Wish us luck!

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Our v-ball regionals start tonight, and I just wanted to let you all know. We play this small team that stinks tonight, but after that It'll get harder. So I was hoping that you guys could wish our team luck... unless one of you belong to another Illinois 8th grade v-ball team... Wish us luck!

big grin smile wink rolling on floor laughing

brake your leg! er... brake a leg messed

That wouldn't be good... no expression How about we'll break their legs... shifty

Orlando Bloom03
Good Luck!

No saw me crossing my fingers! did I say that outloud?

stick out tongue g'luck! big grin

Orlando Bloom03
Copy Cat!

Thanks! When we win... well, we're expecting to win since these girls don't have that much expierence, I'll update you... but after we play them... we play a team that we've beat once, but they've beat us twice sad

Orlando Bloom03

Gravity Kills
"They" say play for fun...forget that play to win.
(by the way who is "They"?)

What are you talking about?

Hope you win good luck

Okay, an update! We won... 15-1 & 15-4 Tonight we play a team called Epiphany (Catholic School) who we've beat once, but they've beat us twice. Just thought you may have wanted to know...

Go Binga! Let us know how it goes!

I will, thanks for being there!

Well, I must go, we play in 2 hours, but we have to watch the game before, because they're playing for a spot in the regional champs game. I hope we win, and I'll back to all of you as soon as possible big grin

Metcalf 15 - 9
Metcalf 17 - 15

We won! Yay! Now it's the Regionals championship against a team called Lexington which we lost to in a tournament, but we weren't playing that well at all. They played Gridley (we played them in sectionals last year and won) and the out comes were like

Gridley 17-15
Lexington 15-13
Lexington 15-12

so yeah... we're planning on beating them down. It feels good to kick some Catholic ass. Anyway, thanks for the support! Happy Dance

I wish you.... a merry christmas... I wish you a merry CHRISTMAS... I WISH YOU A...... sorry got carried away there..... AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.... man, whats wrong..... I wish you good luck to ur vball game!!! big grin

Thanks! Well, I thought you guys would like to know... I have to get ready for bed, since we have early practice tomorrow sad good night everyone.

We won our regionals! Yay! Happy Dance It was awesome. Here were the stats....

Metcalf 15-9
Metcalf 15-3

It was great, we kicked their asses in the second game. We're going to Sectionals, and that game is on Monday, so I'll be sure to update you on that. Thanks for the support big grin

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