PlayStation 'wins next gen wars'

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oh well apprently Playstation2 has won the console war followed by microsoft smile

GO PS 2 thumb up

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Gamecube should be second... Microsoft doesn't deserve it.

Quality games and a loyal following will beat hype anyday.

Xbox is now coming out with some pretty quality games. No chance in hell Gamecube is going to touch it. And PS2 better watch out too, it may have a whole year headstart and an entire continent (asia) backing it. But Xbox will prove that it is actually the better system.....just watch.

eek! YAY


let's see what happens with the next "next gen consoles"


big grin

PS2 puke
XBoX puke
Gamecube love

PS2 owns thats why i got one and didnt listen to all the mumbo jumbo that came afterwards

whether a gaming system attains a supposed sales number doesnt mean its the best. It just means :

A.) they have a good marketing

B.) they sold about 30,000 truckloads of shitty games instead of some 'A' quality games

C.) Fanboys bought both the JP and american version of said system and possibly all the garbage imports that never made it to the UK or the states just to "be the ultimate fan" or support thier system

Wooooo I was right all along. My friends said Gamecube was the best (Yeah right, and I'm not asking for a big discussion on that) and I said PS2 would win the war if it hadn't already followed by X-box and I was right

p-s-2 RULEZ.


Of course PS2 will outsell the Xbox. As long as that Final Fantasy stays with Sony they will always have a huge market.

PS2 = Final Fantasy fans.

^ yup

FF love

I've always wonder what would happen if FF goes to the Xbox? Just look at GTA! Could the same happen to FF?

It could just depends on how appealing the market is for Xbox. EA Sports doesn't make their xbox titles online compatible because EA doesn't feel that the market for xbox is worth their time...
I imagine the same goes with FF...

I hope the new GTA comes out on both systems at the same time and not a year later like the other 2.

JKozzy is right, Microsoft (emphasis on SOFT) shouldn't even be able to touch Nintendo, Gamecube has an AWSOME selection of games that MicroSOFT can't even touch. The Xbox doesn't even deserve second. (I have to say, though, Unreal Champioonship is AWSOME, I'll give the Xbox that.) GTA SUCKED ON XBOX! The graphics were nothing to PS2's graphics of those games! I've played both, the cars aren't unnaturally glossy in PS2, but the Xbox, man that sucks horribly....puke

Me too! Is ashame that GTA: San Andreas is for PS2 only. I think maybe a year later it will be released for Xbox. So far Xbox is having success with NG. I think the battle will come down on RPG games. If Fable doesn't become a disappointment I'll say Xbox has some good stuff coming up.

Balls to BBC news. This war is far from over with the next consoles not coming out to 2005. A whole year and a half for microsoft and gamecube to take over. Besides the only good games on the PS2 are Jax and daxter2, FFX and FFX2 stick out tongue

Evil Dead
I am an impartial gamer as I own all three systems. I have a PS2, I have an Xbox and I have a gamecube.

Gamecube definetly brings up the rear. The only game I even play on it is the Zelda disc they put out last year.

I think PS2 and Xbox are a tie.....each have their strengths.

For first person shooters.....Xbox has the edge. The control is set up in such a way that it lends to easier game play.

For sports games and fighting games......the edge goes to PS2 for the very same reason. The control lends to better gameplay with fewer mistakes due to the D-pad being located where the joystick is on the Xbox control.

When it comes to graphics........Xbox wins hands down. As all of us gamers know, it's not all about graphics. A good game is determined by the gameplay. Playstation 2 is better to play any non-first person shooter game.............whereas Xbox is leaps and bounds better in that genre.

Having the hard drive also gives Xbox an advantage......I like playing my own music during games. It doesn't really affect game play any but it does lead to a more enjoyable game play experience.

the reason playstation won is there is no genre it isnt good at, it has somthing for every one

Lord Ryugen
I suppose it was never really in doubt that the PS2 would win, but I would of liked to have seen Sega's Dreamcast go the distance, replacing the X-box perhaps on the list. Fate however stepped in. Shame really Dreamcast had a lot of quality games.

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