result of their relationship and is involved in the same racing antics his father was back in the day. Long story short, the father is told that his son will succumb to the same fate his father did and there's not much that can be done. While his son is racing, his father appears in the car and although this startles his son, he explains who he is and on it goes. His son ends up losing control and at this point, the father prays and says he'll do anything to save his son from the same fate. It proves to be successful and in showing the powers at be that he cares about his son more than himself, this earns him his wings.


This movie I saw probably 10 years ago on television and it's etched in my brain smile I would like to rent or buy this video but do not know the title or any of the actors involved. If anyone could be of assistance, I would appreciate this!

I look forward to your reply!


Shane Escher

This sounds familiar, and I think it's The Heavenly Kid.

If I'm right, then yes! I finally beat roundisfunny to the punch!

lil bitchiness

Can you please use This thread for any movie questions you might have.


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.