Worst ending EVER!

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The grudge......WTF WERE THEY THINKING!!!! It had the potential to have SUTCH a kick a$$ ending, and they TOTALLY stuffed it.....brings a tear to the eye.

Any of you think the same? Any other films you think are like this?

I hated the Grudge all the way through -- didnt think it was scary at all--

that little kid was cute though--

the ending sort of left it open for a sequel - I hate sequels

Darth Surgent
If you want to know what happened... ......................It stank..............................

what a spoiler... no expression

Darth Surgent
........ no expression ..........

It wasnt scary, but it had its moments. The ending is what really ruined it. And here all this talk "it'll be better than the ring!!!" I was all excited, and then its like "WTF?"

Damn....I was hope'n it would kick ass....might wait for DVD.... no expression

....I should know better not to get excited about a movie with Buffy in it...erm

lol, too right

What happened at the end if I may be so bold?

Nevermind. I just read the ending at http://www.ruinedendings.com/

the movies with the worst endings are:

house on haunted hill
all the m. night shamaylan movies
dawn of the dead
the fellowship of the ring(even though it was for the other movies it still had a bad ending)
the punisher
the matrix
the u.s. version of monty python and the holy grail

its seems to me that most "scary" movies have really bad endings because the wasted all their creativety on cheap scares through the movie.

Shouldnt this be in the MOVIE DISCUSSION forum

lil bitchiness
I, pretty much think the whole movie was terrible, not only its ending.

you gotta understand that it was based on a japanese movie, and that was the ending of the movie...plain and simple...its not supposed to be happy, japanese horror movies seldom are...

me and my mates watched the first few minutes then got bored stick out tongue

Worst ending ever?

Well, I can say ENTIRE MOVIES have sucked: Star Wars Episode I, Matrix Revolutions, need I go on?

This isnt a movie forum dumba$$

mc pee pants
that wasn't too nice.

Sorry bout your luck.

mc pee pants
do you come here to spread your-- whatever it is you're trying to do here?

Raven Guardia
you know what I just saw that movie last night...I wasted money if you ask me...sooo stupid nothing but a bunch of flash backs and the hot guy (doug) got killed mad. advertised it look great..but it wasnt good at all. they need to throw that movie away they have wasted some million bucks making it.

No it isnt, your observational skills do you credit. But you fail to understand that THIS is the OTF. And therefore, i can post whatever I want to here. wink As for your insult, I am neither and ass, nor am I dumb.

Raven Guardia
Kosta > laughing

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