Which Godfather movie was your favorite?

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Jackie Malfoy
Those are the best movies ever.Also I was born in italty therefore learning italian as my first lanuage.
So I don't even have to read the subtitles!Anyway my favorite movie of all three is the first!
Actly I should add this movie to my list of favorite movies.Anyway which is yours and why?JM eek!

The original, just..because.

Shaolin Monk
first...don't care for the other 2

I tend to go with the crowd on this one (not the KMC crowd, the worldwide one): the first two were classics, each having its own merits, and the third one was slapped together and was essentially ruined by Sofia Coppola.

The First was the best in my opinion, the second was also very great, but the second was a little above average, it was fine.

Part 1, I like seeing the change in Michael. Definitely the best one.

Either the first or second one were my favorites.

Jackie Malfoy
Anyone happen to read the book the Godfather?I tryed but it had too much swearing in it so I had to stop.I mean it does not brother me in the movies when they swear but in books they do.
Strange thing hu?JM


I thought the book was very good.

Dr. Strangelove

1st one, james caan rocks. the garbage beating is one of my favourite scenes ever.

I tried watching the 2nd one but I just never could get into it. I havn't seen the first one, and the third one is just bad.

1st is my favorite and in top my 5 favorites of all-time. The 2nd one is one of my favorites to but it's not as good as the first. I haven't seen the 3rd one and I'm wanting to see it

The first is a better cinematic film, but the second is more involved. I would have to say the first is my favorite because you dont have to be in any kind of mood to watch the original God father, it's a good "any time" movie. The second is awsome too though, i mean you actually get to see the family flex a little muscle. smile

The third...well, i forgive the creation of the third film, because the other two are such classics.

The 1st was best to me. But it's been a long time since I've seen any of them. People seem to really like the second one, too, but it seemed like it dragged a little too much to me. I honestly don't remember it too well, though. So I need to see these all again. I liked the 3rd one, too, but I can see how it might have seemed a little forced..

1st and 2nd part i like it very much.....Alpacino was very good in acting....3rd one was below average

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